Bella Hadid Models Fall’s Paris Collections | Vogue

  • Am 25 Mär 2019 veröffentlicht
  • A rising supermodel, Bella Hadid, becomes a full-blown superstar in the most beautiful looks of the fall season.

    Director: Gordon von Steiner
    Fashion Editor: Jorden Bickham
    Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff
    Producer: Kelly McGee

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    Bella Hadid Models Fall’s Paris Collections | Vogue
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  • jenny k
    jenny k Vor Tag

    Ugh I love Bella. So beautiful

  • lyah narvaez
    lyah narvaez Vor 3 Tage


  • Hey Jonh
    Hey Jonh Vor 3 Tage

    I just can't stop watching this video, the video, the music, the model, all fits so incredible haaaaaaa

  • its Hannah
    its Hannah Vor 6 Tage

    Bella Hadid is slaying!

  • Enrique Rdz
    Enrique Rdz Vor 8 Tage

    So unfair that a girl who wasn't born the way she looks as she does know should be there just because her social media followers and her parents money.

    KJ APAS WIFE Vor 8 Tage

    She is so hot

  • justyna maria
    justyna maria Vor 8 Tage

    Fkn power

  • LM F
    LM F Vor 10 Tage +2

    1:11 « où est mon chapeau ? »

  • Mary T
    Mary T Vor 14 Tage

    SHE definitely DESERVES better !!! She's improving everyday and she's CREATIVE!! She takes me by surprise everyday and her personality always shows off . She's amazing and definitely deserves more than her sister

  • eibraBTS v
    eibraBTS v Vor 14 Tage

    0:10 God she looks beautiful..

  • Narayani A
    Narayani A Vor 15 Tage

    Ugh. I am in love with this woman

  • Marianna M.A.R.s
    Marianna M.A.R.s Vor 15 Tage

    She has improved so much
    And I love her in this...

  • Cella C
    Cella C Vor 16 Tage

    Does anyone know what she is saying on 0:03?

  • West coast
    West coast Vor 16 Tage

    она такая красивая

  • Dioney Pintor
    Dioney Pintor Vor 19 Tage +1

    Gigi is so irrelevant now thanks to Bella. Fashion passes style remains.

  • humarya tabassum
    humarya tabassum Vor 19 Tage

    if i were bella hadid.

  • Mimi Laís
    Mimi Laís Vor 21 Tag

    I just think she's a lot like Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Ÿana Khomyakova
    Ÿana Khomyakova Vor 25 Tage

    Bella is a bit like Sophie Marceau

  • Laura Rayne
    Laura Rayne Vor 27 Tage


  • dora ora
    dora ora Vor 28 Tage

    The fake copy of Carla bruni

    • diablo bitch
      diablo bitch Vor 16 Tage

      dora ora they are both unique and saying that one is the copy of the other is pathetic and dumb

  • Amaaal
    Amaaal Vor Monat

    I thought this would be a compilation of her falling

  • KFThanchanok
    KFThanchanok Vor Monat

    She has that French attitude.

  • Vaperkitten Reed
    Vaperkitten Reed Vor Monat

    I adore every single one of those looks....beautiful clothes, beautiful woman.....Love to all...Kitten

  • Xander X
    Xander X Vor Monat

    They have deep voices

  • o
    o Vor Monat

    this is the most elegant video ever

  • o
    o Vor Monat

    unpopular opinion: bella is better than gigi

  • o
    o Vor Monat +1

    every one of these looks is such a vibe i absolutely love what they did here

  • o
    o Vor Monat

    she absolutely kills high fashion

  • F M
    F M Vor Monat

    I really love her.

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma Vor Monat

    Doesn’t she look like Carla Bruni with a more accentuated contour?

  • Chiara Kathleen
    Chiara Kathleen Vor Monat

    she seems fun. I never expected it!

  • awin marizd
    awin marizd Vor Monat

    I think I just fell in love with bella and the people behind this video

  • Lila Hesse
    Lila Hesse Vor Monat

    her face reminds me of Carla Bruni

  • shanelle
    shanelle Vor Monat

    she exudes so much elegance im shook

  • Anel Yel
    Anel Yel Vor Monat


  • NightBird167
    NightBird167 Vor Monat

    That white hat tho 😂 it looked so ridiculous. She worked it though.

  • Kono Dutch
    Kono Dutch Vor Monat

    She's one of the best models out.... I have yet to see anything she has done that sucks balls

  • Bruno Rocha
    Bruno Rocha Vor Monat


  • Lacey Howlind
    Lacey Howlind Vor Monat +1

    Put her in the movies

  • tokyo inn
    tokyo inn Vor Monat

    it annoys me how some of you in order to praise bella have the need to shame gigi..... they both worked their butts out and both deserve to be in high fashion

  • Jayden Lee
    Jayden Lee Vor Monat +1

    i love how much of her personality shows in this video.

  • yarden oved
    yarden oved Vor Monat


  • jewel and friends
    jewel and friends Vor Monat +1

    That scene on stairs feels like hurting mah butt 😭

  • KelsiMarie
    KelsiMarie Vor Monat

    what's this song called? IT'S FIREEEEE

    • KelsiMarie
      KelsiMarie Vor Monat

      Think High by Prince Charlez

  • Michelle Polly
    Michelle Polly Vor Monat


  • Geo Xoro
    Geo Xoro Vor Monat

    Sorry to say but in the thumbnail she looked like a 50 year old

  • Aida Manzano
    Aida Manzano Vor Monat +1

    she reminds me a bit of JLaw and Carla Bruni in one person

  • Adam Smithiee
    Adam Smithiee Vor Monat

    She is much improved...


