Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial



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  • When Your Pizza Rolls Are Done

    The sky is a little wonky but everything else is really good

  • Nancy Perez
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    Not bad great job.

  • Awesomepuppygirl2008 Holt

    I did this tutorial today with watercolor! I was too lazy, so I went rouge. 😂

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    I was late to work watching this. It actually made me so happy and you did an amazing job like actually it looks great.

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    7:49 I'm sorry bob, they WHAT?

  • Grimalkin Felidae

    How the fuck are there 3.5k dislikes!? What heartless bastards would do that? Is it because it's not a Da Vinci-esque masterpiece? She did her best and did better than probably any of the dislikers
    Fuck up

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    That why you gotta use the natural bristle brushes!!! 😂

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    Please do a video where you and Julien is side by side, following the same Bob Ross video at the same time

  • sophie houliston

    you should get julian to do this

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    I think it looks awesome!

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    Jenna I think the problem that you’re having is that your paints are way too thin. To make the really fluffy clouds you need to use really thick, stiff paints. I think if you had the right paints you’d have painted something perfect

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    From an artist's point of view, you did amazing. Your clouds might look a little less fluffy because of the angle of the fan brush, if you try to do something like this again, have the fan brush vertical and sweep sideways [would make a C>--- on the canvas] honestly though, great job

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    1. ONE. One. O. On. One. 1!

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    Actually tho, your work's awesome and you're amazing Jenna!

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    i feel like jenna was possessed by kermit in this??

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    "I can't blend with this"

    *holds up brush covered in paint*

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    I am impressed Jenna! your painting is beautiful! Also...…. Bob's hair is magical! is there a tutorial on how he achieves that look????

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    Love the Percy Jackson reference

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    Jenna you are such a good artist, this painting looks amazing!

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    with bob ross, you never have to worry about messing up or anything' he'd be so proud of you, no matter what. i had a bob ross painting party for my birthday, and all my best friends were there. each painting came out different, but beautiful.

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    Que feo le quedó eso

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    Sounds like Kermit shaking himself dry

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    love your male style of humour ........

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    Jenna, I think you would get a kick with reading about his life. Let's just say he REALLY enjoyed the "white snow" and the "green grass" when he was making these videos! Lol's. Maybe that's where is mellow came from! I had an artist friend who knew him and they would occasionally get together....the stories were quite entertaining to say the least!

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    I tried this tutorial too.

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    Everyone copped her like James Charles and Rosanna Pansino and laurdiy

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    Please do more like this one. I was actually laughing the entire time. (Which is bad because my sister is trying to sleep and now my cheeks and throat hurt from trying to be quiet while laughing.)

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    Silverdoe Vor 3 Tage do this to one of your walls Jenna!!

  • mad hatter loves panic at the disco

    Lesson for the day: beat the devil in an appropriate place

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    Yours is almost as good as the real one

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    Awesome job Jenna!!! I've loved Bob Ross for years!

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    That turned out so great! I was laughing SO hard at this idk why 😂😂

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    Bob is my therapy

  • R van
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    Looks great

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    I enjoyed the video and the painting turned out pretty good but you put way too much liquid white on in the beginning.

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    yo bob ross is kool

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    the tone of her voice reminds me of a worried joyce beyers tbh 😂

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    I'm only halfway through, but as an artist I am partially amused, and partially *horrified at every little mistake*

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    This needs to be a series! Please do more Bob Ross paintings!

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    I watch this when I’m sad. Faith restored in humanity!!

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    Reminds me faintly of kermit

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    It looks great Jenna.

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    That’s pretty freaking good Jenna

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    Holy moly i didnt know you could make a very beautiful picture

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    show us your boobies!

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    this reminded me of when I took art 1

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    “ no I see nothing all the time! “ lol 😂

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    Yaaaaassssss queen

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    this is the purest video ever. my heart feels so good watching this

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    Happy birthday ily

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    PLEASE do another video like this

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    Where the cake

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    Happy Birthday🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

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    this video makes me so happy

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    *Jenna giving me anxiety for 11 minutes straight*

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    Everyone's saying he's da real bob Ross, well he died in 1995

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    111111111111111111 1

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    Bob Ross would be proud, Jenna. I often feel the same way you do when I draw.

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    Omg you actually did really good 👍

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    Oh! He’s already got his knife out!

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    I know this video is old but it’s my favorite that I have watched of yours in a long time.

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    Of course, Bob has different brushes, but a lot of it comes down to how you hold the brush too. If you notice, when he was doing the clouds, the brush was perpendicular to the canvas. Yours was at like a 45 degree angle (or somewhat close) and your clouds didn’t turn out as fluffy. I know this is like way overdue information. Just something I noticed while rewatching. If you were to try again, make sure you’re maintaining that comfortable grip but also notice how he holds the brush and try to adjust. It could help with your strokes and make your clouds fluffier. :)

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    You said you were not gonna be rude feel like that’s what you did the whole video!!!!!

    • Charvi Guduru
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      Jesse Blanco how? She wasn’t being rude at all

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    "He's got white on a knife hold on"

  • Angel Face
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    You did amazing. Geez. Everytime you hate on your skills...It just isn't true

  • Vkook I Taekook Forever

    Why is it actual hella good?!? 😫

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    I really liked this!

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    In the begining u made ur canvas WAAYYY to wet

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    Верните тот ГОЛОС С ПЕРЕВОДААА

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    really not too bad, keep on trying

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    God Bless 🙏🏾💖

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    His floating technique is off the charts

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    I've never seen a better visual representation of growing panic.

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    The painting actually turned pretty good

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    GIRL! You did a good fucking job!

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    Please turn yourself into Dr. Phil

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    This entire video is Jenna embracing her inner Cermet

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    You just gotta gO FfoR iT

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    It kind of looks like there’s a waterfall under the mountains and I love it

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    Do more do more

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    he make land like volcano XD

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    My favorite video of yours 🥰

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    O did this to and i was like omg his is lighter 😁😱

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    Wouldn't he get squirrel hair in the paint?

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    *"The power of Christ COMPELS YOU"*