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After: One Year Alone Building Log Cabin | Where Is The Door!!!

  • Am 16 Jan 2021 veröffentlicht
  • After the video "One Year Alone in Forests of Sweden | Building Log Cabin Like our Forefathers" a lot of you commented: "Where Is The Door!!!"
    Log Cabin Build EP 18: I open up for the door and more...
    I edited out a lot of the sawing as I guess you don't want to see that.
    If you're new:
    Hi! When I was 18 years old I ventured out alone with only a backpack full of simple hand tools to actualize my dream. Build my own traditional off grid log cabin by hand from the materials of the Swedish wilderness. Just like our Forefathers did.
    I had no previous experience in building, gathering materials or filming. So I started studying myself the old arts and learning from my grandfather and mentor Åke Nilsson. I began to cut down trees and film with my phone, learning as I go. My project started full time once I graduated high school in summer 2019. I film everything myself and edit these videos so you can follow my journey and hopefully learn as I do.
    Remember to subscribe so you can follow my journey! Enjoy the video!
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  • Stephen Juhlin
    Stephen Juhlin Vor year +687

    I am 74 years old and I have watched a lot "log cabins" being built ( on tv). This is the first one that have watched (I know this is the second part) that is true to life. I love how he made the most difficult things look simple to do because he used his head instead of is back. I have to watch the second half tonight , can't wait.

    • Sonia Dunbar
      Sonia Dunbar Vor 5 Monate

      To the guys moaning that they think it's not off grid....even if it wasn't, can't you just appreciate the amount of time and effort this man is putting in to make this happen. He's doing an amazing job and hats off to him for that. His location is beautiful, and I'm feeling pretty envious mixed with respect for this man. Brilliant job. Enjoy your cabin.

    • oswald rabbit
      oswald rabbit Vor year +2

      @George McFly it isn't off the grid though? It's not like he is hiding it.
      It's most likely on his own property, and his family likely owns the tractor, or somebody else who live nearby.
      This is his cabin he is building in undeveloped land that his family likely owns, and that's inspiring indeed. I also want to build things on my property, just like most people.
      Going off the grid entirely is very uncommon, almost everybody buys at least some things from towns and such, and there's nothing wrong with that, it allows things to be a little easier while still preserving the independent lifestyle.

    • Andy B
      Andy B Vor year +1

      You should look up the documentary "Alone In the Wilderness" about Dick Proenneke moving to Alaska to build his cabin in 1968. Erik's videos seem very similar except without the use of film and various Alaskan critters.

    • George McFly
      George McFly Vor year

      @Anders Jackson wow where do you think he gets all the resources from you don't think he has a vehicle and a house off to the side he has a tractor in the middle of nowhere how did he get the tractor there did he drive it there didn't think so

  • twentyplay
    twentyplay Vor year +363

    It’s so satisfying to know that Erik didn’t put on a single background music so we could hear the sound of the woods and nature

    • Bill NeilssieN
      Bill NeilssieN Vor year +4

      Not even headphones no ear buds. I’m guessing possibly to hear bears or other critters: being he’s all by himself , Paul Bunyan style . Eric is bad ass. Looks young enough for this to be his first time . It’s coming out perfect enough to be his 100th time .

    • ReZa Beast
      ReZa Beast Vor year +3

      @IDK it's not difficult to add background music tho

  • lmm979
    lmm979 Vor year +36

    The first part to this video is equally as captivating, and it shows how he replants saplings to replace the trees he used to build the cabin. Such respect, hard work, and tenacity. Lovely to watch.

  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller Vor year +65

    Thank you so much for no music or narration. Very relaxing and almost like being there in the woods with you!

  • Sw4rl3y
    Sw4rl3y Vor year +24

    I have nothing more than mad respect for this guy! This is an amazing accomplishment!

  • Stefanie Bobusch
    Stefanie Bobusch Vor year +2001

    It’s so satisfying to watch the logs slide right in place

  • D.W. Stratton
    D.W. Stratton Vor year +32

    I love how the wood shavings just pile up to become a mulch around the house. It's so satisfying.

  • Smid
    Smid Vor 9 Monate +1

    I'm not an expert by a long shot, been living in a cozy house built by my grandfather, but this is truly amazing. To me it seems very sturdy, very well built and strong. You have an amazing project in your hands, I bet you're proud of yourself and your work. Congratulations

  • Owl Byrd
    Owl Byrd Vor year +380

    The sheer irony of a million of us on devices watching a guy go out all alone in nature and work with only his hands...

