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When Tech Companies Lie to Us...

  • Am 12 Jan 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Tech company lies exist on a spectrum. How far is too far?
    (Did you know 1-inch camera sensors are not 1 inch?)
    The Death of AirPower Explained: declips.net/video/3AfpFkrS7Lw/video.html
    DonutMedia video: declips.net/video/sYd9q120lhE/video.html
    Tech I'm using right now: www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD
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  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke Vor 8 Monate +4880

    I petition camera sensors should have a naming scheme like TV’s. Maybe mm diagonal? Super easy and straightforward.

    • Viki Ai
      Viki Ai Vor 4 Monate

      Interestingly, CRT TV's used to measure the whole-tube size, including the approximately 10% of border+mounting that didn't show any picture. When flat screens came out, the manufacturers actually switched to measurements based on viewable area, and not counting any bezel or mounting brackets around the panel. I was honestly shocked by this pro-consumer move.

    • Dre2383
      Dre2383 Vor 5 Monate

      Even claimed tv sizes are off by an inch or two when you measure it physically

    • Nikil Ragav
      Nikil Ragav Vor 5 Monate

      @Chrysostomos Karaliolios agreed. Area is important

    • Ren Ren
      Ren Ren Vor 8 Monate

      @Chrysostomos Karaliolios op has pop pppya

  • The Story of my Life
    The Story of my Life Vor 8 Monate +283

    Yes, I have been harmed by tech company lies.
    Back in 2015 I was in the market for a mirrorless camera. At the time, the best options on the market was the Sony A7, Panasonic GH4 and the Samsung X1. Yes, Samsung made a mirroless camera and it was way ahead of its time. The camera division was rather new but they had the whole road map for new lenses that were going to be launched. So, I bought the Samsung camera.
    Soon, the launch dates for these lenses and accessories were being missed but Samsung said not to worry, they were still going to deliver.
    Eventually, they just quietly shut it down and the thousands of dollars I paid to buy into there system was meaningless.

    • aspzx
      aspzx Vor 2 Monate

      @The Story of my Life Are you sure it was the Samsung X1? I can't find any information online about it anywhere.
      Edit: ah you must mean the NX1. Looks like a nice camera

    • BEM684
      BEM684 Vor 6 Monate +6

      At least you've had time to reflect on what went wrong. Oh nevermind you can't reflect with no mirror.

    • The Story of my Life
      The Story of my Life Vor 7 Monate +3

      @B Z no, it was a mirrorless camera and it didn't have any overheating problems like the Sonys

    • B Z
      B Z Vor 7 Monate +2

      the sold u smoke and mirrors

  • BuzzaB77
    BuzzaB77 Vor 8 Monate +167

    The Channel "Engineering explained " did a great break down on this. that 1.99 wasn't just done with rollout, there was track glue down too. Another grip aid from the drag world.

    • BuzzaB77
      BuzzaB77 Vor 2 Monate

      @Teboski78 did you watch either video? No it didn't. See that asterix next to that 1.9 ? The asterix means with roll out. It did a 2.1 with no roll out or track glue.

    • Teboski78
      Teboski78 Vor 2 Monate

      And get the model S plaid is able to do it.

    • Imjashingyou
      Imjashingyou Vor 5 Monate

      @Bryan H who is he?

    • Imjashingyou
      Imjashingyou Vor 5 Monate

      @J Arnold except it isn't industry standard and most motoring publications dont use 1 foot rollout as the Vbox technology used in a increasing majority of publications for mensuration doesn't calculate that accurately. Motortrend recently switched from 1 foot rollout for example. Ford has never used 1 foot rollout since some date a long time ago. Tesla itself hasn't always reported with 1 foot of rollout.

    • Bryan H
      Bryan H Vor 5 Monate +2

      He also went back and corrected himself after he predicted that it wouldn't be able to do it but Drag Times did get 1.99 on an unprepped surface...so it was done by people that were not Tesla.

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon Vor 8 Monate +18

    Marquis you do such a great job. I'd love to have more people with your level of integrity in mainstream entertainment and information media.

  • Andrew Copple
    Andrew Copple Vor 5 Monate

    Thanks for the learning today! I definitely think pointing out companies misleading decisions is a huge benefit to customers of both those products and your reviews. I wonder if we'll ever get to see you and Louis Rossman on the same screen together.

  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss Vor 8 Monate +10881

    I can’t see it becoming any less of an issue unfortunately - if anything, the more complex the tech becomes, the easier it is to fool the average consumer with meaningless specs, cause they have less and less of an idea on how the tech is actually working - Great vid though, we should keep calling it out when we spot it 👌

    • Eternal RN
      Eternal RN Vor Monat

      @Deniro Torrence ?

    • JmKrokY
      JmKrokY Vor 6 Monate


    • Tech cloud
      Tech cloud Vor 6 Monate

      end of the day, i would prefer a usable camera that takes good photos and videos- day & night, ultrawide is an option, and optical zoom is a novelty. Just a solid camera with OIS should be more than enough in day to day clicks. But as we know companies & their tech have never reached to that optimum, so they r trying to distract us with more cameras.

    • someone
      someone Vor 7 Monate

      You make great videos arun

  • Krastan Draganov
    Krastan Draganov Vor 4 Monate

    Very well made video as always. Keep up the good work. It fascinates me that there is even a word 'vapourware' which describes this topic. The moral of the story is that we should never only look for the official specs because it is just marketing. Instead, we should look for reviews from creators like you.

  • Joonas Lehtinen
    Joonas Lehtinen Vor 8 Monate +79

    Would love to hear your insights on Tesla FSD. It would definitely make an interesting video on how people have paid $3-10k for "full self driving" feature that early marketing promises presented as L4+ autonomy. Elon Musk has for years confirmed FSD to be L5 autonomy and that it will be shipping "next year". Yet, feature continues to be vapor ware and Tesla refuses to refund FSD purchases while not giving any official timeline for delivery.

    • Christophe-Olivier Guglielmi
      Christophe-Olivier Guglielmi Vor 5 Monate +1

      You can't tell when an IA model this complex will converge. But it's closing in...

    • Retired
      Retired Vor 6 Monate +2

      There is no such thing and there won't be in the foreseeable future.

    • 123clickit
      123clickit Vor 8 Monate +1

      Its an investment

  • Adam.Adventure
    Adam.Adventure Vor 5 Monate +1

    Pretty new to your channel but I really like the way you talk honestly with your views and give a fair account of both sides of any argument just to keep buyers well-informed. Thanks for the awesome work!

