A Tour Of My Plants

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  • Music is by the wonderfully talented Andrew Applepie open.spotify.com/artist/5BYcwjrQth7em7maAt0yKE
    These are the fun and helpful youtube channels (among many) that I like to watch
    Planterina - declips.net/channel/UCUIdHDKQIy-vr-D7M6KuRUQ
    Kaylee Ellen - declips.net/channel/UCWRyi0LgQqAs7_Zz09VZA-Q
    Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy - declips.net/user/results?search_query=hilton+carter
    Betsy Begonia - declips.net/channel/UCRjGbWm25MaUd3VLuJpPtYg

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  • Jahred Garcia
    Jahred Garcia Vor Tag

    Only one ad *”cool”*

  • Super Gacha girl

    Soon marbles will die then it will be JENNACIRMIT then kirmit will die and it will be JENNNAPEACH :D RIGHT????!!?!!?

  • Nixi Pixie
    Nixi Pixie Vor Tag

    RIP in pieces Jenna, who may or may not survive this Aries season

  • Andi Brumley
    Andi Brumley Vor Tag

    Jenna!! I feel like you’d love these gloves for your plants!!

  • Kitty Sniffer
    Kitty Sniffer Vor Tag

    I need Jenna to put acrylic nails onto Juliens and her own toe nails and prove to me they’re THAT kind of couple

  • Аня Бондарева

    I love you Yenna>

  • Hannah Potratz
    Hannah Potratz Vor Tag

    Plant Lady Jenna is my new favorite

  • Nanji Marina
    Nanji Marina Vor Tag

    I watched this for the 4th or 5th time last night while thoroughly cleaning up one of my plant's leaves one by one. It was a hell of an enjoyable time. 😍

  • Jake Greenaway
    Jake Greenaway Vor Tag

    Has anyone else noticed that Jenna hasn’t used her intro for 7 months or was I the only crazy one imagining it was still there this whole time

  • tiffibean13
    tiffibean13 Vor Tag

    I love that Jenna is wearing the shirt that Julien bought her which she initially hated

  • BaileyyJanette
    BaileyyJanette Vor Tag

    I friggen loved this

  • Rini Tea
    Rini Tea Vor Tag

    I want to be a plant that belongs to Jenna so i can live a happy life, knowing im loved and cared for, without adult responsibilties. Great!

  • Dank Gaming
    Dank Gaming Vor Tag

    Didn't she used to have boobs? Now she has just marbles

  • Katie Bug
    Katie Bug Vor Tag

    I hope they get a cat ❤🙏😺 CAT TOUR!

  • Katie Bell
    Katie Bell Vor Tag

    Im a 23 year old lady. Close enough

  • NailsByYaGurl
    NailsByYaGurl Vor Tag +1

    She has over 30 plants, she is wearing jeans and pastel shirt. I think she is having a mid life crises

  • Witchvortex
    Witchvortex Vor Tag

    I will be 32 in September, so I hope you don't mind, but I still watched it

  • Jaime R
    Jaime R Vor Tag

    Jennaaaaaa. Please buy my pottery for your plants. You'll love them I swearrrrrr.

  • Marissa Shugart
    Marissa Shugart Vor Tag

    i have an app on my phone, its called terrarium (not sponsored) & you just take care of a bunch of different plants. ive had it for a week and im already on level 90

  • Maggie Vail
    Maggie Vail Vor Tag

    this is the fourth time i've watched this it is so therapeutic

  • Ace
    Ace Vor Tag

    Only Jenna could make a 30 minute video about plants, get 4 million views and get a 99% likes to 1% dislikes ratio.

  • Mad Vibez
    Mad Vibez Vor Tag

    I’m exactly like this but w/ succulents 😂😂
    Loved seeing this video

  • Fruit Miley
    Fruit Miley Vor Tag

    Jenna is wearing a light shirt and jeans, what has happened??? Who is that giiiirl, why she is normal

  • Jasmine Newell
    Jasmine Newell Vor Tag

    Please name one of your Hoyas “can I get a Hoya”

  • Lainstar
    Lainstar Vor Tag

    Be careful of the plants that are toxic to dogs! I love plants and found out so many are toxic to my dog and had to get rid of a bunch of them. Bummed!! I have a younger dog that eats EVERYTHING. Seems like your dogs are very chill and won't have that much of a problem with trying to eat them but keep your eye out for any leaves that looks like they are munched on.

