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Log Cabin Windows Done using Simple Hand Tools | 17 | - One Man Traditional Log Cabin series

  • Am 26 Okt 2020 veröffentlicht
  • When I graduated high school I sought a big challenge in life. To alone, with only simple hand tools and raw power, build my own traditional off grid log cabin by hand from the materials of the Swedish forest. I film everything myself and edit these videos so you can follow my journey and hopefully learn as I do. I have no earlier experience in any of this, just a visualization of what I want to achieve and willpower to learn and improve everything necessary. So I enjoy reading good advice in the comments. Enjoy!
    In this episode I am doing to opening for the windows in the log cabin walls.
    Next episode will show opening of the doorway and building up towards the roof.
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    ADRIAN MANN Vor year +61

    The world needs more people like you with patience and determination! To learn and to follow through!

    • Armin Schmeh
      Armin Schmeh Vor year +6

      @DQWd aDsd he planted a new tree for each of one tree that he cut down , watch his latest video😅

    • DQWd aDsd
      DQWd aDsd Vor year +1

      Do you mean a people that like to chop a tree down ?

  • Bradley Schneider
    Bradley Schneider Vor year +19

    You are an inspiration to many people out there,most men do not do this sort of build let alone a young lad such as yourself....nice Erik keep up the great videos

  • LesBhonest
    LesBhonest Vor year +7

    Respect to you man! There is nothing better than making yourself proud after an achievement! Well done

  • G Bruce
    G Bruce Vor year +7

    I always get excited when I receive notification of a new video and I am never disappointed. I am continuously amazed by your ability to scribe the underside of the logs to the last ones. Having seen several different log structure methods, yours is by far the most labor intensive and clearly the best in terms of sealing out the elements. Your skills are impressive. Keep up the good work!

  • AirbenderFPV
    AirbenderFPV Vor year +6

    Those window and door groves look like they really suck with just hand tools. I give you real props for the impeccable work you are doing on this project. I’m a cabinet maker by trade so I have a lot of respect for this kind of work.

  • Phil Copeland
    Phil Copeland Vor year +4

    It is wonderful what can be done with good planning and sharp tools. Good to see you back, Erik.

  • Robert Weldon
    Robert Weldon Vor year +101

    I am finding that your methods of construction intriguing. Although quite different from all the other methods, I've seen and more labor intensive, your methods are superb. You are taking your time, doing it right, and will have an excellent place to live when the freezing weather arrives. Keep it up, you are doing a great job.
    I'm always looking forward to more videos from you, much sooner please. From the USA. ;-)

    • Finley Duke
      Finley Duke Vor year

      @Keagan Trey Glad I could help xD

    • Keagan Trey
      Keagan Trey Vor year

      @Finley Duke it worked and I actually got access to my account again. Im so happy!
      Thank you so much, you really help me out!

    • Keagan Trey
      Keagan Trey Vor year

      @Finley Duke Thanks so much for your reply. I got to the site on google and Im in the hacking process now.
      I see it takes a while so I will get back to you later with my results.

    • Finley Duke
      Finley Duke Vor year

      @Keagan Trey instablaster ;)

    • Keagan Trey
      Keagan Trey Vor year

      i guess im asking the wrong place but does someone know of a way to get back into an Instagram account..?
      I was stupid lost my account password. I appreciate any help you can offer me!

  • Annemarie Mayr
    Annemarie Mayr Vor year +1

    Eric, you are doing great job. I am so proud of you and all you do in this year...
    I dont think, that 1 guy could say that for himself, at that age...Stay safe, stay healthy, and if you want to see Germany, you can have a place for sleep....I could be your grandma...my son gets in august 41...🥰🤣

  • paramedic79ca
    paramedic79ca Vor year +2

    I feel like this is what DEclips is great for. Watching normal people doing remarkable things. Very very cool video. My hats off to your incredible workmanship.

  • DJB UK
    DJB UK Vor year +3

    Amazing and brilliant, I love the sounds of this handcraft!

  • Tony Pacheco
    Tony Pacheco Vor year +8

    The accuracy of your hatchet work is amazing. Makes me cringe hoping you don't miss!!! Great job.

  • turbo subi sandman
    turbo subi sandman Vor year +18

    This is just such a great build. The work, effort and detail seem so daunting, but you just power thru.

  • Alex
    Alex Vor year

    I watched all your videos about the cabin build in one day. Although on double time. Great work! Great dedication! I also grew up in the countryside in Tyskland. Its good to see that some people still have the conection to nature despite the new world around it. Keep up the good work and thx for making these videos. Vi ses.