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams Vor 8 Monate +80

    The “1-inch” sensor thing is mind blowing. Thank you for nudging the world toward truth. Love this video. ❤️

    • Mister T
      Mister T Vor 8 Monate +1

      Mister T tells you, “Tesla sucks”

  • Sommer75
    Sommer75 Vor 8 Monate +6865

    I’ve been a photographer for 10+ years and went to 5 different photography schools before that, and this is the first time i hear the true story about the 1 inch sensor. Thank you for being honest in a dishonest world.

    • younghex
      younghex Vor 3 Monate


    • justin in
      justin in Vor 5 Monate

      I never encountered 1in sensor marketing since i started using digital cameras... until I browsed Sony's smartphone line-up and saw the Xperia Pro-i

    • IGalactic HeroI
      IGalactic HeroI Vor 5 Monate

      I think its time for a carrer change if it hasnt worked out yet.


      Damn I’m a world class photographer… never spent a dime on school.. I was like 13 years old when dial-up came out .

    • Svntn
      Svntn Vor 5 Monate

      @Brian Savage I went to 2 physical photography school and 2 online photography school. those classes are for special applications; Car photography, products photography/marketing, Video, Color Correction/Photoshop work. Every school has it’s speciality, so if you want to have better diplomas, you need to go to different schools. those courses are very rarely longer than a year (2 semesters) so hoping from one school to another every year is really simple.

  • GoudaFeta
    GoudaFeta Vor 8 Monate +6

    With complex tech, “lies” really includes anything that is unintuitive. This is a law of design that’s baked into most user facing program, simple errors in unintuitive design can grow and Metastasize into indecipherable paradox.

  • Charles Rodriguez
    Charles Rodriguez Vor 8 Monate +2

    I usually watch your tech reviews, but this was a truly interesting video. One of the reasons I bought a Sony RX-100 series is because of the 1" sensor. Although it is a great camera, and met everything I wanted, I do feel deceived. I am really enjoying these different videos you're putting out, very informative and interesting content!

  • Mark Meridian
    Mark Meridian Vor 5 Monate

    Maybe do a video on the actual range you can expect from an EV under various conditions (winter, summer, hwy speeds) vs. what the EPA claims. The difference can be huge. I can't help but think that the EPA persists in their unrealistic testing approach to help promote EVs.

  • Kyle Gibson
    Kyle Gibson Vor 8 Monate +1

    As long as they’re consistently using like standards for advertisement and comparison purposes then I don’t see the problem. It’s when companies start using not alike standards to obfuscate the truth of their product that’s bad.
    The hummer wheel torque example is bad.

  • Afrotechmods
    Afrotechmods Vor 8 Monate +3978

    Mad respect that you can hang out with Elon and review his cars but still remain independent enough to call Tesla out on their marketing

    • Sisrace
      Sisrace Vor 5 Monate

      Marques is pretty unique. He is incredibly successful on youtube, without clickbaity reaction crap. There's a difference screaming "TELSA LIED; UBWUBUBUB", and calmly explaining that yes, their numbers are real, but also kind of deceiveful. You can absolutely criticise rich and powerful people, you just have to do it the right way. In this example, Elon would absolutely not be offended by Marques telling people this. They even write it on their website. And it is definitely not cause for outrage. It's just marketing, and in all honestly, definitely not the worst deceiveful I've seen by a long shot

    • Daniel Peixoto Martins
      Daniel Peixoto Martins Vor 5 Monate

      about the sensor issue (or the acceleration question)... it is a question of standards. if everyone is following that standard, it is ok and it is not a lie but if one company decides to use s different standard to get to those figures and doesn't tell you that, then it is deceiving.

  • Ali T
    Ali T Vor 5 Monate +1

    *I think we are all missing the point of having a car on the streets to get from A to B. The point is getting from A to B in the safest way possible, not the fastest way. A zero-to-60 acceleration rate less than 2 seconds is about as useless as speeds over 100 mph; you can't really use them very many places. Tesla is focusing so much on the performance of its cars that it there is not much left of its attention to affordability.*

  • Timothy Shearer
    Timothy Shearer Vor 5 Monate

    This intrigued me so I used the chart from the donut video and googled transmission and differential ratios to make a better chart that compares the roadster to its competition using the same metric. In case anyone is wondering, the roadster is direct drive meaning there isnt a transmission. There is a planetary gear reduction however as seen below.
    Roadster: 8.27:1 overall ratio x 819.89 Lbft (shaft) = 7376 Lbft wheel
    Lamborghini SVJ: 3.909:1 1st gear x 3.39:1 diff x 530 Lbft = 7037.6 Lbft wheel
    Mclaren 720s: 3.98:1 1st gear x 3.30:1 diff x 568 Lbft = 7460.112 Lbft wheel
    Shelby GT500: 3.14:1 1st gear x 3.73 diff x 625 Lbft = 7636.35 Lbft wheel
    Dodge Demon: 4.71:1 1st gear x 3.09:1 diff x 770 Lbft = 11206.503 Lbft wheel (lmao wtf)
    I think tesla's are sick, but man do I hate misleading marketing. Tesla is barely not last here.
    Hope you guys find this interesting

    • Imjashingyou
      Imjashingyou Vor 5 Monate

      Go look at low ranges on diesel heavy duty trucks or bigger. You will often see wheel torques in the 20,000-80,000 lbs ft range. even without the low range regular first gear is often over 14,000 lbsft.

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson Vor 3 Monate

    A "1 inch" sensor being based on a vacuum tube reminds me of modern railroad widths being based on the ancient standard width of a Roman chariot. Ironically this standard limited sizes of rockets in the Apollo program.

  • Kelvin Kariuki
    Kelvin Kariuki Vor 8 Monate +5

    With the 1 inch sensor thing I think it more of a different type of measurement system. As long as they compare sensor to another sensors with the same criteria then it’s not a problem. As long as they are not saying “look our competitors have a sensor that’s .6 inches long diagonally but our sensor is a 1-inch sensor” then it’s fine
    Edit: think it like a nautical mile vs regular mile. Inch sensor vs regular inch. As long as you don’t mix the two measurements then it’s fine.

  • Tiberiu Chibici
    Tiberiu Chibici Vor 8 Monate +439

    My biggest issue with these "lies" (even when technically they are not lying) is that they are meant to deceive, and make people think their products are better than they actually are.

    • Fishy
      Fishy Vor 5 Monate

      Plastics........... Same scam different product.

    • Retired
      Retired Vor 6 Monate

      @Adebisi Said It's called fraud, and it's SOP in every industry.