  • wixxkers piñata


  • faroshscale
    faroshscale Vor Tag

    Can we talk about Marbles licking Peachy tho

  • Riley Rose
    Riley Rose Vor Tag

    this is the most boring video i’ve ever seen and i watched the ENTIRE FUCKING THING and i’ll like watch THE ENTIRE FUCKING THING more than once i love you jennanaaa

  • Cyan Soul
    Cyan Soul Vor Tag

    All I’m thinking as I see all these plants is “cool but I hope she hired someone to water them” the hours of watering them probably burn through half a day real fast. I have so much respect for people who take the time and put in the effort to take care of plants.

  • Ganja Momma
    Ganja Momma Vor Tag

    Kermit is so cute just chillin while mommy holds him... 🌸❤️

  • Tracey Berkowitz

    You say you don’t understand why we love watching content like this.
    I’d like to tell you that I enjoy watching your content like this because life, at least for me rn, has been so incredibly negative.
    Negative people. Negative beliefs. Negative and depressing things that you try to just accept that is part of the world even if you wish it could all go away.
    And even tho I try to accept that there’s gonna be shitty people. There’s gonna be shitty things going on in the world. And that’s just the way it is and I should just try my best and make what I can from it.
    I sometimes can’t handle it all and it just really sucks dude.
    It sucks to think that we have to just accept it and it’s never gonna change
    So to me. Watching videos like this. Reminds me the good in the world. Whether it be knowing there’s positive people like you and Julien existing. Or that there’s a much more positive way of looking at things in life even if it’s a mundane activity or task.
    It keeps my mind off of the negativity for a bit and makes me appreciate the little things I do have.
    So thank you for being such a good person and thank you for sharing such happy things. Your channel and many other small things in life helps me relieve the disappointment I have for our species tbh.
    It reminds me to just fucking chill and appreciate the little happiness that does sprout out from time to time.
    So thank you. And keep making such wholesome content. 😭❤️

  • Сладкий Кексик

    Так непривычно слышать голос Дженны без перевода Камедистор))

  • Indigo Nightroad

    You should start a vegetable garden and do a series on it give us updates through out spring and summer!

  • Madi Mak
    Madi Mak Vor Tag +1

    Can you do more videos of you cutting and colouring your hair pleasee

  • Desiree Delilah
    Desiree Delilah Vor Tag

    I feel you with the plant obsession.

  • Katie Trevarthen-Land

    Jenna’s house is currently producing 90% of all oxygen for the whole planet 😂 thank you for giving me oxygen Jenna!!❤️😂

  • Rachel Rogers
    Rachel Rogers Vor Tag

    I didn't know about Logees until I watched this video. I was saving money until I learned about Logees from watching this video. Thank you, Jenna.
    Also, I hope to find someone who tolerates my insane hoard of plants like Julian does (I loved his panic when you described that you were making more plants via propagation). A fantastic video!

  • veronika bhj
    veronika bhj Vor Tag

    Ты мой любимый блогер ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ariel Reynoso
    Ariel Reynoso Vor Tag +1

    I've watched this video so many times, it's so relaxing to hear you talk about these plants!

  • Tamrissa Tealady

    i named my palm tree robert palmer lol you can share that name with yours too!

  • Amie
    Amie Vor Tag

    I love you Jenna. I have loved you for years, and I have loved houseplants for years, but my love for both of you just increased exponentially. Hoyas are my favorite too! I hope you are a member of all the houseplant groups on Facebook. 💜

  • Alex P
    Alex P Vor Tag

    This video cleared my skin and cured my depression

  • Gonad the Barbarian

    Oh maaaaaan this is so inspiring!!! I turn 29 next month and have just found a love for plants!!! Im growing strawberries and sunflowers atm.... nothing spectacular but i want all your plants now 😭😭

    Zoe MOTTERAM Vor Tag +1

    usually, ferns and palms don't like to touch walls, u gotta keep em' away from a flat surface.

