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I Use Birch Bark For Roofing My Log Cabin | Forest of Sweden

  • Am 21 Okt 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Birch Bark is a fascinating material that mother nature provides. Holds lots of properties and uses. Perfect for water sealing a log cabin roof and holds for more than a 100 years. Birch Bark is easily peeled in the middle of summer, here in Sweden. If harvested correctly it doesn't hurt the tree and will grow back.
    My local village used to dig for clay and burn it into roof tiles, a long time ago. These tiles are still used on buildings here today and can be found on abandoned log cabins. I had the opportunity to reuse these very same tiles, that will hopefully last even through my generation.
    My Story:
    When I graduated high school I sought a big challenge in life. To alone, with only simple hand tools and raw power, build my own traditional off grid log cabin by hand from the materials of the Swedish forest. I film everything myself and edit these videos so you can follow my journey and hopefully learn as I do. I have no earlier experience in any of this, just a visualization of what I want to achieve and willpower to learn and improve everything necessary. So I enjoy reading good advice in the comments. Enjoy!
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  • montereyspike
    montereyspike Vor 11 Monate +218

    I love how detailed, focused and patient you are. You have stuck with it for a long time, and the results are so delightful to behold! Thank you for sharing your peaceful, enchanted kingdom with everyone through your channel. It seriously brings my blood pressure down just watching you live and create in such a quiet and unspoiled land. Thank you.

  • Adam Johnston
    Adam Johnston Vor 11 Monate +671

    This channel is a very good example that hard works pays off.

    • Cynthia Wright
      Cynthia Wright Vor 6 Monate

      Those tools are costly, and require expert sharpening, and knowledge of use.This young man has assets and obviously resources. His sport man outdoor attire tells you he has resources($).Most ancestors did with less, and made due.

    • David Williams
      David Williams Vor 6 Monate

      @Eero Laukkanen Well said Eero, well said!

    • Erik Rissanen
      Erik Rissanen Vor 6 Monate +2

      well its not all about hard work its often just working effectivly

    • BakuCool
      BakuCool Vor 9 Monate

      @Sir Lancelet I think he's trying to argue that hard work doesn't always pay off.

    • Sir Lancelet
      Sir Lancelet Vor 11 Monate +9

      @Christian Kippi what does that have to do with the original comment?

  • m
    m Vor 11 Monate +87

    You can tell how pleased he was with himself for using that branch to carry the bark more easily by the amount of clips of him carrying it 😂 well done, Erik, very impressive

  • wtfBrad
    wtfBrad Vor 11 Monate +55

    I saved this video to watch for today because after a long stressful week, I knew this video would melt that stress away. And it did not disappoint!
    The roof looks AMAZING! And the sounds of the storm was the perfect end to a perfect video! Been watching since you started and am excited every time you upload the next.
    Cabin is looking GREAT Erik! Take care!

  • Ivan Hedlund
    Ivan Hedlund Vor 11 Monate +105

    Very nice Erik! Clay tiles that are reused are often very good in qality since they have lasted probably 100 years already. This roof will last for a long time. Dont forget to secure the tile rows on the short ends with nails (one in each tile) and the row furtherst down on the long end (every other is enough here). If not, they will blow away in strong winds.

    • 45 mw
      45 mw Vor 7 Monate +4

      Just what I thought. However the location here is closely surrounded by much larger trees, I suspect that there will not be much wind at roof and ground level. Where I come from on the west of Ireland we use slate on our roof and because it is exposed to the weather (a lot of gales) we used two nails per slate, EVERY slate on our house.

  • Will Hogan
    Will Hogan Vor 11 Monate +283

    I was just getting caught up on a couple episodes then this one gets posted! Perfect! Keep up the hard work! I find these videos to be incredibly soothing.

    • jmz388
      jmz388 Vor 11 Monate +6

      Humans with a purpose are so soothing in a syntetic world

    • Gertrude Walker
      Gertrude Walker Vor 11 Monate +8

      I find these videos soothing too, no talking, no music just simple hard work in a tranquil setting, birds, nature........

    • Dean
      Dean Vor 11 Monate +7

      My antidepressants help more but theses video okay 👍👍

  • William Rhea
    William Rhea Vor 11 Monate +75

    Having your cabin dried in is a great accomplishment. I am looking forward to your efforts on the inside of the cabin.

  • Thinkinaboutit
    Thinkinaboutit Vor 11 Monate +62

    Not only the Time and energy that you’ve put in this project, but also the way you filmed it. We silently follow you during the process and we just watch, trying to understand by ourselves each step of the construction.