  • Lampshade
    Lampshade Vor year +59

    In today’s hectic society where almost anyone converts his time into dollar amount, it’s good to see people doing projects at their own pace on their own terms without forcing themselves into some imaginary self-imposed deadlines.
    Great videos, great craftsmanship 👍

    • Lampshade
      Lampshade Vor year +3

      Quality over quantity is what youtube needs ☝️

    • Lampshade
      Lampshade Vor year +3

      @Paul George I totally agree with you 👍

    • Paul George
      Paul George Vor year +6

      It’s good to see that he is taken his time as you mention. A lot of you tubers on here are only in it for the money and not for the content. There was one guy that produced a thirty five minute video and waffled on for thirty minutes talking nonsense and had five minutes of construction time. This young man I applaud. 👍

  • Vania Garcev
    Vania Garcev Vor year +1

    Nossa estou admirada muito inteligente e trabalhador determinado sou brasileira filha de estrangeiro e muito olgulhoza de vc Boa sorte👏👏

  • Banjo111 1
    Banjo111 1 Vor year +46

    Just think of all the work you have done from the beginning ! Chopping down the trees, dragging them through the woods and hillsides. Taking the bark off, hand sawing and axing every one of them to get to where you are now. You have a great talent and should be very very proud of yourself. Love your videos so much. Thank you for sharing them. Australia.

  • Onubense 1977
    Onubense 1977 Vor year +1

    Hola, con tus videos además de aprender y entretener son para una relajación total. Gracias...

  • Connie Nana
    Connie Nana Vor year +1

    I’ve enjoyed watching your videos! Being outside in nature, I envy you! Love from South Carolina, USA!

  • Marc Doiron
    Marc Doiron Vor year

    Actions speak louder than words! Keep up the great work your an inspiration! Your living my dream , I have a strong desire to build a log cabin unfortunately I live where the trees are few and far between!

  • John Saint Vincent
    John Saint Vincent Vor year +6

    I remember when you started to build the foundation. A great job has been done. Congratulations.

  • Manuel Saldivar
    Manuel Saldivar Vor year +7

    The knowledge, precision, skills and use of tools takes years if not decades to master. This guy builds like the master cabin builders of long ago. Excellent video's. Continued success.

  • Larry325
    Larry325 Vor year +2

    Erick love your videos. The cabin is coming great! It’s real interesting to see the cabin come together. Thanks for taking the time to shoot them. Always look forward to your notifications!👍👍

  • KoabraFang
    KoabraFang Vor year +182

    This guy has a secret stash of hats somewhere around there for every cut.

      ALAN STOBO Vor year

      Yep. And he uses them well!
      But I have not yet spotted 2 in any one take.
      Give the guy peace. He is very good at many things which I suspect you... and definitely not I... could do. Or are you just a nasty keyboard warrior?

  • Anthony Glee
    Anthony Glee Vor year

    Totally and bizarrely absorbed by Erik’s videos! So well produced. Maybe one day we’ll hear Erik’s voice. Until that time, what a cool guy. I wish I had his life! Great work, Erik! 😊

  • Yolanda Dobbs
    Yolanda Dobbs Vor year

    Beautiful job and great work. Lots of us ( including myself need to start learning about old fashioned ways and building teachquines. ).. God bless you.

  • Paul Milne
    Paul Milne Vor year

    What a talented lad. I wish there were a lot more human beings like this guy. Well done erik. Your work is second to none. Brilliant👍

  • Buddy & Friends
    Buddy & Friends Vor year

    Hi Erik. I have another question. Did you need a building permit for that log cabin?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Amanda B. Recondwith

    The constant adaptations throughout the process are staggering. It's the human mind at work. Try one way, and realize there's an easier way, then adapt. Trial and error, then success. Very impressive!!


    Great job!
    Have a question: are those top logs the top of the wall? If so, I would offer a friendly advice : you may need to dearly reinforce the window frames so they hold the log of the roof rafters. The cut was very deep and left little wood to prevent them breaking under the roof load. Good luck and take care of yourself!

  • Marilyn Lautner
    Marilyn Lautner Vor year

    Hooked in Texas. I watched all the videos. You are an amazing young man. Your skills are amazing. Kudos for your grandparents and all those you learned from. I can’t wait to see the progression of cabin. I watch “My Self Reliance” a Canadian who works like you building his cabin.