    • oswald rabbit
      oswald rabbit Vor year

      @weeardguy woah, I am really sorry to hear that. Over here, we can't buy land when the speculation gets too much, but we can when 'blood is in the street's' as my father likes to say.
      Maybe it'll be possible when the market crashes?
      Or perhaps it's too expensive even then.
      Honestly, if it wasn't for the hyper inflation going on, I would be confident I could buy a nice home for 200,000 dollars(probably lower than that, but at the least at that level of cash I could), but with the way things are, who knows( I am 16 by the way, so I don't own anything).
      Can your family not help you out maybe? My mother really helped my brother get a condo this last year for quite the steal(maybe that's a bit much, but it was certainly a good and reasonably priced buy), in an area where the value will never go down. He used his own money and all that, she just helped him find the place and all that at a time when everything was cheap, because of COVID-19 and the riots/protests driving the market down.
      Right now there are some really great rates on loans, I think my father was able to switch to a 3.5 percent on his old loan, which apparently is extremely good(I think that's what it is anyway, I just remember him saying it would save a lot of money in the long term).

    • oswald rabbit
      oswald rabbit Vor year

      @weeardguy oh that kind of sucks. In the US it is very possible, you would only need an acre in the right place and frankly one acre away from the cities is really cheap.
      Even 10-20 is pretty feasible, it just depends on where you buy.
      And that's in Texas where land is prime real estate, who knows about states where there's less people on the land.

    • Snow Wang
      Snow Wang Vor year +1

      @Joshua A. Thank you! I watched a couple of videos on how to replace the Tee and open the PVC grue can (it was really hard to open that small can) on DEclips. Those videos were very helpful. After turning on the sprinkler system, I found two other broken spots. With the first experience from replacing the Tee, I was able to fix them with much ease. Later on, I had to dig out and replace two sprinkler heads. Finally the sprinkler system was working again, and the Vegetables are growing fast in the new garden boxes.

    • Joshua A.
      Joshua A. Vor year

      @Snow Wang I bet its gonna work like a charm!

  • Reid Flowers
    Reid Flowers Vor year +1

    Awesome job!!!! It would be nice to see more of your generation do stuff like you do ! I remember when I was young my cousin and I would build log cabins for play, mind you it was not well done like yours. This takes me back to my childhood . Thanks for your video !!!!!

  • David Alves
    David Alves Vor year +1955

    The awesome thing about this is that he doesn't put music in the videos and let the raw sounds of nature and his tools for us to listen. It's such a joy watching this, and can't wait for the final result.

    • Tipi Dan
      Tipi Dan Vor 11 Monate

      Yeah. Music is just so much posing. Especially these days. Not that it hasn't always been.
      Basically, music sucks. It's just so much noise some egotistical jackass with an agenda is imposing on you.
      Personally, I prefer the sound of chipmunks. Real chipmunks. Not the... well, you know.

    • Bobby Jax
      Bobby Jax Vor year

      @Jax Forrest You are welcome =)

    • Jax Forrest
      Jax Forrest Vor year

      @Bobby Jax it did the trick and I actually got access to my account again. I am so happy:D
      Thank you so much you saved my account !

    • Bobby Jax
      Bobby Jax Vor year

      @Jax Forrest Instablaster =)

  • Janie Rose
    Janie Rose Vor year +6

    This is incredible! Absolutely inspiring! I think it's amazing that you decided to build a cabin it's very fascinating to watch; I previously watched the video where you began making the cabin and the amount of work put into the structure, the stability just all of it you're incredible! Have a great day and I can't wait to see the continuation of the cabin :)

  • Lars Dikmans
    Lars Dikmans Vor year +1

    I love what you are doing. Just amazing! And great handcrafting skill, You taught urself nicely :)

  • Sverre Myklebust
    Sverre Myklebust Vor year +7

    This is so impressive and inspiring! So nice to see you reviving this scandinavian cultural heritage!
    Stå på! Hilsen fra Norge

  • Chris
    Chris Vor year +7

    I really enjoyed watching this after a stressful workday.. It put things into perspective..Can't wait to see the finished result. What are your plans with it once you're finished, actually use it? Have your parents/family had the chance already to see it? They must be so proud. I don't know you and even I'm proud of you. You're the living proof that although the world is crumbling to pieces, there is a random 18y Swedish guy delivering hope. I was born and raised in a busy Belgian city and would give up everything to just move to a deserted forest in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately in this day and age you need money to do so.
    Keep being an inspiration! You're awesome!