  • Eugene Trollip
    Eugene Trollip Vor 11 Monate +247

    Well done on that roof. That ridge is absolutely straight!

  • Joe Buckley
    Joe Buckley Vor 11 Monate +52

    I am always looking forward to the next episode in this build. Eric you are living my earlier life when as a young man I helped my uncle build his cabin in the woods. The methods and techniques were slightly different however the experience was profound. A simpler and much more gratifying time. Congratulations on this milestone! Thanks for sharing.

    • SmallzSC2
      SmallzSC2 Vor 11 Monate +2

      I had a college professor named joe buckley

    • Vicentina Oliveira
      Vicentina Oliveira Vor 11 Monate +2

      Comecei seguí-lo quando cortou a primeira árvore e quando fez a fundação da sua cabana.
      Você tão menino, construindo sua cabana de troncos, sozinho e com apenas algumas ferramentas.
      Admiro você, e te desejo muita sorte na sua cabana. Você é muito especial!

  • Kyrie R
    Kyrie R Vor 10 Monate +30

    I feel that I may speak for most of us watching when I saw that I'd love to one day see a video of you talking about your story. How you came to want to do this, the steps you took to finding this property, your inspiration, etc. However those are aspects of your life you'd like to keep personal, I completely understand and respect that!

    • Adam McKercher
      Adam McKercher Vor 6 Monate +1

      Even a video of a friend / new friend asking you about it and you sharing the explanation you’re used to giving people. But really ideal would be an interviewer learning more about your project and passion.

    • Min Yoonji
      Min Yoonji Vor 8 Monate

      I feel the same!

  • Mark Hardig
    Mark Hardig Vor 11 Monate +491

    Sitting in a dry cabin you made yourself while it rains all around is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.

    • george rounsaville
      george rounsaville Vor 6 Monate

      @Mitch Or a captain of dragoons.

    • Death IRL
      Death IRL Vor 6 Monate +2

      I once put together a tent that I bought all by myself 😃

      TEXAS OUTLAW Vor 9 Monate +2

      Definitely is. Ive made shelter and blinds..but this mad here...he made a home!

    • Nikolai Christensen
      Nikolai Christensen Vor 10 Monate +12

      A feeling 99,98 of all viewers will never experience…

    • Nobody Justme
      Nobody Justme Vor 10 Monate +2

      @Mitch depend on what kind of girl.

  • Kyrie R
    Kyrie R Vor 11 Monate +26

    I've been following this series since almost the beginning and it kind of exudes a sense of nostalgia/childhood in a way? Like just seeing the progress is like going to my old friends house which was also a log cabin her father made. Keep up the awesome work man!

  • Charles Lane
    Charles Lane Vor 7 Monate +3

    This guy is a inspiration to the younger generation. I remember growing up in my teens on my grandfathers ranch. I had to get up before school to muck and feed all the live stock namely goats. This gentleman is from a different era with his attention to detail, and his work ethics. Erik you are one fine gentleman to say the very least, you are humble and creative.

  • Lo Malinke
    Lo Malinke Vor 6 Monate +1

    This is so well edited! Whenever I stumble across something I don't understand (where the heck does he get his tiles from), he makes sure that he explains it within the next few seconds (from all the old and neglected sheds and huts around the area). This is really a great undertaking and I'm ever so thankful that he shares it with us. Good luck! And of course, I subscribed.

  • nintendokings
    nintendokings Vor 10 Monate +26

    I love that primitive can be basically over-engineered. This is looking like a cabin that will outlast all of us

  • jgalla
    jgalla Vor 11 Monate +28

    Can't wait to see the finished cabin. My dad built a house himself in the north woods of the US, granted a more modern house while still feeling cabin-y. It's a really cool thing to pass down from generation to generation in your family.

  • Papa Bear Outdoor Adventures
    Papa Bear Outdoor Adventures Vor 11 Monate +53

    Gott att se taket på plats innan hösten smyger sig på. Roligt att du fick möjlighet att återanvända teglet som åldrats så vackert. Se framemot att se hur du gå vidare och gör dig hemmastadd invändigt i stugan. Så inspirerande att se dig ta dig an denna utmaning. :-)
    Good to see the roof in place before autumn comes. Amazing that you got the opportunity to reuse the brick that has aged so beautifully. Look forward to see how you make yourself at home in the cottage. So inspiring to see you take on this challenge. :-)

  • Anthony Green
    Anthony Green Vor 11 Monate +21

    Hi Eric out of about 5 cabin builds that I have followed over the last couple of years. I like yours the best and you watch some of the same ones I do. Really like your choice of roof from the old barn. And love your new puppy.