    • J Arnold
      J Arnold Vor 8 Monate

      @Eisenhower303 The auto industry definitely likes to embellish. The 5 foot roll out thing for 0-60 times is an industry standard though, all 0-60 times you see account for this

    • Mtin
      Mtin Vor 8 Monate

      @Eisenhower303 they’re trying to keep the Tesla fanboys happy

    • Eisenhower303
      Eisenhower303 Vor 8 Monate

      @MechaPlays Other car companies do not do this shit. Or at least they aren't constantly doing it

  • gloeckle
    gloeckle Vor 5 Monate

    nice video! As a 'hardware-loving' guy this stuff grinds my gears. Same way as "new folder" or "SFP". And don't get me started with HDMI, 4k, 8k or USB... Legal promotional marketing descriptions xD

  • VeryImportantPepe
    VeryImportantPepe Vor 5 Monate +1

    Sound and speaker companies do it worse, the claims and measurements (which they do themselves) are waaaay off from reality

  • Alex
    Alex Vor 8 Monate +3

    1:04 you also have anther lie on that stage, the Tesla Trucks should also have released by now, they were also quite dodgy as they didn't include battery weight which is very important as a truck can only be of a certain weight (17 tonnes) so not saying how much of that weight is usable and how much is the truck itself was deseptive less to people buying trucks as they'd already switched off without that stat. But to the audience thinking tesla had revolutionised haulage.

  • Johannes Schaffer
    Johannes Schaffer Vor 8 Monate +1

    The 1" sensor doesn't reallyt matter, as long as it's relatively correct. We don't think of a globally ideal sensor size and then search to buy it. We see one camera (e.g. Red) and wanna see in comparison how good another one is. As long as they all make the same "mistake". it cancles out

  • Adam Ross
    Adam Ross Vor 8 Monate +1242

    The 1 inch sensor situation reminds me a bit of when people we first started getting into large storage sizes (GBs and TBs) and people were confused why their 500GB drive doesn't have 500GB.

    • w花b
      w花b Vor 3 Monate

      @Kaizen And the excuse I hear is "well it's so that variations in speed can be more accurately defined" or whatever they're saying...is the internet that slow so that a single bit slower is THAT important??! Especially if the data storage unit is in bytes you might want to have them both be the same so that we can imagine how many mobile games we could download in a few seconds for example (sometimes the argument that "it's the unit of internet speed, that's how it is" like... aren't you supposed to define these units?? Everyone's would've followed the market if they defined it!!). It's also subtle because they're basically expecting you to know that Gigabits is Gb and Gigabytes in GB so if you've been screwed, it's your fault.

    • Viki Ai
      Viki Ai Vor 4 Monate

      ​@Hr Gwea Yes. Also, serial lines are traditionally measured in bits per second because they originally transmitted 1 bit at a time (various more 'modern' transmission protocols manage to squeeze multiple bits in a wire cycle, or multiplex over multiple wires, I am talking back in the days of RSC232c and 75-300bps modems).
      It is also (and still today done that way) because the line rate doesn't necessarily match the data rate due to the above mentioned protocol overhead which varies the data speed possible on exactly the same wire depending on what protocol is used, so the wire itself tends to get a bitrate measurement as that is the only thing that is independent of transmission protocol choice.

    • Jamie R
      Jamie R Vor 7 Monate

      @Adam Ross They are actually short changing us as 1MB is 1,024,000 bytes. So a 1TB hard drive should actually have a capacity of 1024MB not the 960MB it actually has. It is a lie they fob off on us with the bits and bytes confusion. Reality is that you are losing 7% of your storage capacity. Honest marketing that says it is a 960mb drive not a 1TB drive would be better

    • Adomale Kiobel
      Adomale Kiobel Vor 8 Monate

      @Kaizen They sleep well at night knowing they're profiting off of people misunderstanding sadly

    • John B
      John B Vor 8 Monate

      That's not a fair example. You're loosing that space because people don't understand it's not all available for storage in some use cases. It's still available space depending on your use.

  • Leif
    Leif Vor 7 Monate

    Same with companies calling 35mm camera sensors "full frame". Like what is full? It's suggesting that it's the best and biggest sensor you can get, but if you compare it with a middle format digital sensor it's still tiny.

  • Operator 801
    Operator 801 Vor 5 Monate

    I thought it was weird that they made a sensor THAT BIG, and it wasn't much better than outgoing cameras with tiny little sensors.

  • Jon Domachowski
    Jon Domachowski Vor 7 Monate

    You make some good points on measurements, and yes it would be nice if industries would adjust their naming conventions to more accurately explain sizes. Regarding Tesla and Hummer both claiming their torque figures at the wheel instead of the crank, yeah, use the standard, or explain why they measured at the wheel and compare those numbers with what the competing vehicles achieve at the wheels... Apples to apples measurements...Oh, with your advertising picture, maybe put both Tesla AND Hummer in the picture so as not to mislead people, seeming to imply Tesla is the only "bad guy" in the story. Make your titles and pictures better match the good content you are providing. :)

    • Telegram me👉@MarquesBrownlee09
      Telegram me👉@MarquesBrownlee09 Vor 6 Monate

      🔝🔝🔝🔝 Thanks for the feedback,
      Expect more videos very soon
      Send a directly message
      I have something for you....✔️✔️

  • pswamy
    pswamy Vor 8 Monate

    I want to share my personal experience with Tesla regarding this. I got delivery of a new Model Y last month and just recently discovered on my own that the front console USB-C ports are missing and that the wireless charging is not functional. After doing some googling, it appears this has been a common issue over the last few months due to the supply chain issues. My gripe is that this was never communicated to me when I picked up my new vehicle (which I paid full price for in good faith that it was a fully functioning vehicle as advertised), and I had to discover this on my own. I'm currently going through the process of getting this serviced, but am getting the run around on if I can get any sort of restitution for this (ex credit for 1000 free supercharging miles) which would go a long way to restore good faith.

  • Sam
    Sam Vor 8 Monate +539

    Another misconception: Transistors.
    When a company markets their product to have a new 5nm technology, 14nm, 28nm, etc… its usually a marketing tool. If you were to cross-section these chips and measure their nodes (using a high magnification electron microscope such as SEM, TEM, STEM), you would get varying results +/- 10nm. Meaning, it is possible to measure ~10-15nm for a transistor that is claimed to be 5nm,

    • jxmiie
      jxmiie Vor 8 Monate

      @Sam Yeah, thanks for the explanation. The marketing teams of companies have made this so complicated

    • Sam
      Sam Vor 8 Monate

      Perhaps using 5nm FinFETs is a bad example from my original comment due to its more complex structure. However, say I had to determine that a certain chip uses CMOS architecture 45nm process. Generally, when I cross-section these, I could measure 51nm, 55nm, at its gate. And then it is up to our best judgment (based on the average measurements) to determine its process. Since no manufacturer would use the naming scheme 51nm process, the closest number we can say is 45nm process (since this is how the part was marketed).