  • Giza _
    Giza _ Vor year +3909

    Why would someone even dislike this video, this dude is literally just building a house...

    • Hello
      Hello Vor year

      Our government disapprove of freedom/house. Unless you take mortage and become debt for 100 years. Then it's ok.

    • monke
      monke Vor year

      @Nr2reaper 💀💀💀

    • Acordik
      Acordik Vor year +1

      @Nr2reaper wtf trees are growing again xDD

    • Pohujwamto Niepodajski
      Pohujwamto Niepodajski Vor year

      at least one of them was a marksist :) other one competitor from youtube , and one was a super duper hany man from slovakia that noticed in the 2nd hour 23rd minute that he put a nail not ideally perpendicular HE WOULD HAVE DONE IT BETTER so he dissed xD

    • Elijah Banta
      Elijah Banta Vor year

      its offensive to build a house without them (its all the contractors)

  • Parker Phillips
    Parker Phillips Vor year +48

    Just imagine the amount of footage he had to go through and edit to make this video... if it really took him a year to do this, which I 100% believe since he didn't use a single power tool... then he had weeks of raw video footage to review and cut down to a few hours for the series of these videos. that was probably more tedious than building the dang cabin itself.

    • Carla Wellbaum
      Carla Wellbaum Vor year

      His first video is almost 2 hours long. No power tools. I'm most impressed that he didn't have a single bandaid on the entire time. He goes into great length on his progression throughout the video (below the link).

    • Sean Snyder
      Sean Snyder Vor year

      Bro he literally used a tractor.

    • Parker Phillips
      Parker Phillips Vor year

      @ZƎLIOTT correct, but not sure what that has to do with this.

  • sephine minien
    sephine minien Vor year +135

    Me: gets splinters in my fingers, every time I pick up firewood . This guy: builds a whole house with his bare hands.
    Well done Erik ♥

    • OurBest
      OurBest Vor 11 Monate

      I was thinking what about your gloves!!!

    • DocDeee Deee
      DocDeee Deee Vor year +1

      He has sense enough to wear gloves, I remember my early day in construction thought it more manly to go barehanded to work, at 64 now I ALWAYS wear gloves no matter how small the job

  • Nelson Alpízar Rojas

    Excelente demostración. Es un tema de los que había estado configurando en mi mente, pero me era necesario ratificar acerca de las técnicas y herramientas apropiadas.

  • Vania Garcev
    Vania Garcev Vor year +1

    Parabéns estou muito orgulhosa de vc👏👏

  • Sasa Cena-Barruela
    Sasa Cena-Barruela Vor year +1160

    Am I the only who also appreciates how ripped he is becoming from all this construction work?

    • Tony Petersen
      Tony Petersen Vor 9 Monate

      Even if you think so, that's such an unnecessary and sexist comment to make.

    • Kyle Welsh
      Kyle Welsh Vor 10 Monate

      @Sasa Cena-Barruela just flick the bean in peace next time.

    • Toni Toliver
      Toni Toliver Vor 10 Monate

      I was watching for muscle dev but it just seemed to appear.

    • Dilan Fernando
      Dilan Fernando Vor 11 Monate

      I wouldn’t call it ripped

    • MT
      MT Vor year

      @Mom Doer 5000 it could be argued that what he is doing is more functional, since it applies a large variety of stresses on the body in all kinds of positions, not just some linear movement like a bicep curl or a bench press

  • Michelle Ford
    Michelle Ford Vor year +94

    When square footage is tight, it helps if statement pieces are both charming BestTiny.House and useful. An old wood-burning stove brings a vintage vibe to new construction and also heats the entire place.

    ALAN STOBO Vor year +5

    This is the best thing on youtube at the moment. The patience, skill and determination involved is beyond description. Not to mention the ability safely to use "simple hand tools" (translation... one wrong move with these incredibly sharp implements and you are dead or at least in hospital.) Well done, young man!

  • bcccl
    bcccl Vor year +45

    this is very pure, a reminder of what it means to be human.

  • wtfBrad
    wtfBrad Vor year

    One of your videos just starting the cut down process hit my recommendations. Then this one did. Gotta give you a lot of credit to sticking with the old ways and not bringing in chainsaws and whatnot. For being your first time doing this, I think it's awesome. Just watching the process is very relaxing too. Nothing but the sounds of you working and nature. You gained a new sub bud. Looking forward to seeing the next video.

