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First to Smash All Glass Windows WINS!!

  • Am 29 Sep 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Our craziest racing video yet! A big thanks to Brooks Running for making it possible!
    Check out their epic running shoes here:
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  • How Ridiculous
    How Ridiculous  Vor Monat +585

    Really hope you love this video as much as we do! So grateful for our team who put a huge amount of work into this project to bring it to life. If you enjoy the video we’d love you to share it with someone else 😊

    • Mr guy
      Mr guy Vor 9 Tage +1

      @Michael Lewis thank you so much

    • Michael Lewis
      Michael Lewis Vor 9 Tage +1

      @Mr guy Music used with permission and licensed to How Ridiculous by Dream Records LLC | Sync Royalty:
      "Well That's Not In One Piece Anymore"
      "Rexy Ride"
      "High Vibe"
      "Mr Mustache"
      "Space Party"
      "Coney Joney"
      "Line In The Sand"

    • Mr guy
      Mr guy Vor 10 Tage

      I have a question what's the name of the music playing in the background

    • KAT TV
      KAT TV Vor 17 Tage


    • Michael Lewis
      Michael Lewis Vor 22 Tage

      Absolutely LOVE these challenge episodes

  • That'll Work
    That'll Work Vor Monat +1569

    Key in the door might go down as one of the most clutch move of all time 😂

    • limeflashlight
      limeflashlight Vor 6 Tage +1

      Gaunson funny epic smart

    • Mason's House of Trick Shots
      Mason's House of Trick Shots Vor Monat

      @Pyro Smoak True, but it is called,”Science with Gaunson”

    • Toby M
      Toby M Vor Monat

      Yo I love u that will work

    • Dylan Ashe
      Dylan Ashe Vor Monat +8

      It was hilariously risky, but it worked

    • halloweendad
      halloweendad Vor Monat +18

      Gaunson loves to think outside the box. Usually his ideas are called "cheating" by the others, but that key placement was so brilliant even Herron had to admit it was good.

  • Artimage84
    Artimage84 Vor Monat +180

    This was the best video you guys have produced in a while. Not that you've been doing a lot of bad. But this was the most fun I've had watching one of yours in a bit. Great job, boys!

    • mllop aeet
      mllop aeet Vor Monat

      You all go a couple of weeks without an upload and then BAM!!! You come out with an epic video! Always great watching what you come up with. Congratulations on the win!!!

    • mllop aeet
      mllop aeet Vor Monat +1

      Trying to eat dinner while laughing through this entire video is the single hardest most funniest think I’ve ever done

    • L B
      L B Vor Monat

      @Vansh Totally disagree ha competitions off the dam are the best!

    • L B
      L B Vor Monat

      Couldn't disagree more ha Came here to say the opposite lol The races are too boring and lots of unnecessary yelling, but then again, the algorithm is what gets them paid. To each their own.

    • joey kirkpatrick
      joey kirkpatrick Vor Monat

      @How Ridiculous any plans for doing more Bullet Proof Glass Drops at the Tower? not trying start anything or be a bother to you guys about it, I'm just humbly curious about it since the Tower Videos are what I first Watched on Y'all's Channel. How Good!

  • Joe R M
    Joe R M Vor Monat +126

    Gaunson smushing the cake with his forehead to no avail was too funny. 😂

    • ExToS Shady
      ExToS Shady Vor Monat +2

      sorta worried the key was gonna be sticking up and he was gonna skewer his head on it

  • D
    D Vor Monat +62

    This has to be one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen on HR. Keep it going guys! ❤

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward Vor Monat +36

    Gaunson’s transition to the the slip and slide was so smooth

  • Crossfire20
    Crossfire20 Vor Monat +768

    A fist being dropped from the tower after so long of not seeing the tower is so amazing.

  • Adam From Canada
    Adam From Canada Vor Monat +26

    It's really impressive that you guys can keep coming up with innovative and entertaining videos this many years on. Well done, boys!

  • Jean Moraes
    Jean Moraes Vor Monat +13

    that was EPIC! love seeing Gaunson win! key in the door handle was CLUTCH.