    • Mark Cummings
      Mark Cummings Vor 3 Monate

      @Anthony Green Thank you. I will check those out.

    • Anthony Green
      Anthony Green Vor 3 Monate

      @Mark Cummings Not at all, one that I've been following for about 4 years and that is on his second cabin that I have seen is My self reliance with Shawn James. Another is The Outsider he's also very good. Then there's Nik Rijavec these plus Eric all took years to build their cabins and their all very well built. I watch many more if you want more but these were my favorites.

    • Mark Cummings
      Mark Cummings Vor 3 Monate

      Would you mind revealing those channels? Would appreciate it if you don’t mind. Thanks kindly.

  • Patrick Norman
    Patrick Norman Vor 5 Monate

    We've really enjoyed watching what you've done in the old traditional ways. It's been an experience and we're looking forward to seeing the finished product with doors, windows and whatever kind of heating source you've come up with. We also really like how you've incorporated nature and animals into your videos. It's nice watching how you enjoy ALL that you are doing.

  • greenrx
    greenrx Vor 9 Monate +18

    Erik, this is so impressive in every way. I almost felt guilty enjoying it while you did all the hard work! Great work building your beautiful cabin, and thank you very much for sharing your experiences.

  • Tate Neve
    Tate Neve Vor 10 Monate +9

    Thank you for being inspirational. Your hard work has not only inspired me but watching your videos has gotten me through a really tough time in my life. I recently found your channel. I don't normally watch a lot of DEclips but the calmness of your videos was exactly what I needed this past week. I would love to attempt something like this in my lifetime. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I can tell you put so much love into building your cabin. I'm looking forward to seeing your next update on the work. All the best. Thanks for being a top bloke 👍🏽

  • Larry325
    Larry325 Vor 11 Monate +10

    Erik. I have always loved your content. The cabin looks awesome, it’s really coming along nice. I bet your feeling really good to be at this point to have the roof tight. You should be proud with what you have accomplished. 👍👍 Love your dog! 😃

  • Dennis
    Dennis Vor 11 Monate +7

    Amazing as usual and your cinematography is really improving. Thanks for sharing!

  • /-
    /- Vor 9 Monate +12

    Those roofing tiles and the whole of the build itself are just wonderful! I'd love to see an episode where we learn the story behind how you sourced them, but it may require some talking 😄

    • Rilagooma
      Rilagooma Vor 8 Monate +1

      In the description he states that he repurposed them from abandoned log cabins.

  • Joshua McMillan
    Joshua McMillan Vor 10 Monate +4

    Love this can't wait for the next video been watching this since the beginning amazing hard work that pays off

  • William Merry
    William Merry Vor 11 Monate +10

    Glad you are back. We wondered what you have been doing. This is a great addition to this series. What an amazing work you are doing. Thanks for taking the time to document it for us. You inspire many. Your skill in carefully building this cabin is so obvious but also you take time to make an excellent video...another good skill. Good on you young man. Will wait for the next installment.

  • t k
    t k Vor 11 Monate +5

    Respect and love to the forest and trees that have provided resources

  • Rich Howard
    Rich Howard Vor 11 Monate +18

    Love that clay roof and the use of birch bark. So close to getting closed in. Such amazing skills and dedication.

  • Eve
    Eve Vor 9 Monate +3

    i think i fell in love when you even made the band that held your birch bark together by hand. I just love the conept of taking what nature gives you!

  • Phil Copeland
    Phil Copeland Vor 11 Monate +5

    A very interesting episode, Erik. I also enjoy your "nature" intervals too, dragonflies, flowers, aerial vies of the forests etc. Your pup is good company for you too.

  • Katy Jewett
    Katy Jewett Vor 7 Monate +1

    Good for you for salvaging those roof tiles. It's crazy to me that someone would just let those wonderful things be abandoned. Also, where is your kitty friend? He might be a good mouser to keep around!

  • David Williams
    David Williams Vor 7 Monate +1

    Once again I'm amazed at your tenacity Erik. You had mentioned earlier that your grandfather is your mentor, did he teach you your woodcraft? I imagine there must be a lot of the old time, traditional log cabins in your area of Sweden; are there many you still live in such a cabin, or have people started to live in modern frame houses. By the way, got my campers mug, love it! Chin up dude!