  • KlazyY
    KlazyY Vor year +335

    Ok, I am in awe of what accuracy you have with both the hand axe and the two hander, but the groove you cut in the door and window frames blows my mind. Now, if you were a gnarled 40+ year old forester, I could understand all of this. But to be able to have this knowledge packed into your brain and to put it to use at your age----Lordy, I stand in AWE! Thanks for showing us old fogies that the skills haven't died out somewhere in this old world of ours.

    • Stefan Haberl
      Stefan Haberl Vor year +1

      The horisontal groove that is, the vertikal is for allowing for timber to shrink

    • Stefan Haberl
      Stefan Haberl Vor year +3

      @Felix Teupke I guess its for preventing water from getting in, i have seen these "dripedges" before on other traditional houses in Sweden but im not sure could also be a groove for putting in isolation.

    • Hoch134
      Hoch134 Vor year +10

      He improved a lot in the last year. If you saw his first video when he started chopping down a tree, his accuracy wasn't bad but average at best (his technique was good though, he definitely learned before he started).
      Now he can hit exactly at the centimeter he is aiming for. And no wonder after working over a year on the same stuff... probably with more work hours than a he'd have in a full time job.

    • Paul Newman
      Paul Newman Vor year +7

      Its so the building can settle an move around the door frame without affecting the door

    • Felix Teupke
      Felix Teupke Vor year +4

      @siri there is probably some kind of door frame going to be fitted in there, I suppose.

  • Chances for Chancers

    I wish I could jump in the screen and help him!! love building my own stuff but this is next level I consider him very lucky to be able to do what he's doing ❤️

  • Laidyn Pizzo
    Laidyn Pizzo Vor year +466

    kid: dad what is that?
    dad: son your grandpa built that back in the 20s

    • Mr Pohatu
      Mr Pohatu Vor year +2

      @CoastalCruzer 2020’s

    • Smnsnsn
      Smnsnsn Vor year +3

      And you can watch it on yt👍

    • CoastalCruzer
      CoastalCruzer Vor year


    • Helvete winter
      Helvete winter Vor year +76

      A good man is one who plants a tree and knows that he will not be able to sit in its shade

  • Jan Lippmann
    Jan Lippmann Vor year

    Erik, great job and great feature. Kept me awake for 3 hours late past midnight yesterday going through the videos. Only one thing makes me wonder: Why to cut long trees, prepare long logs for the front wall only to cut half of it again for the door...wouldn´t it be more efficient, less exhausting and less wasting of resources and time to build the gab for the door from the beginning? Or would that destroy static and integrity of the entire structure? Jan

  • Mara Linhares
    Mara Linhares Vor year

    Meus parabéns Erick 👏👏👏, você é persistente..... sucesso

  • Sin Astral
    Sin Astral Vor year +600

    So satisfying to watch him build. No explanation, no chit-chat and that's just perfect! Hard to pull my eyes away.

    • Audra Nelson
      Audra Nelson Vor year +3

      Same. I'm hooked. It's better than anything on tv!

  • FishRSA
    FishRSA Vor year

    I am here after watching your 2 hour video. I love this content, just a guy in the woods building a house, and he's even replanting trees after he cuts others down. Very cool and wholesome indeed, I will show this to my friends

  • Hagnos
    Hagnos Vor year +3

    Man I have thought about doing this so many times and never had the guts to pull the trigger, so scared of giving up midway through the project. I can only imagine you’ve had those thoughts once or twice in your 2 year journey so far.
    I’m a stone mason by trade and used to be an arborist. Imagine how much work 2 people can get done.

  • spectacularly unqualified

    This guy: *building a house*
    2 million people: *nice*

    • creature04
      creature04 Vor year +2

      cabin* :p

    • Kent Haigh Oneill
      Kent Haigh Oneill Vor year +1

      14 million* you might have seen his first video but if you havent, thats where he built whats at the beginning

  • mannybianco
    mannybianco Vor year +259

    This kid builds a whole effing log cabin by himself. Meanwhile I've been putting off changing out the air filter in my central AC because it's "so annoying".

  • Chlorophyll
    Chlorophyll Vor year +49

    Really impressed with your patience and skill Erik. Looking forward to the next episode 😊👍

  • Trudi Dolder
    Trudi Dolder Vor 9 Monate

    just a quick question: how much land belongs to you in this wilderness? I have been follow your journey and I am amazed of your perseverance in this endeavor…. Keep going. Can’t wait to see the finished product…..