  • Julie Newman
    Julie Newman Vor Tag

    Jenna listening to you talk about your plants was like listening to Bob Ross paint

  • Tina Davies
    Tina Davies Vor Tag

    9/10/1986 I’m right there with ya gurl😉 plus my husband is an Aries! So I feel your pain. Your daily, non stop, constant Aries fuckery 24/7 365 pain. 🙃

  • mo jo
    mo jo Vor Tag

    Non binary things like the Baphomet🤔

  • Tammy Yuen
    Tammy Yuen Vor Tag


  • Ella .Vidislavski

    Jenna you're wonderful ❤🌻

  • Emily Beese
    Emily Beese Vor Tag

    jenna is going to be an amazing mother one day

  • Liv F
    Liv F Vor Tag

    The way you talk in the video reminds me of the little girl on Ellen that knows all the space facts, love it 😂

  • L.V Animals
    L.V Animals Vor Tag +1

    Привет , кто русский лайк 👍🙂

  • 사랑에바 보

    (M.r Marble) 💛 💛 💛

    TALENTLESS Vor Tag +1

    Only Jenna can make me interested in a 30 minute video about plants

    I AM WELL Vor Tag

    Когда всю жизнь думала, что у Джены мужской голос...

  • Samantha Fall
    Samantha Fall Vor Tag

    This is my favourite video ever.
    You should name that giant palm Arnold Palmer!

  • какой-то бред

    Я обожаю тебя Джена😍😍😍😍

  • morin LIKE
    morin LIKE Vor Tag

    У меня не воспринимается её женский голос

  • Andie Swierk
    Andie Swierk Vor Tag

    Name one shi-thead

  • MicahTho
    MicahTho Vor Tag

    The Palm’s name should be Jerry

  • Moon Vin
    Moon Vin Vor Tag

    Есть русские?😹😹

  • Ilka H
    Ilka H Vor Tag

    this gave me hope for my hellhole house (we have only one side with windows with FULL SUN and everywhere else in the house stuff just dies). Thanks Jen, gonna stock up on some lowlighters now

  • MagicalNerdRiot
    MagicalNerdRiot Vor Tag

    I'm only a -insert music- 28 year old ladyyyyy but just got into house plants. I name mine too haha. I have gregory whos an eccheveria and Judith whos a spider plant. She has two babies right now.

  • Ezgi Yaltı
    Ezgi Yaltı Vor Tag

    15:01 rare footage of Marbles actually moving

  • A Turtle
    A Turtle Vor Tag

    Jenna please make a plant channel 💀💀💀

  • Viola Veilchenscheu

    Now I actually feel bad for my own plants. They don't have names except one cactus, her name is Michelle.

  • Lana H
    Lana H Vor Tag

    Where did you get that crystal stand from! I need one please!

  • ørange squash
    ørange squash Vor Tag

    How is this on trending?

  • Keah Ling
    Keah Ling Vor Tag

    are we all just gonna ignore the fact that Jenna is wearing jeans AND her step-grandparent's-cookout shirt?? did she lose a bet?

    • Keah Ling
      Keah Ling Vor Tag

      also, this video is absolutely adorable.

  • Cassie Bailey
    Cassie Bailey Vor Tag


  • GrammarGal1
    GrammarGal1 Vor Tag

    Suggesting a video of you rating user-submitted plants and offering tips because as a fellow 32 year old lady with limited plant success, I could really use that.

  • Nevaeh Grace Ferris

    Nice jungle but I think you need help! Your too much gene is showing. Are you ok? Jk I love you so much give cement papaya and the dead one a great for me. You should take the dogs to woof gang! It's a dog bakery with homemade dog treats! I need!!! their reaction to the treats. Kermit paeshe and marbles are the best and jacksfilms suchs!! Love you! See your vids next upload!

