Ariana Grande's Vogue Cover Video Performance | Vogue

  • Am 9 Jul 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Ariana Grande's August cover video for Vogue, featuring "in my head," one of the most revealing, intimate songs on her February release "thank u, next," takes this confessional tendency literally, as she dances, shoulder pops, poses, and struts around inside the white room of her own mind.

    Director: Bardia Zeinali
    Fashion Editor: Jorden Bickham
    Director of Photography: Kelly Jeffrey
    Producer: Kalena Yiaueki, N6
    Producer: Dayna Carney, Vogue
    Production Design: Lauren Nikrooz
    VFX Supervisor: Max Colt
    Hair: Josh Liu
    Makeup: Daniel Chinchilla
    VFx Make-up Artist: Christina Philippou
    On-Set VFx: Izzi Galindo
    Choreographers: Brian and Scott Nicholson
    Dancers: Christina Glur, Mao Kawakami, Luz Remigio, Rim Taya Shawki, Tailor Cha Cha, Christy Rilling Studio
    Hair Extensions provided by: Indique Hair Extensions, Insert Name Here
    Hair Extensions Colorist: Joyce Koomson, Indique Hair Extensions
    Visual Director: Emily Rosser
    Visual Research: Ryan Barone
    Archival Research: Margaret Reville
    AD: James Woods
    1st AC: Bayley Sweitzer
    2nd AC: Luke Provanzano
    VTR: Jeff Reeves
    Sound: Rob Bluemke
    Gaffer: Eric Sorenson
    Best Boy Electric: Dan Fethke
    Key Grip: Adam Macbeth
    Best Boy Grip: Bobby Boothe
    Production Manager: Cynthia Bechet, N6
    Location: Pier 59 Studios, NYC
    Video Editor: Graham Patterson, Modern Post
    Colorist: Tim Masick, Company
    Retouching: Digital Beauty Work
    Music: "In My Head" by Ariana Grande
    Title Design: Jason Duzansky
    Special Thanks to: Metropost NYC
    Shot on 35mm Kodak Film
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    Ariana Grande's Vogue Cover Video Performance | Vogue
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    my imaginαtion's too creαtive,
    they see *demon* ,
    i see


  • Sad Jonesy
    Sad Jonesy Vor 4 Stunden

    Step on me queen

  • Michelle Neyer
    Michelle Neyer Vor 15 Stunden +1

    I no joke added this song in one of my therapy sessions and had my patient reflect on the meaning of the words. Acknowledgment of behavior, acceptance, forgiveness, closure. Well done Ari!

  • ilana torres
    ilana torres Vor 18 Stunden +1

    i honestly really hate her and i dont know why

  • victor andres mendez
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    Estos videos que tanto le gusta a los jovenes es un sistema global y son masones e iluminatis secta satanica que controla la musica fijate los simbolos .

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    I am a big fan of yours

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    Ok know im obsessed with this song

  • Savannah Carranza

    Everybody can relate to this song

  • Skye
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    i wear high ponytails and my forehead is KAHOOSIVE she wears them and her forehead is the size of right pinkie

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  • Ariana Grande
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    This is how many people who love Ariana grande

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    ❤️❤️❤️in my head eeeeee

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    Bardia 😍

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    i didn't know that i needed this video until now😂💗

  • Mel
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    What does the black dog mean here ?

  • Dria Woods
    Dria Woods Vor 3 Tage

    Ariana Grande - in my head (Official Video)

  • Iman Akari
    Iman Akari Vor 3 Tage

    Vogue gave Ariana a Music Video in return for her M.Miller interview and how she felt after his passing.

  • Stoopi.d
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    Idk why this is so funny 1:46 😂😂😂

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    How does this not have more views.......

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    I’m SOOOO Obsessed with this Video!!!!

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    Who else low key thinks this is a sad song
    Like if you relate

  • Lani Shriner
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    Am I the only person who finds this part satisfying? *0:48*

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    Likes if y'all think this video should have more views

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    0:40 why did I think of Patric star off the sponge bob movie with his boots 😂😂

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    I come back here daily!

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    simon chacon 7:13
    10 .15 11:16

  • Jhon Gallagher
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    Ariana Grande singing the story of my life...

  • Jhon Gallagher
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    Thought you were somebody else, you

  • Olga Quito
    Olga Quito Vor 6 Tage

    i love the last part amazing

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  • habbachi medaziz
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    is very baddddd (masonic) 😠😠😡😡😑

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  • Angelica Somewhat Vlogs


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    Did anyone else notice she hit the woah at 3:06 queeen

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    there are only 1 boy please???

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    Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rel, looks like jellyana grande , jelly Cyrus , Lana del jelly because of lankybox

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    Did ariana just hit the whoa?

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    Hello Hello I love you Ariana Grande

  • Chocolate Perfume
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    Why's no one talking bout how she looks CREEPYYYY and terrifying when her face is up close?!?

    • Amy
      Amy Vor 6 Tage

      Chocolate Perfume can’t relate 😂😍

  • ellie m
    ellie m Vor 9 Tage +2

    i could only make out 80% of what she's saying lol

  • hulya Jordan
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    Take the beat and this would be really sad

  • Julia G.
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    honestly her best song, yea i said it

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    Linda demais, como não admirar essa diva

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    this music video is really unique, inspiring and fascinating...!

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    The shose are teryy fam

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    2:57 me entering any party for now on

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    perfeição define

  • Natalia Jean and David Ali Rodriguez-Cano

    I wish I could b in her video just one!

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    Voice is always on fleek.....
    Lashes and ponytail thank u for conceiving an angel!!!!!!😇❤❤✨

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    This song is now in my head

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    she was feeling herself that day
    yes sis

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    eu. quero. ticonhese. ariana. gramde. asinado. thiago

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    this is my favorite song

  • Sérgio Santos
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    I fuckin love this song. It's just one of the best in the album...

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    me and the bois going to raid a base with invisibility potions in minecraft 0:52

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    In my Head

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    Holi dale like si amas a grande ❤️❤️