  • herbert grönemeyer
    herbert grönemeyer Vor 9 Monate

    i am so impressed. so much endurance and will power in such a young age. :0
    you got my full respect.
    keep on going strong

  • Doc Moore
    Doc Moore Vor year

    An amazingly driven young man. It may get slow in places, rolling logs into place then shaping the next one...etc. I was reminded of a short clip of a "World's Strongest Man" contestant being interviewed about what he does. He said, "I pick up big things, then I put them down." with a charming Swedish accent. It takes a certain kind of guy to do that. WELL DONE.

  • Michael Kingrey
    Michael Kingrey Vor 11 Monate

    Young man you already know this but it still has to be said there is absolutely nothing that you cant accomplish in your lifetime . There are folks twice as old as you that cannot do the things that you have done already in your life . You are an inspiration to all of us watching you do this job that frankly we secretly wish we could do . Please keep up the awesome work and keep making videos of it, you handle all those tools as if you were born with them in your hands. The world could stand a whole lot more of young men just like you ....God Bless from Iowa in the USA !

  • Ryan I'Anson
    Ryan I'Anson Vor year +607

    How can people dislike this, the most wholesome thing ive seen

    • Jake from State Farm
      Jake from State Farm Vor year

      @Ryan I'Anson you asked “how can people dislike”. Well, I answered your question. It’s self centered and boring.

    • Ryan I'Anson
      Ryan I'Anson Vor year +1

      @Jake from State Farm thats ghe whole point its just a video to chill and watch u dimt need to learn anything from it its simply just “cool”

    • Jake from State Farm
      Jake from State Farm Vor year +1

      I think it’s because it’s sort of self serving. He’s not talking about how to or why or giving any information on anything. It’s just him recording himself building his own cabin. “Hey everyone look at me and look what I can do”. Is it cool? Sure. Does it really do anything for anyone? Nope.

    • JLav
      JLav Vor year

      @ефим кривов no , they think its form of fascism , similar with exercising or gym culture ... search hasan piker 😆

  • Mattias Eriksson Braap&Camp

    Nice Erik, been following your videos since start. This morning you pop up at the morning TV (Channel 4), waiting for the reportage right now. Congrats and look fwd to see You move in 💪. I guess this primitive technologies and sustainable living is a great topic and grows on many of us today. Keep it up and happy trails!

  • Phil Alford
    Phil Alford Vor year

    I would like to see how he integrated his floor system, but impressed with his skill and determination. All done without the "aid" of "tunes", just the forest sounds.
    Well done!

  • V I N T A G E
    V I N T A G E Vor year +2

    This is amazing, especially after reading desc. and finding out you're like what 20 years old right now and without previous skills. It's amazing! I'd love to build something like that myself, it actually gave me couple of ideas so we'll see.. :D

  • Stefan Teunissen
    Stefan Teunissen Vor year

    You're a legend, my dude. This has also been a dream of mine but I don't live in a place you're allowed to cut down trees sadly

  • DeLorean
    DeLorean Vor year +32

    I'm glad your 2 hour long video of building the log cabin got a ton of recognition in the youtube community. I probably wouldn't have found out about your channel without that video. And I'd just like to say thank you for staying strong and motivated in something you enjoy doing. I can speak for everyone in saying it's been hard to find things that motivate us and keep us interested over the past 10 months. But through your consistent uploads and obvious care for your following you aren't just fun to watch, You're an inspiration. I strive to be like you one day where I can be passionate again in the projects and things I work on. Again, just a huge thank you to you, Erik Grankvist.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor year +11

      So happy that I could inspire you.
      1. Get inspired 2. Inspire

  • Chacko1990
    Chacko1990 Vor year

    wood is a beautiful material to build with. awesome work! if i could, i would do the same as a free time project

  • David Stoodley
    David Stoodley Vor year +1

    I have the greatest respect for you. All the patience, dedication and hard work. And also for your parents and grandparents for their support and guidance. Congratulations!!!

  • Mangaon Ta Bai
    Mangaon Ta Bai Vor year

    I'm amazed with what he's building and the forest around him. It reminded me of one time I stood in a forest enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful trees around me dreamy, when all of a sudden a city boy just came from behind me, looked around and turn back screaming to whosoever he was with that "There's nothing in here." Me: wtf?!