  • Kragger99
    Kragger99 Vor Monat +11

    The preparation for this must have been massive. Well done boys!

  • B_WELCH_
    B_WELCH_ Vor Monat +4

    The races are always so good. Hopefully more to come

  • Obiwan1994 Kenobi
    Obiwan1994 Kenobi Vor Monat +552

    that key placement from Gaunson was such a delight

    • Mathias Brio
      Mathias Brio Vor Monat

      The one in the door?

    • The Captain
      The Captain Vor Monat

      'Not everyone goes to the moon' as he says.

    • MyRegardsToTheDodo
      MyRegardsToTheDodo Vor Monat

      @andyhux79 Definitely low-key genius.

    • DavidJoseph7
      DavidJoseph7 Vor Monat +3

      I was laughing hysterically at that then couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the race, so awesome!

    • andyhux79
      andyhux79 Vor Monat +8

      Genius placement.

  • Benjamin Frost
    Benjamin Frost Vor Monat +4

    The way you guys keep churning out the best content on DEclips is just fantastic and impressive! Love you guys!

  • Jeff
    Jeff Vor Monat +3

    I love the races, this looked like so much fun.

  • Greg Hudgens
    Greg Hudgens Vor Monat +3

    Heron’s key run was good for a lot of laughs. Thanks boys

  • Shea Fadel
    Shea Fadel Vor Monat +2

    Thank you so much for putting this content out. Smiles from ear to ear, can’t wait for the next vid. Keep doing what you’re doing, bring smiles and laughter to the internet. Cheers

  • James Doster
    James Doster Vor Monat +893

    Drop some stuff off the tower at night into kiddie pools of florescent paint with blacklights for lighting (edit: when you guys see this, make sure to check the replies because there's a bunch of people with good ideas that can be added to this. Especially the merch)

    • Peter Atkinson
      Peter Atkinson Vor 26 Tage +3

      Great idea! 👍👍

    • Odyss3y
      Odyss3y Vor Monat +2

      That would be cool, but how much tarp would they need, it’s not their property

    • Michael Lewis
      Michael Lewis Vor Monat +3

      How about smashing flashlights and smashing glow sticks?

    • john nichols
      john nichols Vor Monat +3

      Do it!!!!

    • Joris Kelderman
      Joris Kelderman Vor Monat +3

      This would make an awesome video :O

  • PhantomSAF
    PhantomSAF Vor Monat +3

    This video is so perfect that it makes me want a How Ridiculous Movie with scenes/content like this. It's literally so funny, and genuinely entertaining content, especially knowing how much you all just enjoy hanging out with your friends and doing something that you all enjoy to do. A movie like this video would be amazing🤟🏼

  • Luke Gregory
    Luke Gregory Vor Monat +4

    Scott’s attempt at the cake was special… now I’m off to the shops to get me a pair of Brooks!

  • KrunkSplein
    KrunkSplein Vor Monat +5

    I was becoming concerned with the boys' absence, but the sheer volume of work that this vid will have taken both explains and excuses it. Well done, all!

  • Maria Hotgirl
    Maria Hotgirl Vor Monat +2

    Dude. This was the culmination of everything y’all have done over the years. LOVE IT!

  • Tim Ashby
    Tim Ashby Vor Monat +187

    Dude. This was the culmination of everything y’all have done over the years. LOVE IT!

  • Amey Atre
    Amey Atre Vor Monat +8

    This was a crazy crazy crazy video, anxiety levels through the roofs in each race, such creativity, and Gaunson winning was the cherry on top!!!

  • Damien Pattel
    Damien Pattel Vor Monat +3

    That was amazing. I can’t believe an 18 minute video goes so fast! Now we wait another 2 weeks, so worth it but! ❤ love your work guys

  • SierraMarie
    SierraMarie Vor Monat +2

    I finally watched a video within hours of it being posted and it was an absolute delight!! Love your videos and y’all put in literally SO MUCH EFFORT! I cannot imagine the amount of hours y’all spend cleaning up afterwards.