  • Jerry Barrett
    Jerry Barrett Vor year +14

    You are doing an incredible job. No corners cut, straight forward to goal and the finished cabin will be awesome. Stay the course. God Bless. 🐻🙏

  • acool6401
    acool6401 Vor year +12

    I worked as a carpenter when I was in my 20s. Watching you work was highly educational, entertaining and calming all at the same time.
    Your skill level, work ethic and dedication is impressive. Thanks for making these video series on log cabin construction.

  • Waari 96
    Waari 96 Vor 8 Monate

    You are a real inspiration to me. Your calmness, your composure and your perseverance impress me very much. And the night you spent under the stars - I envy you for that.

  • Puppy Puppington
    Puppy Puppington Vor year

    I’m so excited for this to be built and for you to decorate & add nice luxurious finishing touches and stuff!!!!

  • Briston Knight
    Briston Knight Vor year

    Very inspiring! Thank you very much for this wonderful video. ❤️

  • Gigi Pretty
    Gigi Pretty Vor year

    This is amazing to watch. Thank you. Also, if you’d like a wife to share your traditional wooden house, I’m available 🥰

  • Reza Ghoroby
    Reza Ghoroby Vor year +1

    HI Erik , I hope you are well , safe , healthy , happy , and enjoying your life and your wonderful hand craft log cabin , it is amazing and wonderful
    skills and you have got a very good experience ,
    I enjoy watching every time your video and I love it all .
    God bless you and have a wonderful weekend .

  • Richard Stoffels
    Richard Stoffels Vor year +5

    You are truly a craftsman at such a young age. Your attention to detail is amazing. I would hire you in a minute. The skills that you are learning by doing this, will help you be successful in other areas of your life. Keep up the good work!!! Don’t round your lower back when you lift.

  • зоя казанцева

    You are a real hard worker. Your patience is amazing. I like that you treat everything responsibly. One can only be proud of you.

  • lazywarrenlewis
    lazywarrenlewis Vor year +4

    Erik, you make great videos! Even when I'm working on my computer I play your videos and enjoy all the sounds of carpentry, wildlife and the woods

  • Logan
    Logan Vor year

    Such genuine work, I love it. Keep it up

  • Richard Lay
    Richard Lay Vor year +6

    Thanks for the new video. You demonstrate that a true craftsman takes his time to do the job right and pays attention to the details.

  • Asian White Guy
    Asian White Guy Vor year +2

    Excellent Erik! Keep going buddy. Live the dream!

  • Gisele Contassot Desayvre

    Bonjour, toujours un très grand plaisir de vous voir...travail seul, à l'ancienne..un travail de titan...respect...pas de problème pour la nuit !!🙂..une épaisse peau..un duvet..et le '' tour est joué''...de quoi manger..minimalisme... Très belle vidéo 🐿️🍁🍂

  • Ruru War Dragons
    Ruru War Dragons Vor year +2

    Have fun and stay safe out there!
    I can only imagine how the cabin will look when you finally finish it

  • Spills The Tea
    Spills The Tea Vor year

    This is a beautiful documentary. I prefered without subtitles and glad I did Natural hand tools, sounds of the forest, the axe splitting wood, truely from a bygone era A visual mind massage (no pun intended).

  • Rabenfrau
    Rabenfrau Vor year +27

    The world needs more people like you, people who respect and preserve their own traditions and culture. I really admire what you are doing with this project. A thumbs up from me and a subscription is guaranteed.

    • Rabenfrau
      Rabenfrau Vor year +1

      @DocDeee Deee It is not the size that defines what a house is. Even a tiny house is a house, regardless of the fact that tiny houses often only have a floor area of around 15m² and very often 2 people live in them.

    • DocDeee Deee
      DocDeee Deee Vor year

      Hate to say this but it is more a log shack than a house good work though can't see more than one person using it at a time lot of work for one person to live in

    • Rabenfrau
      Rabenfrau Vor year +4

      @mr alberosie Alas, only a few can do that today, alas. Therefore, it is all the more important that those who can do it, want to do it. The upkeep of tradition and culture cannot be appreciated highly enough.

    • mr alberosie
      mr alberosie Vor year

      but who really has the time and opportunity to just go out in the woods and build a cabin

  • Suzanne Todaro
    Suzanne Todaro Vor year +1

    Hi Erik it is starting to take shape. Did you do the windows smaller to keep the heat in? Just curious as cabins in colder climates that I have seen even in Canada where is snows a lot make them bigger. They sometimes have cathedral windows on top and I always thought it would let the heat out unless they have really expensive triple glazed glass.

  • Ron Dennis
    Ron Dennis Vor year +2

    Once again a great video of you. Congratulations!
    What is the diameter of the drill for the wooden dowels?