    • Sam
      Sam Vor 8 Monate

      @Nova Yup!

    • Sam
      Sam Vor 8 Monate

      @jxmiie Yes, you are correct. The term "5nm process" is simply a naming scheme and is not a reflection of their geometry.
      Generally, with CMOS transistors (>28nm), you would measure its gate length to approximate the chip process (more straight forward). I would see those more often in the lab.
      With today's new FinFETs (3D structure), measuring its "fin" alone is insufficient. For instance, to determine a 14nm lithography process, you would measure the Fin pitch, width, and height (example: theoretically, intel's 14nm should have 42nm pitch, 8nm width, 42nm height; Samsung's 14nm should have 48nm pitch , 8nm width, 37nm height.). However, these measurements would often vary when you start measuring them (depending on which part of the chip you are looking at, manufacturer, etc.) .
      I guess what I'm trying to convey here is similar to MKBHD - a lot of these "names" are mere tools and is not a reflection of its actual geometry.

  • By Graviity
    By Graviity Vor 5 Monate

    Craziest part about 1-inch sensors is on DJI's air 2s, the logo of 1 inch sensor is literally a diagonal in a rectangle saying 1 inch at the middle of the diagonal. 11:22

  • Darryl Carter
    Darryl Carter Vor 2 Monate

    I'm old and I LOVE your channel just got into DEclips...both myself and my brother- Dan used to fix old CRT tvs, I've dealt with electron guns(it's dangerous to play with these internals, don't...)
    we both work as millwrights
    So I am possibly the only person that KNEW the camera isn't actually close to 1"...I mean in shops we know how big an inch is as well as we know our own thumbs. Young people can't see real math the way aging nerds can😂👍🏽
    Sorry not saying just to gloat but even the Sony or the huge Pixel pro or Xiaomi sensors, think 🤔 are the sensors YOURE looking at seem as wide as a ln avg mans' thumb? Its half the size in many cases.

  • Modern Survival Sense
    Modern Survival Sense Vor 8 Monate

    The 1" sensor issue is completely arbitrary. It is a comparison to the functionality of previous technology. In this context, the 1" is nothing but a naming convention that corelates to a sensor size that performs in a certain way. You wouldn't even have a frame of reference to distinguish the capabilities of the industry standard "1inch sensor" to one physically measuring 1 inch.

  • Felan
    Felan Vor 2 Monate

    Same principle as the one inch sensor goes for the mft sensor. Micro four third. Yes, that sensor has a 4:3 ratio and that's why the name still fits but it comes actually from those old tubes too.
    Fun fact: the mft sensor comes closer to the ratio of old photo film then the current full frame sensor does which is called full frame (if I remember it correctly) because it is as large as said 35mm format film.
    And if you turn that 35mm film sideways, you get the area of an aps-c sensor (1.5x or 1.6x crop) which was used for filming back in the days.

  • Jalal Hosseini
    Jalal Hosseini Vor 8 Monate +197

    The sensor size measurement is exactly similar to how we still use "horsepower" as a unit for measuring power. As new technology/devices comes out, we still need a way to compare it to existing one. The problem is that after a while those old techs are not relevant anymore.

    • Xenon0000000000001
      Xenon0000000000001 Vor 8 Monate

      @Joshua Kerekes There's actually a metric horsepower called PS, from the German word Pferdestärke meaning horsepower.

    • R K
      R K Vor 8 Monate

      @Timothy Clark lmao, stop corporate pleasing mate

    • Caleb Harris
      Caleb Harris Vor 8 Monate +3

      @Timothy Clark he didn’t call it a lie. He even posed the question, “ how do you feel? Lie or not” he’s just showing the false narrative of the 1 inch measurement. Open your ears more

    • Graham Nelson
      Graham Nelson Vor 8 Monate

      @Anankin12 You just described HP, which is a function of torque and RPM. HP = (Torque x RPM)/5252

    • samconroy
      samconroy Vor 8 Monate +7

      @Timothy Clark The production stuff I agree with, but naming a product and advertising it as something its not is a lie. You can't sugar coat it just because its a legacy term... Imagine you go to buy a house advertised as 2 bathrooms and on your visit you find that one of them is an outhouse in the yard, "Sir we can advertise it as a 2 bathroom because it comes with a legacy toilet".
      Stop letting giant corporations get away with bullshit terminology.

  • Jeffery Hall
    Jeffery Hall Vor 8 Monate +1

    For the 1" sensor some of them may be fudging, but 100% that ad for the DJI at 11:20 and the Insta360 at 11:40 were absolutely lying. They were showing a rectangle that was showing it was a 1" measurement. It wasn't just saying 1" sensor, it was drawing a sensor and marking with a 1" measurement!

  • Peachez Programming
    Peachez Programming Vor 8 Monate

    I'm a Tesla investor and here's a couple of points:
    1. I agree with you. Tesla should not have unveiled the semi or the roadster.
    2. Tesla's mission is to accelerate sustainable energy. It doesn't make sense to put all those batteries in a car that barely gets used. Much better off going in multiple every day Tesla's like the Y.
    3. They simply don't have enough batteries to produce all the cars they want. There is so much demand for their cars that they sell literally every single one usually before they're even produced.
    4. That being said I do believe that when it comes out it will be absolutely insane. Just bonkers. Don't end the reservation 😂

  • Okkapapa
    Okkapapa Vor 7 Monate

    I guess the bottom line is that you cannot define a two dimensional object size (image sensor) with a line. Area is square inch (or mm), not inch (or mm). Or perhaps you can, if you use a very old standard for cameras.

  • TeKaMOTO
    TeKaMOTO Vor 6 Monate +1

    For me the lack of transparency is the biggest annoyance. Like when Intel/AMD/Nvidia make claims like "Our new CPU/GPU is 30% faster than the closest competitor*." without being clear about the circumstances in their testing.
    Also the first thing that came to my mind was a Nokia commercial which claimed that the entire video was shot on their new phone with PureView OIS, but in the ad you could see a reflection of a full sized film camera being used to film the scenes. :D

  • Vitor Perez
    Vitor Perez Vor 8 Monate +278

    As a linguist and an English teacher, this "1-inch sensor" thing is right up my alley! Just the other day I was telling my students how "turn on" ended up becoming "switch on" because of technological advancements, from a knob, which we would turn, to a switch. And nowadays we have "power on" on our cellphones. Studying languages and how and why they've changed is just so much fun!