  • Chirs Bowman
    Chirs Bowman Vor 10 Monate +5

    Those tiles have aged so beautifully--with each one having an exquisitely unique patina. Thank you! for sharing, these videos are the perfect antidote for all the craziness going on the world right now.

  • Mike Farewell
    Mike Farewell Vor 10 Monate +3

    Looking great, can't wait to see the finished product. Wondering if you could do a short video of the tools you used for this project. I am planning on building a small hunting cabin for myself. Any info would be appreciated

  • 1islander52
    1islander52 Vor 9 Monate +1

    You are an amazing young man. To not have training in this type of construction is unreal. Your tenacity to achieve where others may have given up is admirable. I'm an old man and I get tired just watching you. Your family must be very proud of you, yet probably worry now and then too.

  • BJ Schutts
    BJ Schutts Vor 11 Monate +14

    Another great video. You are truly inspiring. You have incredible patience, knowledge, and a work ethic like no other person. Your cabin will be standing for generations. I really enjoy your post and watching the progress. 😎

  • Jerry Barrett
    Jerry Barrett Vor 11 Monate +3

    Your ability to work with the natural resources around you are amazing, along with your knowledge of building and design from those of yesterday’s world. 🐻🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Heidi Tobin
    Heidi Tobin Vor 11 Monate +6

    Ingenious work on the roof - love the bark on the edges. Keep up the clever work!

  • John McIntosh
    John McIntosh Vor 6 Monate +1

    The cabin looks amazing. I like the extended front. I love all that solid exposed wood. My family built a cabin in B.C., and I have always admired the roof and the finger prints and foot prints of when the planks were on the ground in 1978.

  • 1angelofthelight2
    1angelofthelight2 Vor 9 Monate +1

    I think you're an awesome, resourceful young man. I've followed you from the beginning and think your cabin is wonderful. Very well done.

  • Ron Q. Butts
    Ron Q. Butts Vor 9 Monate

    I’ve been watching your DEclips show for the past two years or more Quite impressed with all your work . I take it you’ve learned all your skills from your teacher your grandfather. You’re a wonder my child a true perfectionist and a craftsman.Building a cabin without power tools is unbelievable the hours you spend 100 and hundreds. I would love to visit you in Sweden someday and Stay in your cabin for two days or so. I live in Cambridge Massachusetts it really isn’t that far when you think about it by plane 3700 miles Fran come here don’t run away come here child.When I watch your program I feel so relaxed as it is good for the soul..Keep up the great work most enjoyable. Ronnie

  • A little of that
    A little of that Vor 11 Monate +4

    The patience you have to do things correctly is very impressive, and to be able to stop and enjoy life at the same time…..nicely done on the roof.

  • tigress63
    tigress63 Vor 11 Monate +7

    Another amazing video. Thanks for the explanation in the description about the birch bark. Hopefully you will be able to get windows and doors before the snow falls. I can't recall if you have a little stove in there already - but if not will you be opening the roof for the chimney or how will you go about that?

  • Peter Lindblom
    Peter Lindblom Vor 9 Monate +1

    Knowing what clay tiles weigh (I have them on my barn), walking around with 13 of them (I counted) in the forest is heavy work.

  • doncarlo5
    doncarlo5 Vor 9 Monate +3

    I enjoyed every minute of it! You Sir, are an inspiration! The astonishing is : using hand tools only! WOW!
    The internet is full of videos with people building pre-cut and easy to joint wood logs, like putting together a Lego house, but the beauty of your build is incredible ! What I like the most is how well the logs fit, there is no filler between the logs, just stuff provided by nature ! you should teach classes to young people !
    The native americans use birch bark to build their canoes, so I guess it's pretty strong!

  • Stephen J Burkhart
    Stephen J Burkhart Vor 11 Monate +2

    You are doing an amazing job. I love all of the natural materials you are using.

  • Bones228
    Bones228 Vor 9 Monate +1

    Ive been watching this series with great admiration and what a stunning building you have created , I am though slightly disappointed that you didn't use shingle for the roof, I personally feel it would have complimented it more. Still though it's a good result and does the job.