  • Mike Goodburn
    Mike Goodburn Vor Monat +3

    I’m sitting here in Florida with a tree through my house, no water, no power after living through Hurricane Ian. Watching your video was a nice positive to another wise dreary day. Thank you guys. Keep up the great work!

  • Yolo Kido
    Yolo Kido Vor Monat +144

    some say Herron is still waiting for a high five till this very day

    • mllop aeet
      mllop aeet Vor Monat

      that key placement from Gaunson was such a delight

  • bria harris
    bria harris Vor Monat +5

    18:45 looks like gems!! Wow amazing video! Seeing the tower race segment just amazes me how you guys lift up such heavy stuff all the way up to the top!! Love my Christian Boys 💜😁😁🤗

  • MrGoesBoom
    MrGoesBoom Vor Monat +2

    Gotta admit, at the end just leaving the key IN the lock was a stroke of genius

  • Roxie G S
    Roxie G S Vor Monat

    Probably one of the best videos to date! I was yelling and laughing so much my son had to check on me. Great fun guys!

  • Rig
    Rig Vor Monat

    This was too much excitement and action for just one video! Absolutely loved it

  • Basit Khurshid
    Basit Khurshid Vor Monat +151

    Seeing you guys back at the tower is so great.

  • Kedo
    Kedo Vor Monat

    Huge respect for the setup of this video! Keep up the great work as always..

  • Valerie Brigham
    Valerie Brigham Vor Monat +11

    One of the most entertaining things I've seen in a long time! Thanks for making me laugh after a hard day at work!! You guys are the best!!

  • SnipinSnit
    SnipinSnit Vor Monat +2

    I'm heckin' exhausted from just watching this. Good show boys!

  • BillytheKid0769
    BillytheKid0769 Vor Monat +2

    Great video guys. Love the race videos. I bet that took a lot of work/time to set up. Keep up the great vids

  • DukeDarkshadow
    DukeDarkshadow Vor Monat +192

    The key in the door from Gaunson was pure genius. I think we've all been underestimating just how smart he is!

    • Regional Range
      Regional Range Vor Monat +1

      ...then Gaunson went back to being himself by head butting the cake. Lol

    • Vansh
      Vansh Vor Monat

      @m did you not watch the full video?

    • Ugly German Truths
      Ugly German Truths Vor Monat +2

      He's definitely thinking out of the box... through the door, down the road, into the woods, through the swamp and onto the volcano.

  • Currently Pooping
    Currently Pooping Vor Monat

    It doesn't matter what's going on, Gaunson's aim from that tower is always incredible!

  • Austin Rader
    Austin Rader Vor Monat +5

    Seeing you guys RACE DOWN the stairs of the 45m tower, not even going all the way down, really illustrates how much work you guys have put in purely just climbing those stairs so many times over the years.

  • Caleb Yost
    Caleb Yost Vor Monat

    This might be one of my favorite videos you guys have done! How Good!

  • Goldenkid 1996
    Goldenkid 1996 Vor Monat +2

    10000000000000% Loved it lol. Glad to see yall always having fun. Love watching yall . And definitely loved seeing the drop from the tower. Never fail to please us

  • andyhux79
    andyhux79 Vor Monat +81

    I think we all knew Herron was gonna go big on the watermelon smash. He can’t help himself lol. Charge first, think later. That’s our Herron! ❤

    • mllop aeet
      mllop aeet Vor Monat

      there's a bunch of people with good ideas that can be added to this. Especially the merch)

  • Rookie Rockhounding

    Absolutely one of you boys’ best! So fun to watch! Loved it guys and so worth the wait!!!!

  • whiskersandthings
    whiskersandthings Vor Monat +1

    I loved all of the different themes of races in this one, it was like IRL balloon battle! Awesome job, boys and crew, another great video!

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson Vor Monat

    I think this has been a rollercoaster of entertaining content ya guys. Really enjoyed this episode.

  • Isaac Phillips
    Isaac Phillips Vor Monat +2

    This was absolutely epic and delightful as usual!

  • Robbin Chavis
    Robbin Chavis Vor Monat +2

    I absolutely love the races, would love to see anything yall drop! Yall make me smile and giggle with all yall do! So glad I found yall fun fellas! Thanks for sharing all the fun with us!