    • I Argue With Dense People
      I Argue With Dense People Vor 6 Monate

      @Julia Fletcher ya but ISO has an actual measurement, not just "standard". Technology just changed.

    • UTubeRangerBob
      UTubeRangerBob Vor 8 Monate

      TV and radio shows use to say they were 'transcribed' when they weren't broadcast live. Now we say recorded. We still commonly say that we are 'filming' when recording with digital media. Ads for televisions use to refer to the tube size, now they say picture or screen size. Most people still refer to the accelerator pedal as the gas pedal, but that will change as we make the change to electric vehicles. The '1-inch' sensor should go away as well.

    • Rakshith G
      Rakshith G Vor 8 Monate


    • Julia Fletcher
      Julia Fletcher Vor 8 Monate

      @shahriar af we still use ISO. It used to be that 100 was just a standardized film sensitivity, but now it's just the default sensitivity on a given digital camera, making it mean essentially nothing

    • shahriar af
      shahriar af Vor 8 Monate +6

      @Hans Industrial standards (and their related terms) get reviewed, revised, and renewed every year. I wonder why this one magically has not changed through all these years and companies insist on using the old term for a modern irrelevant product (using a term suitable for vacuum tubes when talking about digital sensors).

  • Seth K Johnson
    Seth K Johnson Vor 7 Monate

    I don’t care whether it’s a 1 inch type sensor or a “1 inch” sensor. It’s part of the jargon of filmmaking which you learn when you get into filmmaking.
    Just like wheel torque and crankshaft torque is used in the car industry- which my dad knows.

    • logitech4873
      logitech4873 Vor 5 Monate

      1" sensors should just be referred to with the actual measurements.

  • Thomas Fernandes
    Thomas Fernandes Vor 8 Monate

    It's definitely a lie, because all the diagrams show a "sensor" and then the size increase to 1 inch.
    Even if it's just a technicality, I think it's quite despicable that these huge companies are still trying to finesse people so blatantly. Can't we just be more honest?

  • Zeph
    Zeph Vor 8 Monate

    I think companies should be more upfront about what tech they’re actually using in these devices. Your average consumer isn’t going to be looking at the small print and even if they do, most won’t know what it means unless they do their due diligence. Cameras for example require quite a bit of research that most people won’t care to do.

  • John Wallace
    John Wallace Vor 6 Monate

    Good information. It’s good to hear the real truth about the marketing of these tech products we buy.

  • G CNTech
    G CNTech Vor 8 Monate +638

    The competition is so aggressive that the CEOs, the companies and the marketing dpts are exaggerating in crazy levels. Phone cameras is the biggest example. There are tons of cases not only in tech stuff. More interesting will be when they actually say the truth!

    • HenryViii Fake
      HenryViii Fake Vor 8 Monate

      At least the camera will still take photos. Most of the stuff that comes out of Elon's mouth is 🧢.

    • samhel6
      samhel6 Vor 8 Monate

      Hope more bloggers talk about this! In every category possible’ ! Even music now days is so fake and exaggerated.. all electronics as this video mentions

    • mrED
      mrED Vor 8 Monate +2

      @Sophie Edel keep in mind Elon isn't tesla, he was just the presenter then. Also as the video stated they didn't lie about it, if your entertained enough to complain about it you'd read the fine print that most really don't care about.

    • Aryan S
      Aryan S Vor 8 Monate +1

      @Sophie Edel and Porsche is owned by VG, the same group that lied about their emissions lmao

    • Aryan S
      Aryan S Vor 8 Monate

      @Sophie Edel Tesla still better

  • Machina Inc
    Machina Inc Vor 8 Monate +1

    Musk has been known to “inflate” things quite a lot. Plus is always far too optimistic about release dates, not to mention many lies.

  • Jamie Graham
    Jamie Graham Vor 8 Monate +1

    The icon DJI use at 11:20 (clearly showing a diagonal as 1") is possibly the most misleading. I'd say that icon being used pushes it more towards a "lie" than industry terminology, which I can absolutely forgive.

  • Facetiouslyinsolent
    Facetiouslyinsolent Vor 5 Monate

    The list of Tesla products we will never see is long. I'm excited to see what the other manufacturers actually produce without all the worthless hype.

  • W M
    W M Vor 8 Monate

    What about Tesla calling their not-so-fully-self-driving software an FSD? I think that’s a very harmful lie.

    • Mr. Moon
      Mr. Moon Vor 6 Monate

      He definitely could of gone WAYY further with calling out this sort of stuff. Mkbhd seems to want to tip toe around the really egregious stuff for what ever reason.

  • Jacob Stehle
    Jacob Stehle Vor 8 Monate +136

    Love the video, just wanted to point something out since you're on point with basically everything in your videos. Newton meters should be denoted Nm, since nm stands for nanometers and Newtons are always shortened to N. Very interesting to think about the wheel vs motor torque, I'll have to see what an average car's wheel torque in 1st-3rd is.

    • Anselm L
      Anselm L Vor 8 Monate

      Scrolled down to like this comment

    • TROPtastic
      TROPtastic Vor 8 Monate +3

      It's really surprising that Tesla didn't catch this mistake in their presentation.

    • Aditya Khabiya
      Aditya Khabiya Vor 8 Monate +1

      @DJ Krowbar yeah me too

    • DJ Krowbar
      DJ Krowbar Vor 8 Monate +6

      As an engineer I knew someone would notice that. Glad to to find you.

  • Michael Angel - Facebook/Michael.Angel.1048

    And I thought the all Electric Hummer doing 0-60 in 3 seconds was fast. I think I'll forgive Tesla on the 1 foot of roll out, regardless of whatever speed it hits it in...

  • Ramarajulu Naidu
    Ramarajulu Naidu Vor 8 Monate +1

    Considering the F2 lens on the Xperia, the actual sensor area used is similar to a Pixel 6 , 1/1.31" .

  • ItsTheSussyZack
    ItsTheSussyZack Vor 4 Monate

    thanks for helping me chose between the tesla roadster and the prius prime, the prius prime is way better in every way than the roaster so I'll definitely be buying the prius

  • Eduard Pertíñez
    Eduard Pertíñez Vor 8 Monate

    CRT diagonal sizes where also taking into account a percentage that was actually lost behind the frame. Luckily when flat screens came to the market, they removed this percentage, even when, at the begining they were somehow applying it also if I am not mistaken.

  • Alberto Smith
    Alberto Smith Vor 8 Monate +328

    As a Donut Media🍩fan, I’m extremely happy to hear your recognition ! They’re great!