  • Dylan Snook
    Dylan Snook Vor 10 Monate +3

    Hey Erik,
    Love the content brother if you ever have the inspiration to do a video of all the tools you used during the process of making the cabin. I've used axes and hatches before but the other tools i've not seen as much.
    Just a suggestion hope you're doing well brother

  • MastrKillz
    MastrKillz Vor 11 Monate +38

    I love how your dog was doing their best to help you with the bark 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • g60force
      g60force Vor 11 Monate +4

      helping with the bark, without his bark XD

  • Richie Johnson
    Richie Johnson Vor 11 Monate +44

    Birtch bark is waterproof and has some medicinal uses also. If harvested correctly it doesn't kill the tree. I know because I just had to look it up lol

    • John McIntosh
      John McIntosh Vor 6 Monate +2

      One time I stabbed a tomato without much warning, and I thought I heard it scream.

    • 2canines
      2canines Vor 10 Monate +7

      @Dean Trees have neither brain nor nervous system. Can you define torture for me?
      What about all those Christmas trees that have been cut down then kept alive for weeks in peoples homes only to be discarded later, the humanities!
      The grocery store is even worse. Some of those vegetables are still alive!
      I sure hope you are just Trolling.
      Even if this would kill the trees. Those birch trees are to close together anyway. It's better to give the other ones some room to grow.

    • Dean
      Dean Vor 11 Monate +1

      @Gustav that’s South Dakota

    • Gustav
      Gustav Vor 11 Monate +5

      @Dean My guess is that Kansas must have the biggest beaver jail in the world then.

    • malelpn37
      malelpn37 Vor 11 Monate +5

      @Dean first off Kansas does not have birch trees, second off he is not damaging them, removing one layer of bark does not kill the tree. He has not gone all the way through and the tree will recover just fine because he did it the way you should.

  • lieuwina lee
    lieuwina lee Vor 11 Monate +9

    The ridge on the roof is absolutely straight and I am so glad you could reuse those tiles. I have learnt so much from you and I am a much older generation than you. Thank you for sharing your journey, I am enjoying it a lot.

  • L. K.
    L. K. Vor 11 Monate +51

    I’ve never seen birch bark used for roofing material before. Is it just for aesthetics or does it also serve a function as well? I loved how it aged and turned a coppery color. It really complements the roof tiles.
    I started watching this build process a year and a half ago, and it has been a great experience the whole time. Thank you for sharing it with the world!

    • Henrik Larsson
      Henrik Larsson Vor 10 Monate +1

      Yeah, birch grows like weeds, fast and spread with the wind!

    • Jocke Arkstrand
      Jocke Arkstrand Vor 11 Monate +1

      @Mason it will grow back pretty fast if u dont go to deep. These trees are fast growing.

    • Stellar Jay Atkins
      Stellar Jay Atkins Vor 11 Monate +3

      @Mason Not unless you go too deep.

    • Mason
      Mason Vor 11 Monate +4

      @Vic Sill North Does skinning a full circumference of bark kill the paper birch like it does other trees like an oak for example?

    • Marshall Suber
      Marshall Suber Vor 11 Monate +7

      It acts as the drip edge.

  • thraciangrapes
    thraciangrapes Vor 6 Monate +1

    Scandinavian architecture is amazing and time-tested. 👏 What a beautiful structure! I am addicted to your channel and watching every episode one after another. I'm all signed up with Revolution Race.

  • Dan Mcelroy
    Dan Mcelroy Vor 9 Monate +2

    It took most of the day to watch from when you had all the logs harvested up to the root cellar. What a awesome bunch of videos! Thank you for sharing your journey! Peace and good luck with the rest of it! I can hardly wait to see more.

  • Bert Cremers
    Bert Cremers Vor 11 Monate +2

    Erik, I have been watching you a long time.
    It is great to see you build in a traditional way with great skill and perseverance, all you do takes a long long time and that with only muscle power, no electric tools, a joy to see.
    Also, beautiful to see how your ancestors must have build their log houses.
    You remind me to the master Ray Mears (who not build log cabins) who also used a lot of birch material as bark, sap, tinder and tar boiled from it.
    Love to see your puppy dog ;-)

  • Bill Younger
    Bill Younger Vor 11 Monate +4

    Your videos are just peaceful from beginning to end. Love seeing your dog enjoying the countryside and your company. You are going to end up with a spectacular cabin.

  • Reed Thomas
    Reed Thomas Vor 11 Monate +1

    What are your plans on using the cabin? What was the purpose? Are you going to live in it, use it for a hunting cabin during hunting season, ski cabin, etc? Love your videos and appreciate all your hard work and dedication. Most young folks would have already given up, but you are clearly different. Mad respect to your parents and grandparents for instilling such a wonderful work ethic in you!! Plus all your wonderful little companions that kept you company on the work site, i am sure you appreciated them as they did you.