  • Thomas Gill
    Thomas Gill Vor Monat

    This was one of my favorite all time videos!!!! Thank you guys.

  • Joe Pearson
    Joe Pearson Vor Monat

    That was great. Love seeing you guys back at the tower. Seems like its been a very long time since you have been there.

  • Kyle Leeman
    Kyle Leeman Vor Monat +2

    i can't even imagine the work it took to put this one video together. Sensational effort boys!

  • MajorDestroyers
    MajorDestroyers Vor Monat

    YES BOYS!!! amaaaaazing video! I was out of breath just watching it! Phew!! Huge respect to the team for their tremendously hard work they put into each video especially this one! LOVE that you finished at the tower! Epic video guys well done!!

  • Julie-Ann Henderson

    That was awesome. Watching you 3 compete is intense. Love it. 😍

  • Wet A-Line TV
    Wet A-Line TV Vor Monat +1

    Cheers y'all, that was an epic episode!

  • Amy Whigham
    Amy Whigham Vor Monat

    That was so fun to watch! Great game to all of you! Congrats to Guanson!🥰😍😃🙂👏😎

  • Massive Socks
    Massive Socks Vor Monat +1

    Love this content, seems so much fun! Some of the stuff you've done I always imagined but never thought of even trying. Keep it up lads!

  • Fat Badger
    Fat Badger Vor Monat +1

    Definitely lived up to the name on this one. Looks incredibly fun!

  • Wrathofloki1
    Wrathofloki1 Vor Monat +1

    Some say he's still hanging there, waiting for Scott to notice the highfive.

  • piercem56
    piercem56 Vor Monat +3

    Awesome show gents! I love your vids and I enjoy brooks running shoes! I have ankle problems and they are the only shoes that allow me to run without overbearing pain. Keep up the great work!

  • Tvlog
    Tvlog Vor Monat +1

    That was awesome! More of these would be awesome! like a more elaborate course, or complex, more time!!

  • Indoor Gaming
    Indoor Gaming Vor Monat

    I absolutely love these race style videos, they’re hilarious.

  • Grace 💞
    Grace 💞 Vor Monat

    Epic viddy! Absolute amazing racing! As always, hilarious commentary 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Amy Zimmerman
    Amy Zimmerman Vor Monat

    This vid was amazing! Well done, boys!

  • Gary Starnes
    Gary Starnes Vor Monat +36

    The creativity of this video is outstanding! As a locksmith, I really like the "key hunt". :) Thanks guys!

  • Erik Jrn
    Erik Jrn Vor 22 Tage

    I'm so happy I took the time to watch this! I never, ever regret spending time, watching videos with this trio! YES! I'm in denial!

  • Ashton Boy
    Ashton Boy Vor Monat

    You guys are simply amazing with the things you come up with! So creative, so ridiculous! By far the best channel on DEclips in my opinion!

  • Ben & Watch
    Ben & Watch Vor Monat +1

    Amazing to see you guys back! Quality start to the video.

  • Nathan Reimer
    Nathan Reimer Vor Monat

    Fantastic video! Looks like a ton of fun. Great to see you back at the tower. Hopefully that means there will be a few drop videos coming soon.

  • Brooks Holt
    Brooks Holt Vor Monat +34

    Glad my shoes could help y’all out 😂😂

  • quickcanary
    quickcanary Vor Monat +1

    This was so fun to watch! One of the best for sure! You guys always look like you're having such a good time. LOVE IT! I hope you guys are still doing this when you're 50!

  • Trent Sherrill
    Trent Sherrill Vor 12 Tage +1

    This was awesome, was smiling or laughing the entire time ✅

  • Alex Rowaan
    Alex Rowaan Vor Monat

    Always love a good barrel slowie! Also, the key in the lock was genius!!!