    • Sam B
      Sam B Vor 8 Monate


    • i103772
      i103772 Vor 8 Monate +3

      More like shout out..than calling them out. 🐽

    • Volt HD
      Volt HD Vor 8 Monate +3

      I just a Doughnut fan! 🍩🍩🍩

    • AxelOde
      AxelOde Vor 8 Monate +4

      Those guys are awesome

  • Jonas
    Jonas Vor 7 Monate +1

    What about when companies say like "12 hours of battery life" and then it's tested at almost no brightness, every setting turned off and only watching a downloaded video?
    *Except the Apple silicon macs*

  • Mr, Nobody.
    Mr, Nobody. Vor 6 Monate

    Once a plaid model s went 0-60 in 1.98 sec before and I do believe it can do that even with out foot roll out cuz the distance between the Lazer is still quite small and GPS is not the best at response times.
    in the right conditions they did go only a little faster than the advertised speed look at the model X plaid and the model s plaid weighs over 4,000 lb and last I heard they might use the plaid platform the 4680's and the carbon sleeve motors and it will be a lot lighter which means it will go beyond 0-60 in 1.9 if they haven't electronically limited it which I think there doing with the Plaid's top speed because with the acceleration that thing has it can do more!

  • Colton Jobes
    Colton Jobes Vor 8 Monate +1

    To be fair, no information is actually valuable by itself, and anyone who knows enough to care about the actual dimensions of the physical photosensitive portion of the device would know it’s not actually one inch. Since we can compare the size of sensors on one product relative to another product and they are always using the same measurement, there is no problem.
    Plus, if you imagine two companies, both with 1 inch sensors in their devices it would be ridiculous for one of those companies to be the first to switch to advertising their sensors as .67 as to the general public it would appear smaller and thus less desirable.

  • Jgburch
    Jgburch Vor 8 Monate

    Great analysis. Welcome to the wide world of advertising but not the world of reality.

  • Parker Floris
    Parker Floris Vor 8 Monate +394

    Good Breakdown Marques and team - nice to have an overview of all of these marketing strategies in the tech industry :))

    • Zylox
      Zylox Vor 8 Monate +2

      @Phone Iphone oh this…., most people don’t know, not because i am one of them but it’s true because not everyone is really into technology (or watch these videos).

    • BT
      BT Vor 8 Monate

      Not lies though are they

    • Carlos Armas
      Carlos Armas Vor 8 Monate

      No decir toda la verdad es mentir ...

    • Phone Iphone
      Phone Iphone Vor 8 Monate

      like Marques, but you do realise this “breakdown” is quite obvious facts, nothing new?!

  • superboy1661
    superboy1661 Vor 8 Monate

    I wonder how many lies slipped thru the cracks of major product companies thru out time that maybe to this day we do not know it was a lie.

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger Vor 3 Monate

    Well done youtuber for pointing out what others discovered. Now hold your thumb and forefinger apart; and tell us you have never called that 6-inches.

  • Marino Šimić
    Marino Šimić Vor 5 Monate

    The Nevera did 2.0s without asterisk (1.9s with it) 6 months ago in non perfect conditions. Granted homologation for the US is still in progress, Tesla cannot claim fastest production vehicle in the world, just in the US, since the Nevera is in production and homologated for Europe.

  • randolph torres
    randolph torres Vor 8 Monate

    In my days torque was measured two ways at the flywheel or at the ground ( OR Wheel ).
    These companies should be held to facts. Like the garment industry claims 100% cotton is actually 10-15% other materials, we should hold them to facts apples to apples.

  • snakexpert552
    snakexpert552 Vor 8 Monate +334

    The most popular one is always "12 hour battery life" or some general statement as if you're experience with that device is going to be the one you claim. But that "12 hour" calculation is made with a ton of asterisks that aren't how normal people use their phone

    • Sabersz
      Sabersz Vor 8 Monate +1

      @Prabh Saini I personally still consider 1080p to be AMAZING on phones. 720p looks grainy and I've honestly not been around a 1440p / 2160p screen long enough to tell the difference. It matters if you're looking at, say, a TV. I'm sat in front of my 32in 1080p TV right now playing on my racing simulator and I can see individual pixels. Quite big actually lol

    • Prabh Saini
      Prabh Saini Vor 8 Monate

      @PatalJunior ive never understood why resolution matters on phones, shouldn’t phone resolution be measured in ppi? i mean if you cant see the pixels, why go further?

    • Mike Harrison
      Mike Harrison Vor 8 Monate

      The asterisk says "under normal use" so you can trust it will be the same

    • Sabersz
      Sabersz Vor 8 Monate +2

      @BeActive Behappy give it a year your battery will shrink down to barely a day.

    • HulluJanne
      HulluJanne Vor 8 Monate +1

      I dunno, I charge my phone like once in 2-4 days. I'm not normal. I actually despise using a mobile touch screen thingy for anything other than a few (nowadays pretty much) essential things...

  • Jj Hh
    Jj Hh Vor 8 Monate

    I like how you don’t call out companies for actual lies besides xiaomi and huawei. Gotta keep those review units coming in eh?

  • Steve D
    Steve D Vor 8 Monate

    Not just the one-foot rollout, but they used a track covered in a grippy glue designed to aid hard drag launches. Plaid is simply not a sub 2 second car, but it is incredibly fast. I think it's a shame they need to lie to promote something that's incredible in its own right (apart from the stupid yoke).

  • Michael B
    Michael B Vor 8 Monate

    Surprised that you felt it necessary to make a video about this. It shows a)generally our society intelligence is on a major decline or b)certain people think that, generally, our society intelligence is on a major decline. Not sure which is more sad.
    1-inch sensor - "not a lie, if you know what you are talking about". Isn't that true of nearly everything? Pretty easy to find out how things are measured.

  • MacBookAir1324
    MacBookAir1324 Vor 8 Monate

    This is why I love Porsche. They claim 0-60 (and many other times and figures) that are VERY easily achieved by the biggest moron behind the wheel. Most of the time they are quite a bit faster. This lets me respect them much much more than brands, claiming much better times than they actually are.

  • Ben Altair
    Ben Altair Vor 8 Monate +650

    The way DJI literally had iconography showing a 1” diagonal measurement. Likely a misunderstanding by marketing but feels worse.

    • thecianinator
      thecianinator Vor 8 Monate

      Somebody at that company with marketing oversight definitely saw that mistake and intentionally let it pass.

    • Gunnar Bjarki
      Gunnar Bjarki Vor 8 Monate

      yeah, that's straight up lying!