  • Jesse Miller
    Jesse Miller Vor 11 Monate +1

    On one hand it blows my mind that you have a half million subscribers, and only 38 videos, and you don't talk... I think no one has that record. on the other hand the setting, the quietness of your videos with just nature as a background, and a major work ethic makes it very unique. Work ethic alone makes it very unique... Great job and I wish I could live there. The process of building that must be very satisfying... Sense of accomplishment that you don't get in a day job. Appreciate this opportunity... I could only dream of that situation.....

  • RainBelle Drops
    RainBelle Drops Vor 11 Monate +7

    Labour of love. A beautiful cabin made by an amazing young lad ❤️

  • _bloomcorii
    _bloomcorii Vor 9 Monate +1

    Intelligent and hardworking man. It was amazing to see the detailed process of construction while admiring the beauty of the nature and those adorable fluffy friends 🤭Thank you for sharing this inspiring journey with us!

  • William Jeffrey
    William Jeffrey Vor 11 Monate +11

    Ive really enjoyed watching your skillful engineering and ability to resource materials and incorporate them into your amazing log cabin.

  • Jeff Plant
    Jeff Plant Vor 11 Monate +10

    Well done Erik! Magnificent natural beauty in every way. The birch bark eves are a great form/function use. Have been a fam of yours for a quite a while. Always look forward to your next video. Keep it up!

  • mike36dc
    mike36dc Vor 11 Monate +4

    Beautiful roof on a beautiful cabin! But I would be concerned about fire hazard on any EXPOSED birch bark. I believe when used for roofing in the past it was covered with peat or sod, eliminating any chance of catching fire from a stove spark.
    I enjoy the videos very much.

  • Chris Allen
    Chris Allen Vor 11 Monate +10

    I admire your work ethic and your dedication to your ancestors

  • Georgie K
    Georgie K Vor 11 Monate +2

    Great work Erik! I had been a while since you posted and we missed you. I have learnt a lot from another great video and the outcome of your work really looks fantastic! Keep up the humble and hard work. Looking forward to see the cabin finalised.

  • Fernando
    Fernando Vor 10 Monate +1

    Você trabalha muito bem e gosta muito de tomar banho no lago. Português do Brasil.

  • Heath Foley
    Heath Foley Vor 11 Monate +5

    Awesome looking roof! It has a very nice patina on those clay tiles with the moss and lichen. The pup is just too cute too. Love this channel and seeing the cabin come together Erik.

  • Lindy Wood
    Lindy Wood Vor 11 Monate +2

    Love watching your progress on this home!

  • Mark R. H.
    Mark R. H. Vor 11 Monate +18

    Erik, you and your log cabin are gorgeous, thank you for the great cinematography!

  • Katherine Kurash
    Katherine Kurash Vor 11 Monate +2

    Oh my, what an awesome video! Great job on that roof, so brilliant!

  • katie jane
    katie jane Vor 11 Monate +4

    I love seeing the progress. Watching you peel the trees was so satisfying

  • Andrew K. NI
    Andrew K. NI Vor 11 Monate +3

    Great video Erik. You are an inspiration to us all. Your skill is amazing :-)

  • Monte Murray
    Monte Murray Vor 9 Monate +1

    Looks amazing, love the vids, I don't get to hear the sounds of nature where I live so this is awesome content you could put this in the ASMR category maybe lol, great job my friend

  • veebeelights
    veebeelights Vor 11 Monate +2

    Just found your channel, binge-watched alot of your videos, all i gotta say is whoever your partner ends up being, i genuinely hope they can see and value the effort and care you put into this cuz i sure can 👏

  • Manu
    Manu Vor 11 Monate +5

    I missed you, Erik! Thank you for the great content as always!

  • CB Lee
    CB Lee Vor 11 Monate +7

    I found this technique for roofing the cabin unusual; however, it is genius. I hope the owner of that old barn is OK with you using the tiles.

  • Storm Warning
    Storm Warning Vor 9 Monate +3

    These videos are absolutely mesmerising! If this task were compulsory for all graduating high school students it would be a different world, for the better. We've lost our way as a civilisation in the last 2 years. If only more humans wanted to build instead of destroy! Thank you Erik, you're an artist and an inspiration.

  • Low End
    Low End Vor 9 Monate +2

    Did you carry every roof tile and how far was it from your cabin to the barn?
    What's your plan for water supply

  • Valoo
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