    I feel like a lot of models always have out-there personalities

  • lulu haki
    lulu haki Vor Monat

    What song is This?

  • Cartel McMahon
    Cartel McMahon Vor Monat

    she is everything

  • seba saad
    seba saad Vor Monat

    for a moment i thought this was a video of her falling while modeling

  • Sophia Verdias
    Sophia Verdias Vor Monat


  • Zeynep Kara
    Zeynep Kara Vor Monat

    Bella you're stunning sis

  • juan saba
    juan saba Vor Monat

    such a beauty

  • palm princess
    palm princess Vor Monat

    When will these brands get that we don't want to see the Hadids and Jenners and it's actually more damaging to their brand name to feature them.

  • Tea Prxnce
    Tea Prxnce Vor Monat

    Bella lookin’ like a while lampshade at 1:54

  • Ly Phan
    Ly Phan Vor Monat +1

    She truly has the perfect face for high-end brands.

  • Hannah Drivenes
    Hannah Drivenes Vor Monat

    Love this video so much

  • Snow White
    Snow White Vor Monat

    She looks like carla brumi

  • CAM
    CAM Vor Monat

    She’s so elegant and pretty

  • sochuiwon priscilla
    sochuiwon priscilla Vor Monat +4

    Such a gorgeous person... Always knew you would rule one day Bella..congrats babe

  • Carina
    Carina Vor Monat

    She's gorgeous

  • Antoine goulet
    Antoine goulet Vor Monat

    The part when She get on The table In That vamp hat!!! Sublime👍🏻

  • Jessie Butera
    Jessie Butera Vor Monat

    She is incredibly natural ugly

  • Christina Luscious
    Christina Luscious Vor Monat

    She’s gorgeous

  • baby kay
    baby kay Vor Monat


  • Athziri Gutierrez
    Athziri Gutierrez Vor Monat +2

    One of the best videos vogue has produced. The music and the editing and the candid shots. Just absolutely marvelous.

  • Julie Ruiz
    Julie Ruiz Vor Monat +1

    Carla Bruni face :( not unique.

  • Beatrice Chaston
    Beatrice Chaston Vor Monat

    She's a queen, there's no other way to explain it.

  • Atocha Crespo
    Atocha Crespo Vor Monat

    amazing video

  • Alishba Arshad
    Alishba Arshad Vor Monat +1

    She’s freaking GORGEOUS

  • marina is a babe
    marina is a babe Vor Monat

    watching her move is so fascinating

  • char
    char Vor Monat

    why are so many people talking abt plastic surgery??? she had a nose job for sure but other than that what? and is it even any of your buisness??

  • La tribu Astrale
    La tribu Astrale Vor Monat

    *she copied Carla Bruni's face so much with surgery*

  • chookie condat
    chookie condat Vor Monat +9

    Her beauty is so unique. She is a perfect balance of a sophisticated,elegant yet mysterious kind of beauty.. 💖

  • Rorio
    Rorio Vor Monat

    What is the song?

  • toni ace
    toni ace Vor Monat

    She really looks like carla bruni.

  • sarah kristen
    sarah kristen Vor Monat

    watching her be glamorous af while eating a whole bag of flamin hot cheetos

  • L K
    L K Vor Monat

    omg is this where loona yyxy love4eva was filmed

  • Ann TG
    Ann TG Vor Monat

    Wowwww, first time you give credit to a song. How many years does it takes?

  • Katia
    Katia Vor Monat

    religious backround music?

  • kima Boho
    kima Boho Vor Monat

    Gotta admit she's a real top model now she has improved alot compared to her sister and the Jenner girl

  • Fatima Meski
    Fatima Meski Vor Monat

    I'm in love with Bella.

  • Ayşenaz Tunçay
    Ayşenaz Tunçay Vor Monat

    Bella is so beautiful

  • Kaneakua De Jesus
    Kaneakua De Jesus Vor Monat

    U r so skinny / Beautiful nd Funny too.

  • Sophia Vibez
    Sophia Vibez Vor Monat

    Imagine just being this gorgeous not even worrying about coordinating

  • anya
    anya Vor Monat +20

    ok but can we just applaud the cinematography

  • Ruth Karen
    Ruth Karen Vor Monat +2

    I can watch this probably forever.

  • Lisa
    Lisa Vor Monat

    modeling is so hard ok..

  • Sarah-Grace Lawrence

    She’s incredible

  • Malaak __
    Malaak __ Vor Monat

    sometimes I think i’m pretty with an okay personality, then I remember bella hadid exists

  • Rojan Ramezani
    Rojan Ramezani Vor Monat


  • Miguel Fernández
    Miguel Fernández Vor Monat

    this is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen

  • Lynn Fu
    Lynn Fu Vor Monat

    we love you bella

  • Hanim
    Hanim Vor Monat

    Why is everyone so hateful that she got surgery lol if anything her surgery was beautifully done she is literally so gorgeous right now & is improving a lot with her modeling

  • -NH2
    -NH2 Vor Monat

    1:38 "bella"!! so good!!

  • Isaiah Headen
    Isaiah Headen Vor Monat

    She's okay.

  • FredZaya
    FredZaya Vor Monat

    And the song is by who?

  • MD Morenno
    MD Morenno Vor Monat

    she so beautiful & funny at the same time 🌹