    • Tissaye
      Tissaye Vor 8 Monate +4

      @Nicholas C Maingot k

    • Nicholas C Maingot
      Nicholas C Maingot Vor 8 Monate +5


  • hainish
    hainish Vor 5 Monate +1

    The lies that matter are about:
    - how they treat our data
    - how they treat their employees
    - how much taxes they don't pay
    - how much harm they do to our well being
    - how much they pollute
    - how destructive they businesses are
    - how viciously they influence political power
    who cares about the name they give to a sensor, come on....

  • Alice
    Alice Vor 6 Monate

    I mean the 1" sensor thing is pretty similar to talking about wood. 2x4 planks are just called that, they are actually 1.5"x 3.5". I feel like it doesn't really matter as long as it's the industry standard. If the camera industry and photograph industry uses a different terminology and calls it a 0.56" sensor and smartphone companies are calling it a 1" sensor then yeah that's really misleading. But as long as they are the same it's not only harmless but it's accurate and not a lie at all.

  • Imjashingyou
    Imjashingyou Vor 5 Monate

    As anyone who is a car enthusiast and follows car new (and for some reason now we need to make sure car enthusiast is defined distinctly from Tesla enthusiast or electric car enthusiast) can see Tesla's "lies" are pretty egregious and unprecedented in modern cars and often on par with Fords Lies about the Pinto. The most prominent but not the worst is the buggy mess that is "full self driving" that has put real world people at risk in both Tesla owners who don't know that it is not full self driving but treat it as such, because of the name, and the pedestrians and other motorists the Elon is endangering by using them as unwitting test mules in his Beta. Full self driving causes more anger among enthusiasts then anything else I have seen of late as far as industry lies go. Part of it is because virtually all major traditional auto makers do all of this testing on closed loops and don't endanger anyone.
    Another that comes to mind is what the Federal Government is investigating Tesla for as illegal business activity when it comes to issuing Lemon Law refunds to those who pay with Bitcoin. Tesla has included a bit of fine print that says they will pay you back in what ever currency is of lower value. Which is where the illegalness comes in. The way most laws are written is that the full dollar value of the vehicle or the full sales price must be refunded with a set deduction for mileage. (in dollars btw) But you cant pay less then what the vehicle was sold for minus the deduction. However with Tesla's refund practiced if Bitcoin has lets say lost 1/3 of its value, they will pay you back in bitcoin, and if it has gained value they pay you back in Dollar equivalent. So you may be in a position where on 2/3 of the price of the vehicle was refunded because they paid in bitcoin, (and remember the value is calculated in dollars) which is where it is illegal.
    I could go on and on about Tesla refusing to issue safety recalls until forced by the government, illegally ignoring required warranty service and the Moss Magnusson act. and getting sued by a number of states, and their constant violations of right to repair laws, as well as their illegal disabling of features (heated seats to the ability to charge) of second hand sold cars which is currently working its way through the court system.
    Oh and don't get me started on the violations of regulations and traffic laws allowed by stupid shit like "assertive mode" and changing your horn sounds, just to generate headlines.
    Oh and when Elon personally canceled some dude's tesla preorder, because he got into a twitter fight with, and didn't refund the deposit.

  • Being Friends
    Being Friends Vor 8 Monate

    The size naming convention stuff is also very present in lumber. A 2'x4' wood plank is actually 1 1/2' by 5 1/2'.... Things just stayed the same name as standards changed across the industry.

  • Eidi
    Eidi Vor 8 Monate +259

    Thank you for being a massive DEclipsr and being outspoken on issues like this and right to repair. Thank you for bringing light to these issues and calling companies out. You're a class act.

    • Tech cloud
      Tech cloud Vor 6 Monate +1

      he did not talk about op stealing user data selling it to third party and selling their phones for cheap calling those flagship killers.

    • Иван Иванов
      Иван Иванов Vor 7 Monate

      nice sony product placement bro!

  • James England
    James England Vor 6 Monate

    Having seen the Rimac Neverra, it's quite possible that the Roadster will actually beat 1.99 with no caveats, on the street.

  • Jaideep Arora
    Jaideep Arora Vor 8 Monate +2

    Thank you for making videos like these Marques. That's what makes you a true reviewer. Kudos!

  • nickj12
    nickj12 Vor 8 Monate

    As usual, thank you for being honest and objective on your channel, even if it’s about your favorite companies.

  • Dan
    Dan Vor 5 Monate

    3:32 also, [nm] is nanometer, not newtonmeter, which would be [Nm]. you would think a tech company would know the difference in those units. those little mistakes can cost millions.

  • Syamak Castle
    Syamak Castle Vor 8 Monate +144

    Challenge: take a shot every time Marques says “1-inch sensor”.

    • thomas mroz
      thomas mroz Vor 8 Monate

      @Busaio me too!

    • HulluJanne
      HulluJanne Vor 8 Monate

      @Andrew Williams I admire your will and ability to type regardless.

    • Gepstra
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    • MOMEE
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      Take a drink

    • Andrew Williams
      Andrew Williams Vor 8 Monate +6

      i tried im going to the hospital

  • Patrick Waugh
    Patrick Waugh Vor 5 Monate

    Good job! Very informative, thanks.

  • Devon Bagley
    Devon Bagley Vor 4 Monate

    Elon is the king of vaporware. I don't think he has legitimately delivered anything he has ever announced.

  • N Hietala
    N Hietala Vor 5 Monate

    The 1-inch sensor thing is, I think, harmless. The reason being that people don't actually care about the physical size of the sensor itself, but rather the images it produces. Would a sensor that is actually 1-inch in some dimension produce better images? Yes, of course, but that sensor wouldn't be called a 1-inch sensor it would be called something bigger, the only people who care about the actual physical dimensions of the sensor are engineers designing and building electronics.

  • End Qualified Immunity
    End Qualified Immunity Vor 8 Monate

    My concern with Elon Musk's Neuralink is that it will drive resources away from existing treatments like ECT and TMS--rendering them fraudulent or unnecessary--and drive funding away from programs that improve the lives of disabled people and their loved ones.

  • Linton C. Hedley
    Linton C. Hedley Vor 8 Monate +338

    Tech companies must have a 'Hate how much I Love you' kinda relationship with MKBHD . . .

    • The Bishop
      The Bishop Vor 8 Monate +2


    • Tinashe TF
      Tinashe TF Vor 8 Monate +2

      🤣🤣🤣 was thinking the same thing

  • Consumer Tech Review
    Consumer Tech Review Vor 8 Monate +110

    "Here's how that would line up against some of the fastest cars ever made:"...literally the first car on the list: PRIUS

    • Piet ice-only.de
      Piet ice-only.de Vor 8 Monate

      can there be a first car on the list non-literally?

