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When Tech Companies Lie to Us...

  • Am 12 Jan 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Tech company lies exist on a spectrum. How far is too far?
    (Did you know 1-inch camera sensors are not 1 inch?)

    The Death of AirPower Explained: declips.net/video/3AfpFkrS7Lw/video.html
    DonutMedia video: declips.net/video/sYd9q120lhE/video.html

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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss Vor Tag +9

    I can’t see it becoming any less of an issue unfortunately - if anything, the more complex the tech becomes, the easier it is to fool the average consumer with meaningless specs, cause they have less and less of an idea on how the tech is actually working - Great vid though, we should keep calling it out when we spot it 👌

  • Adam Ross
    Adam Ross Vor 16 Stunden +411

    The 1 inch sensor situation reminds me a bit of when people we first started getting into large storage sizes (GBs and TBs) and people were confused why their 500GB drive doesn't have 500GB.

  • BuzzaB77
    BuzzaB77 Vor 14 Stunden +43

    The Channel "Engineering explained " did a great break down on this. that 1.99 wasn't just done with rollout, there was track glue down too. Another grip aid from the drag world.

  • The Story of my Life
    The Story of my Life Vor 7 Stunden +21

    Yes, I have been harmed by tech company lies.

  • Eidi
    Eidi Vor 16 Stunden +47

    Thank you for being a massive DEclipsr and being outspoken on issues like this and right to repair. Thank you for bringing light to these issues and calling companies out. You're a class act.

  • Andy Slye
    Andy Slye Vor 16 Stunden +457

    My favorite is Tesla's "Potential Savings" default price for their cars which includes "potential incentives and gas savings of $4,300" 😅

  • Afrotechmods
    Afrotechmods Vor Tag +3

    Mad respect that you can hang out with Elon and review his cars but still remain independent enough to call Tesla out on their marketing

  • MrShmazoo
    MrShmazoo Vor 19 Stunden +203

    This reminds me of silicon wafer processes. The “5nm process” of latest-gen cpus (eg M1 max) use transistors that are actually around 20-30nm large. The “5nm” is simply a marketing label, which really pisses me off.

  • PioneerBlue
    PioneerBlue Vor 16 Stunden +46

    This was a good video, but I feel like there's still a lot more that could be explored for this topic. Would love a part two.

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams Vor 12 Stunden +35

    The “1-inch” sensor thing is mind blowing. Thank you for nudging the world toward truth. Love this video. ❤️

  • Sean
    Sean Vor 21 Stunde +33

    I have to give you props on having this conversation as a tech youtuber. This is above the level of many automotive journalists and is something I expect from someone like Jason Cammisa. Good job Marques.

  • Joonas Lehtinen
    Joonas Lehtinen Vor 12 Stunden +19

    Would love to hear your insights on Tesla FSD. It would definitely make an interesting video on how people have paid $3-10k for "full self driving" feature that early marketing promises presented as L4+ autonomy. Elon Musk has for years confirmed FSD to be L5 autonomy and that it will be shipping "next year". Yet, feature continues to be vapor ware and Tesla refuses to refund FSD purchases while not giving any official timeline for delivery.

  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    I petition camera sensors should have a naming scheme like TV’s. Maybe mm diagonal? Super easy and straightforward.

  • Jonathan Armstrong
    Jonathan Armstrong Vor 16 Stunden +96

    Elon is the king of vaporware, I never believe his announcements until they’re fully released - they’re rarely the same

  • Cyba IT
    Cyba IT Vor 19 Stunden +8

    Having an actual diagram on the website with the 1-inch measurement is pretty damn deceptive though.

  • James Beer
    James Beer Vor 16 Stunden +37

    You have just blown my mind on the 1-inch sensor fact. We need to start a petition for companies to use realistic terms.

  • LES
    LES Vor 12 Stunden +4

    Marquis you do such a great job. I'd love to have more people with your level of integrity in mainstream entertainment and information media.

  • Charles Rodriguez

    I usually watch your tech reviews, but this was a truly interesting video. One of the reasons I bought a Sony RX-100 series is because of the 1" sensor. Although it is a great camera, and met everything I wanted, I do feel deceived. I am really enjoying these different videos you're putting out, very informative and interesting content!

  • Sommer75
    Sommer75 Vor Tag +5

    I’ve been a photographer for 10+ years and went to 5 different photography schools before that, and this is the first time i hear the true story about the 1 inch sensor. Thank you for being honest in a dishonest world.

  • Felix Tang
    Felix Tang Vor 16 Stunden +1

    great review as always marquess, thanks for bringing lights to all the "lies or less-of-lies", will support your channel always! Its great to see your honesty in review doesn't get polluted by the big company. Hope you keep up the good work!