  • Otto Bee
    Otto Bee Vor year +5

    for a second i thought it's a robot controlled axe with 100% precision. switching from a wide chisel to drilling was a super good idea. what ami doing now? ordering my own MHG chisel.

  • P Hiser
    P Hiser Vor year +2

    Enjoy watching your videos. Good luck to you with building your home.

  • Michael Bonner
    Michael Bonner Vor year +12

    This young man is one amazing human. His patience and determination are beyond anything I’ve ever seen in anyone. The amount of labor going into this build is truly mind numbing. Can’t wait to see the completed build. Keep up the incredible work young man. You’re killin it!

  • Thị Liều
    Thị Liều Vor year +13

    Living in the woods with this house is amazing

  • Erik Widlund
    Erik Widlund Vor year +1

    Snyggt ! Kul att se hur de går. Starkt jobbat ! =)

  • Paul George
    Paul George Vor year +7

    Erik good work as usual, just a suggestion. Why don’t you in your next video tell us about yourself and what are your future goals.👍

  • cc23
    cc23 Vor year +1

    Very interesting and so inspiring. Makes me realize I've accomplished NOTHING in 2020. 😆

  • Sam Fisherman
    Sam Fisherman Vor year

    Lots of passion and skills to do what you do. Well done!!!

  • Michele Grossi
    Michele Grossi Vor year +2

    It's always a pleasure to see you at work Erik. Greetings from Italy 🇮🇹

  • Ozkan Dogan
    Ozkan Dogan Vor year +15

    You are doing this the way your ancestors used to do it without any power tools, you have my respect and I will continue to watch and learn how to build the old ways, well done and continue the good work

  • Paul Machak
    Paul Machak Vor year

    Good job, Erik. How did you get the final long logs raised up on to the cabin? They look very heavy.

  • Carlos Simões de Campos

    What precision in handling the axe!! Very good job, young man!

  • pete johnson
    pete johnson Vor year +6

    Fantastic, you are the true nature that makes use humans grow into talented and survival life, the amazing hard work you put into your build, will be your testimony of your gift of all you are, thank you for sharing with us, Grandpa Pete, in France. 👍 💪🏻 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Brian Jetty
    Brian Jetty Vor year +2

    Those chippings will make real nice firewood. Looking forward to the installation of your stove. Winter is here.

  • Madison Hudak
    Madison Hudak Vor year

    So excited to see your progress!

  • Verle Guntrum Jr.

    Again, you are amazing, your skill and calm attitude. I want to build a small backyard cabin.

  • E P
    E P Vor year +3

    Really no easy way to do those window notches but you did a great job, cheers.

  • Steven Noel
    Steven Noel Vor year +2

    Erik splendid video i so look forward to you posting new videos on the cabin everything is coming along so well thank you so much .

  • Shelbygirl 9226
    Shelbygirl 9226 Vor year

    This is something I have always want to do I find this so Fascinating and beautiful

  • Vitali4 _
    Vitali4 _ Vor year

    Прекрасно,ждем продолжение 👍

  • Terrance Miller
    Terrance Miller Vor year +2

    I greatly enjoy watching your
    Skill and perfection with your ax, plus the conusness of the build.thanks

  • Jer0090v
    Jer0090v Vor year +1

    Beautiful work, impressive. May I suggest a 9 degree weathering slope for your exterior facing timber window frame horizontal pieces?

  • Edro
    Edro Vor year

    Thanks, I enjoy watching your hard work and dedication!

  • Dean Beauvais
    Dean Beauvais Vor year +2

    Your cabin is coming along nicely. I think it,s amazing the work you have done with no power tools. Keep up the great work Eric look forward to the next episode, Awesome work.

  • OH
    OH Vor year

    What will you use all the wood scraps for? Making handmade items for inside the cabin? I think it would be pretty cool to make kitchen sets like bowls or cups or just unique decorations for the inside!

  • Jan Lerl
    Jan Lerl Vor year +2

    Thank you for another amazing video of yours! :) and thanks for a beautifully spent time. I have a question if you please, just a curiosity :) how do you call the yellow mushroom you picked up? :) I do not mean like Latin name, but how it is called or if it has any meaning. Here in the Czech Republic, it is called "Liška" which basically means "Fox"...