    • Coolie 1156
      Coolie 1156 Vor 8 Monate

      It's for context

    • Volt HD
      Volt HD Vor 8 Monate

      Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra specs (rumored)
      Display 6.8-inch AMOLED, QHD
      Refresh rate 120Hz adaptive
      Rear cameras 108MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP 3x optical telephoto, 10MP 10x optical telephoto
      Front camera 40MP
      Chipset Snapdragon 8 Gen 1/ Exynos 2200
      RAM 8GB/12GB/16GB
      Storage 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB
      Battery 5,000 mAh

    • SlightlyCrookedWorkshop
      SlightlyCrookedWorkshop Vor 8 Monate +4

      It's like wanting to see an Average Person compete in events at the Olympics.

    • Consumer Tech Review
      Consumer Tech Review Vor 8 Monate +1

      @BenjiMC1 Hell yea! All 106lb-ft of torque!!!

  • Carl Parkes
    Carl Parkes Vor 8 Monate

    Advertising has to be "technically" true... The problem is the technical definition which is an industry definable standard!

  • Tim Gurr
    Tim Gurr Vor 5 Monate

    Thanks for the video. Interesting to learn about the origin of the 1-inch sensor. The Tech world is not the only place where “statements” and somewhat misleading. Politicians play this game all the time with misleading or half-truth statements; or choosing a short segment of what someone has said without the full context of the entire statement.

    • Viki Ai
      Viki Ai Vor 4 Monate

      "Unemployment Rates" are probably the best example. They can range from 4% to 25% depending on how you define and measure the exact same data.

  • Liam Collinson
    Liam Collinson Vor 3 Monate

    I think the biggest lie is when companies make a laptop and say something like 12 hours of battery life which sounds impressive until you buy it and you are lucky if you get half of that because they test it with the screen set to a almost unusable 150 nits with WiFi and Bluetooth turned off

  • Aykhan Islamzade
    Aykhan Islamzade Vor 8 Monate +151

    It’s really important for people like you, whose voice gets heard to say these stuff and call companies out on their bs. I love how honest and transparent you are since the first days. You and MrWhosetheboss are probably the only 2 tech reviewers I trust!

  • PRABU K R cs14b048
    PRABU K R cs14b048 Vor 8 Monate

    One good example that comes to my mind are the units used for measuring data transfer and storage. There's connection speed which is measured in Mbps as opposed to what we would actually like to know: MBps. I have seen many people get confused when they only receive about an eighth of advertised speed. Another one is when storage devices like hard disk advertise 1TB of storage but we get only about 930GB of usable space because of how the hard disk companies calculate TB (1TB=1000GB) vs how our devices do. (1TB=1024GB)

  • Vaughn Sigal
    Vaughn Sigal Vor 6 Monate

    I lost it completely at the little diagram/icon next to the 1 inch sensor that literally depicted a diagonal measurement of 1 inch.
    That is the most blatant infographical lie I’ve ever seen

    • Telegram me👉@MarquesBrownlee09
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      🔝🔝🔝🔝 Thanks for the feedback,
      Expect more videos very soon
      Send a directly message
      I have something for you....!!

  • Pauley We atwhere
    Pauley We atwhere Vor 6 Monate

    You are so correct. The whole consumer vs producer interaction is so skewed to cover up, omission and lies. The argument whether it is harmful or not is irrelevant. There used to be a department of weights and measures, they need coming back, with hefty fines and powers. The market place needs to turn a full 180 degrees from “buyer beware” to “full disclosure, buy with confidence “.
    Good clip 👍🏻🤟

  • Scott G
    Scott G Vor 6 Monate

    Of course, there are the approved marketing lies, such as "the number 1" item or "the money is great." Ultimately, these deceptions have become accepted, due to failed legal challenges, making them legal lies of deliberate ambiguity.

  • Blacktail Studio
    Blacktail Studio Vor 8 Monate +731

    Really interesting. Always wondered about the electric car torque numbers. Well done!

    • Muriël Veneman
      Muriël Veneman Vor 8 Monate

      @G. Reaper so it's clearly not our fault for it to be confusing as a battery pack isnt even a battery pack 💀 if it doesn't contain batteries 😑 and why is there a difference in battery and battery pack if a battery pack is a single battery

    • G. Reaper
      G. Reaper Vor 8 Monate

      @Muriël Veneman and a battery pack is comprised of indivdual cells, just like a battery. 18650 is simply a specific form factor of a cell. It is not a battery.
      Cell: a single unit that contains a electrolytic solution to generate electricity. Examples include AA, AAA, C, D, and 18650 cells, commonly incorrectly called batteries.
      Battery: A single unit that contain multiple cells, which commonly cannot be separated from each other. A standard car battery is an example of this.
      Battery Pack: A single unit that is comprised of multiple cells, that can be separated individually, and are called batteries for short. RC/drone battery packs are an example of this.

    • Muriël Veneman
      Muriël Veneman Vor 8 Monate

      @G. Reaper their battery packs basically just are 7000 18650 batteries

    • Muriël Veneman
      Muriël Veneman Vor 8 Monate

      @G. Reaper they replace a battery pack

  • Parasec Glenkwyst
    Parasec Glenkwyst Vor 8 Monate

    Actually i did know 1" sensors are not 1", vbecause i wanted to compare it to my APS-C and got kinda confused when i checked the measurements

  • Kyle Brady
    Kyle Brady Vor 7 Monate

    Great video, just a minor point the list shown at 5:05 (and at least one other scene) - I wish this was a linear-scale bar chart showing the difference. In this format you have to sort on your own, which isn't helped by the fact that the Bugatti has a thousands-separator and the Roadster doesn't...therefore making the number 7376 look smaller than 1,180
    sorry I do realize that's insanely nitpicky feedback but figured I'd point it out for suggestion. otherwise, keep on crushing!

  • The Patient Gamer
    The Patient Gamer Vor 6 Monate

    You may also be surprised to learn wood is measured as a 2x4 when its actually like 1.5x3.5 same for all new wood today compared to the old stuff

  • Nathan Bradforth
    Nathan Bradforth Vor 8 Monate

    I have another one for you, the plaid model s is advertised as having 1020hp at the motors, however someone has just done a 4 wheel dyno that bolts to the axles and not on the tyres and low and behold it has 1102hp at the wheels which equates to about 1300bhp at the crank

    • Nathan Bradforth
      Nathan Bradforth Vor 8 Monate

      It still has reduction gears as well so the drive train losses are still there but not as bad as having a transmission