  • Sakura .K
    Sakura .K Vor Tag

    Kermit is my spirit animal

  • Brooke
    Brooke Vor Tag

    She’s going to be the best mom ever

  • Zaya Barnes
    Zaya Barnes Vor Tag

    Can you dress up like a tree

  • Mudkip Studio'z
    Mudkip Studio'z Vor Tag

    *when you think dan and Phil have to many house plants*

  • Archi Ru
    Archi Ru Vor Tag

    Jenna, you are really adorable! I discovered you a month ago and literally shocked how bright, funny and charismatic personality you are. You will be the only one about-all-my-things blogger for me. Be happy and do what you do! Hugs from Moscow :)

  • Tova D
    Tova D Vor Tag

    they're all so cute I'm so jealous :(

  • Alannah Fehring
    Alannah Fehring Vor Tag

    did you get engaged and married on the down low because that looks like a set on your ring finger? if so, so happy!

  • Kaylehs World :D

    Your plants look like me

  • AwkwardlyAwesome

    wow i didnt know jenna had that many plants ;o

  • Revanitee
    Revanitee Vor Tag

    I just focused on the dogs

  • Ryand Sorey
    Ryand Sorey Vor Tag

    Me: It's spring break I should go to bed at a decent time and not stay up until 2:30 - 3:00 A.M.
    Also Me: It's 4:00A.M. And I'm watching Jenna Marbles introduce her plants.

  • miseryschewtoy
    miseryschewtoy Vor Tag +2


  • Katharine Jackson

    As a 30 year-old woman who is also a Virgo. I appreciate your recent content.

  • Kai M
    Kai M Vor Tag +2

    You should look into amaryllis flowers. They’re super easy to care for and bloom into these giant flowers. Mine is a Apple blossom amaryllis, so it’s a very soft pink and white flower. Mine actually started to grow and bloom before I got a pot for it. It’s a bulb and the nursery I got it from sold it without a pit or dirt. It took me a few days to pot it and by the time I got to it, it’s stalk was already nearly a foot long and it was starting to bloom. I absolutely love it.

    • miseryschewtoy
      miseryschewtoy Vor Tag

      Kai M YESSSSS Amaryllis bulbs are the best!! They have such thick and supple petals, flowers the size of my hand or bigger!! I got my first one 4 months ago and up until last week it’s been an absolute joy.

  • JJ Mina
    JJ Mina Vor Tag

    Jenna, check Summer Rayne's chanel!

  • Nessa Zuma
    Nessa Zuma Vor Tag

    Kermit plotting 00:26 Looool, NASTI BOI!!!

  • Emma
    Emma Vor Tag +3

    I can’t believe they didn’t name the first plant

  • Selena Deltoro
    Selena Deltoro Vor Tag +1

    I like Green Jenna

  • Heybeexh Hsy
    Heybeexh Hsy Vor Tag +1

    idk why but Lahoya Jackson makes me cackle every time

  • kati kati
    kati kati Vor Tag

    Oh No, i'am a 31 old Woman. I can't watch this..... Sad

  • Teri Valentine
    Teri Valentine Vor Tag +5

    Hey, I’m a 32 year old lady! I feel so welcome. Also, I could have never predicted how captivated I would be by a video about your houseplants. I love you.

    • ShawnieDoesThings
      ShawnieDoesThings Vor Tag

      Right? I all of a sudden want a zillion plants in my house, and I want to water them, and take care of them... When I'm done with caring for my plants, I want to be sitting in a lounge chair next to them, petting my non-existent cat, and reading a book about the powerful women who have graced our world.... I think I just realized that growing up and being a "boring adult" sounds fun as hell.... What is happening to me??

  • Emely M
    Emely M Vor Tag

    SO WHOLESOME 🥰💫🌸✨💞

  • PJ Taylor
    PJ Taylor Vor Tag

    this is so intensely soothing

  • Skoleprosjekt 1IFA Lise

    the happiest little family

  • paris melosi
    paris melosi Vor Tag

    this is the most pure and wholesome video

  • Jeremiah Perko
    Jeremiah Perko Vor Tag

    The Senecio rowleyanus is so healthy and I'm jealous omf

  • Stuffyluffy
    Stuffyluffy Vor Tag

    that is waaay more plants than I thought she'd have LOL but I love it. goals

  • have u seen the meme queen?

    can’t wait for miss kisha to die so i can yell, omg she fukin dead