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor year +2

      In english it is called Chanterelle and in Swedish "Kantarell". :)

  • Miguel Alexandre
    Miguel Alexandre Vor 8 Monate

    Me encanta tu cabaña 🛖 esta quedando muy guapa
    Saludes desde España 🇪🇸

  • NotaPix
    NotaPix Vor year +4

    the house is getting higher and higher towards the sky. it becomes more and more dangerous to work there, but you show skill, thoughtfulness and accuracy. any stress.
    congratulations. very, very, very, nice job.
    ...and luckily there is no music. unfortunately it is rare to see videos with natural sounds. it seems that people without the ''dum dum'' are afraid or unable to live the natural moment.

  • sam's daughter dehaven

    he's doing great. never saw him with any bandages on, especially good considering the tools he is using.

  • Frank Pohl
    Frank Pohl Vor year +3

    Erik, I hope you are well! It looks like your back becomes stronger! Do you do some sport to support your backbones? Doing a grait job! One thing: The Hammerthing: Traditionell german carpenters use only wood-hammers when they hammer on a chisel. It has more power is much more secure for the hand and the fingers and it has 10 times more space to hit the chisel on the right place. An if you prepare the place for the window frames- use the smaler chisels because then you have much better faster results. In smal spaces yous smal tools, big places big tools. The chisels needs space to moove... I am a carpenter. This wood hammers cost between 10 or 20 euros by amazon (in German-Holzhammer-Schreinerknüppel)
    Greets from Hamburg in Germany!

    • Frank Pohl
      Frank Pohl Vor year +2

      @Erik Grankvist jes you are still growing! When you started with your housebuild- when you pull the trees out of the forest- you had alot ot fimes a not so good back...but now it looks better!I bought myself a sling- for home training in the new lookdown- that starts tomorrow at the 2.11. Restaurants clothed no fitnessclub open for 4 weeks.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor year +2

      I used to swim and play basketball a lot but now I have other interests :)

  • Ford Boss
    Ford Boss Vor year +1

    Great work, it’s looking really good!

  • punkloader
    punkloader Vor year +2

    Great work, it’s a joy to watch someone with skill and determination!

  • William Davies
    William Davies Vor year

    Erik's got it easy. You try doing that in a park round here and some job's-worth will nag you into tidying up after yourself. Could watch this all day, mind.

  • Tasanas TasPats
    Tasanas TasPats Vor year

    huge respect for old traditions and work culture.Thankyou

  • Sr.X
    Sr.X Vor year

    Buen video, deberia ser genial pasar las noches de invierno en la cabaña

  • fireroum
    fireroum Vor year

    Do you wait till much later to cut out the door? Why not cut it out since you're working on the windows too? Genuine question. Great work, enjoyed watching and listening to the sounds of wood working.

  • Favorite LP
    Favorite LP Vor year

    Damn now i want to build a wood house in the forest too. Respekt from Germany! Hope you are doing Well.
    Perfect distraction in this hard time.

  • TJ Bren
    TJ Bren Vor year +5

    Wow, that is A LOT of work! But what a source of pride! Good job!

  • Myles
    Myles Vor year +1

    Great video ! Your attention to detail is impressive.

  • B M
    B M Vor year +7

    I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished 🪵

  • Albert Timmer
    Albert Timmer Vor year +1

    It is amazing to see how important the right tools are for the job, excellent ax and saw are half the job done ! Do you have a plan on paper for this Cabin, ore are you having all that in your head ?
    What was your motivation to make this Cabin ? Love the video ass always !

  • Holger Netz
    Holger Netz Vor year +2

    I pay you the utmost respect for your work and I wish you every success 👍🏻🪓🔨

  • Francesco Thompson
    Francesco Thompson Vor year +7

    Great job Erik

  • Taher Huzefa
    Taher Huzefa Vor year

    While building he also has to move the camera around and then edit the footage at home. Impressive work ethic! And I thought I was disciplined

  • Dimitris Theo
    Dimitris Theo Vor year +1

    Your skill is at a high level!!
    I look forward to the next episode! Until then be well Erik!

  • Anna Edvardsson
    Anna Edvardsson Vor year

    Timmerhus är något som är hur fint som helst. Och att du gör detta själv är helt fascinerat 😊😀

  • jose alberto utra higuera

    great work, Erik!!

  • ME
    ME Vor year +5

    When you planted the trees, my heart skipped a beat.

  • Cozy Homes
    Cozy Homes Vor year +1

    Very nice! Thank you for sharing :)

  • Richard Pancake
    Richard Pancake Vor 9 Monate

    Great videos!! I really like the addition of the camping to the video.

  • Samuel Rodriguez
    Samuel Rodriguez Vor year

    Es increíble lo que haces , tienes un nuevo sub , saludos desde El salvador