  • 𝐍𝐢𝐧@ ^𝐮𝐜𝐤 𝐦𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐞K #ɪᴛ#🔥

    Key in the door might go down as one of the most clutch move of all time 😂

  • Digger Barnes
    Digger Barnes Vor Monat +49

    Never ceases to amaze me the amount of effort you guys put into your videos. Much respect from UK..Long may you continue 👏 🙏

  • Forever_Gaming 10
    Forever_Gaming 10 Vor Monat

    Love how creative this was 😂

  • Russell Rollain
    Russell Rollain Vor Monat +1

    Oh my god, this video is so funny! I pray that you three always stay close friends. You three are just amazing to me. Keep it up, guys!

  • spadje
    spadje Vor Monat

    This was amazing! Made me think of the old TV show Double Dare....awesome job guys!

  • Rivertown Productions
    Rivertown Productions Vor Monat +1

    This is one of the most insane videos ever! 😂

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss Vor Monat

    The races are always so good. Hopefully more to come

  • Morgan Cashin
    Morgan Cashin Vor Monat

    SO GOOD! Such a good race! Well done boys!

  • Dwight Smith
    Dwight Smith Vor Monat +1

    That looked like so much fun. Much love from Texas!

  • Rob Barth
    Rob Barth Vor Monat

    This is literally the craziest video you guys have ever made, so awesome! Also, Stanford's armor looked more bada**!

  • Random Comment
    Random Comment Vor Monat +38

    Huge respect for the setup of this video! Keep up the great work as always..

    • Random Comment
      Random Comment Vor Monat

      @How Ridiculous great job on the setup! the video was amazing!

    • How Ridiculous
      How Ridiculous  Vor Monat +17

      Yeh this was our biggest setup yet 🥵

  • OhKayGo
    OhKayGo Vor Monat

    I literally screamed "They're back at the tower!" so happy to see it again.

  • Lydia Larson
    Lydia Larson Vor Monat

    This was really really good!!! Amazing I loved this one!! You all did such a good job thanks!!

  • Lily-Rose Lenton
    Lily-Rose Lenton Vor Monat

    So glad to see you guys back at the tower! Missed that place!

  • Bronco Bleymaier
    Bronco Bleymaier Vor Monat

    That Herron run with the doors was hilarious 😂

  • Mark Spark
    Mark Spark Vor Monat +35

    Scotts cheeky face when Heron did not notice the key in the door 😂

  • Da_Barracuda
    Da_Barracuda Vor Monat

    Fun video but Brooks running shoes are actually great. I got a pair I've been using for a couple years and they still fell great

  • Mike Wilson-Barrett

    Possibly one of the best vids you guys have done. Thank you :) will show my son tonight 🤣

  • Oscar N.
    Oscar N. Vor Monat +1

    Epic video! I loved all of the races! And so good to see you back at the tower 👌🏻

  • Andi Cook
    Andi Cook Vor Monat

    So good to see Bruce back smashing things, and Rexy getting poleaxed from the tower. Just like old times! 😂

  • Fix iT Rick
    Fix iT Rick Vor Monat

    Definitely a fun video to watch guys! 👊🤠

  • Diane Busby
    Diane Busby Vor Monat

    Seriously, can these races get any crazier? I got SO excited watching! It was edge-of-the-seat stuff!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • bhazlett13
    bhazlett13 Vor Monat

    Love Gaunson to death (all 3 of you for that matter) but always find myself rooting against him in these competitions lol

  • shadeth90
    shadeth90 Vor Monat

    loved this episode need more races like this, great break from the normal shinnanigans

  • phen
    phen Vor Monat +37

    The time trail one digging for the keys really brought back memories of the old Double Dare obstacle course.

  • MarshallM09
    MarshallM09 Vor Monat

    It was so nice to see the tower again after so long!

  • Terry Harding
    Terry Harding Vor Monat

    That was intense boys! Love it!

  • 100k subs Challenge
    100k subs Challenge Vor Monat +2

    These guy excudes such a positive energy that they tends to lift spirits ❤️❤️❤️

    • Telegram 👉@HowRidiculous2
      Telegram 👉@HowRidiculous2 Vor Monat

      👆👆Congratulations you have just been selected among our shortlist winner, hit me up to claim your prize 🎁

  • koiun dwrru
    koiun dwrru Vor Monat

    This was absolutely epic and delightful as usual!