  • Mike Walker
    Mike Walker Vor year

    This is amazing, seems like hard work! Very impressive my man

  • Roman Smith
    Roman Smith Vor year

    this is amazing! How many of us would give up after cutting down even one tree because it is too hard??

  • StevenSWM
    StevenSWM Vor year

    Hard work amazes people 😲 ...they can sit and watch it for hours! 😆 Great job amazing us, Erik! 👍

  • TurboBunny76
    TurboBunny76 Vor year

    Just utterly unbelievable. The skill and dedication is insane. Congratulations for doing something more than many of us ever will.

  • Bjorn’s Life
    Bjorn’s Life Vor year +5

    Thank you first of all for recording yourself building that cabin. Second of all thank you for doing it as peaceful as you do, with all the nature sounds and that. I absolutely love it! I was dying to find videos on how to build a cabin, as I want to do this in my own vlogs, so thank you fro showing me how to. Although I am pretty sure mine won't be as impressive as yours. Anyways, keep on doing what you are doing brother, you are making a lot of people happy and relaxed!
    P.S. you definitely gained another subscriber and I will spread your channel between my friends and family!

  • Bishop
    Bishop Vor year +4

    I feel like such a goober..... This is just simply one of my favorite video series so far to see how far he's gotten and to witness the problem solving is so pure and satisfying! That said if it had been me successfully making a replacement handle for the auger I would have been WAY too proud of myself... I'm such a simple creature LOL

  • Stuart Nimmo
    Stuart Nimmo Vor year

    That is one deft man with a sharp axe, adze, or saw! It looks exhausting and must have been, but what a result. Such a beautiful cabin and such clear unspoken instructions. The natural sound track is sublime too.

  • heyman208
    heyman208 Vor year +2

    The most satisfied video to watch in 2021 so far. Keep it up man!

  • Wesley Serpone
    Wesley Serpone Vor year

    Your family with out a doubt are very proud of you and I'm sure with every right bragging to their friends about you . Very freaking impressive young man your skills and talent exceed those of many! Those who dislike your video are just upset with themselves because they can't draw a log cabin let alone build one.

  • Jullian Daugherty

    He seems to keep getting better and better with the axe, on some of those cuts it feels like he's not even cutting wood with how perfectly the chunks come off.

  • isabel
    isabel Vor year +155

    Yay! the door, everything is really coming together! I’m so excited to see it finished someday.

  • Ameen Saif
    Ameen Saif Vor year

    Erik really threw himself into the deep end. Amazing work.

  • Andy B
    Andy B Vor year

    It's nice to see "Alone in the Wilderness" is still alive an well. Dick Proenneke would be proud. This kid even included the same berry picking segment although he didn't make his harvester out of recycled gas cans. (I bet Dick would have loved a digital camera instead of dealing with reel after reel of film that needed to be developed.) Keep up the awesome work Erik. You are a true inspiration!

  • Dionysus Sanchez
    Dionysus Sanchez Vor year

    Very relaxing video to watch. No music, no nonsense just pure nature and man power.
    Looking forward for another video👍🏼

  • CeeJay01
    CeeJay01 Vor year +1

    It's so satisfying to see you developing and using your woodworking skills! And wow, do you have some incredible skills with an axe. Amazing work!

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith Vor year +3

    You are an inspiration to us all especially for such a young man.Your axe work has improved massively.Please keep the vids coming

  • A. Elias
    A. Elias Vor 11 Monate +1

    Absolutely amazing work!
    So much talent and determination doing it all with no powertools.
    Congratulações aqui do Brasil ✌🏼

  • Fon Hollohan
    Fon Hollohan Vor year

    What I love about you channel is that there is no music! just hard work and the natural sound of hand tools.

  • anrina
    anrina Vor year +3

    Watched the two-hour build in complete awe and admiration and rushed over here to see how far you've gotten. Can't wait to see more build! Officially obsessed!! Sweden is a beautiful place. I've only been to Stockholm but would love to visit again and see more of Sweden.

  • Bradley Harrell
    Bradley Harrell Vor year +1

    Real life Lincoln logs! Brings me back to when I was a kid. So awesome to see the adult version 🔥 Great video.

  • Veerle Jansen
    Veerle Jansen Vor year +47

    The last few days, whenever I feel sad or stressed I just think about you, this rondom Swedish guy who is peacefully building a cabin in the wilderness, and I instantly feel better! So thanks, you're videos are so interesting and calming it's awesome.

  • Ted S
    Ted S Vor year

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