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Mo Salah started from the bottom. Now he's here | Oh My Goal
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Mo Salah is the king of football at Anfield, but the Egyptian has had a rocky journey to the top. A change in position, a national ...
The day Gerard Piqué and Leo Messi clashed | Oh My Goal
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Lionel Messi and Gerard Piqué have known each other since they were 13! They were both on FC Barcelona's youth teams and ...
What The Hell Happened to Ramires? | Oh My Goal
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Ramires won everything with Chelsea… Even the Champions League, in 2012, which the club was so desperately craving!
The reason why Ronaldo Fenomeno had to wear diapers during certain matches | Oh My Goal
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Ronaldo endured many things in his career: injuries, accusations of doping, medical treatment. Things that other footballers had ...
Cesc Fabregas explains what quarantine looks like for a football star | Oh My Goal
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How is the worldwide lockdown affecting footballers? Cesc Fabregas revealed what it's like to stay at home in this troubling time, ...
FC Barcelona are trying to activate a secret clause to bring Neymar back! | Oh My Goal
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Will Neymar return to FC Barcelona? According to the Spanish press, Neymar could return to FC Barcelona thanks to a ...
Le jour où Lionel Messi et Gerard Piqué se sont embrouillés à cause du capitanat | Oh My Goal
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Lionel Messi et Gerard Piqué se connaissent depuis qu'ils ont 13 ans ! Ils se sont connus en équipes de jeunes du FC Barcelone ...
5 lies that changed football history | Oh My Goal
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Players, coaches and club presidents are humans like everyone else. That means they're capable of lying. And we're not talking ...
7 times Cristiano Ronaldo proved he is really funny | Oh My Goal
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Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his HUGE ego and very serious demeanor...But did you know Cristiano Ronaldo is actually...funny ...
Cesc Fàbregas explique comment se déroule la quarantaine d'une star du foot | Oh my goal
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Comment le confinement mondial affecte-t-il les footballeurs? Cesc Fabregas a partagé ses sentiments sur ce confinement à la ...
6 joueurs qui ont été transformés par Pep Guardiola | Oh My Goal
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Pep Guardiola a créé certaines des équipes de football les plus incroyables de l'histoire. Et la clé de tout cela, c'est la façon dont ...
Le FC Barcelone tenterait d’activer une clause cachée pour faire revenir Neymar ! | Oh My Goal
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Neymar va-t-il retourner au FC Barcelone ? D'après la presse espagnole, Neymar pourrait retourner au FC Barcelone grâce à ...
Cristiano Ronaldo's dream goal | Oh My Goal
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Cristiano Ronaldo has accomplished a lot in the realm of football. After winning so many Champions Leagues and Ballon d'Ors, ...
The day Ronaldo Fenomeno broke down in tears at Inter Milan | Oh My Goal
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Ronaldo had an incredible career scoring goals for Inter, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Brazil. So why did Ronaldo, R9, ...
Pelé: "Cristiano Ronaldo is above Leo Messi but I'm the best in history." | Oh My Goal
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Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo: who is the best player in the world? Pelé was asked this very question. King Pelé declared ...
Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar: football stars reveal their toughest opponent | Oh My Goal
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Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Hazard, Sterling... Who are the toughest opponents they ever faced? Ronaldo, Messi or ...
Cristiano Ronaldo, the zoo and McDonalds | Oh My Goal
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Cristiano Ronaldo and McDonald's go way back. While Cristiano Ronaldo knows that he's living a dream life, he admits that he ...
The only 8 male football players who dared to come out as gay | Oh My Goal
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Only 8 male football players have come out as gay. There can be extremely negative consequences for male footballers who ...
Le but parfait qu'aimerait marquer Cristiano Ronaldo | Oh My Goal
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Quel serait le but parfait pour Cristiano Ronaldo? Un retourné acrobatique, comme celui marqué contre la Juventus? Une main ...
Le jour où Ronaldo a fondu en larmes à l'Inter Milan | Oh My Goal
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Un jour, Ronaldo a fondu en larmes sur le banc de l'Inter ! Ronaldo a eu une carrière incroyable : il a marqué des buts pour l'Inter, ...
Pelé : "CR7 est au-dessus de Messi mais je reste le meilleur de l'histoire." | Oh My Goal
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Lionel Messi ou Cristiano Ronaldo : qui est le meilleur joueur du monde ? La question a été posée à Pelé. Le Roi Pelé a déclaré ...
The most controversial match in World Cup history | Oh My Goal
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SCANDAL. INTRIGUE. CONSPIRACY. When these two teams met in the World Cup, the result was considered a HUGE ...
Cristiano Ronaldo, le zoo et le McDonald's | Oh My Goal
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Cristiano Ronaldo et le McDonald's, c'est une longue histoire. S'il est conscient d'avoir une vie de rêve, Cristiano Ronaldo avoue ...
Neymar is better than Griezmann, Dembélé and Coutinho combined | Oh My Goal
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Neymar left Barcelona for PSG in 2017 and since then the Culés have done everything in their power to replace him.
The reasons why England's Golden Generation never won anything | Oh My Goal
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Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard, Scholes, Rooney... England had a “golden generation” between 2002 and 2010. But this generation ...
Does Zlatan Ibrahimović really hate Cristiano Ronaldo? | Oh My Goal
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Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo are two of the game's all time greats! And Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo ...
3 footballers being trolled by their kids | Oh My Goal
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Footballers are often trolled on social media. Cristiano Ronaldo, Raheem Sterling and Lionel Messi know a little bit about that.
Le match le plus scandaleux de l'histoire de la Coupe du monde | Oh My Goal
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"Le match de la honte". L'Allemagne contre l'Autriche s'avère être le pire match de l'histoire de la Coupe du monde.
Rihanna and footballers, a long love story ❤️ - Oh My Goal
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Rihanna is a singer known worldwide. She shows more and more interest for football... We often see her in the company of the ...
Neymar est supérieur à Griezmann, Dembélé et Coutinho | Oh My Goal
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Neymar a quitté le FC Barcelone pour rejoindre le PSG en 2017 et depuis, le FC Barcelone a fait tout ce qu'il avait en son pouvoir ...
7 stories that show English players are CRAZY | Oh My Goal
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If you watch football, you know that English players are the craziest. Players like Joey Barton, Paul Gascoigne and Eric Died prove ...
Jamie Vardy is the craziest player ever | Oh My Goal
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Jamie Vardy is one of the craziest players in history. Jamie Vardy is definitely the craziest current player in the Premier League!
5 players who "betrayed" their teammates | Oh My Goal
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Footballers are uncompromising. While some become good friends, many are willing to betray their teammates, both on and off ...
Miralem Pjanić's son has very special personal trainers | Oh My Goal
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Some footballers' sons take the same path as their fathers, like Marcelo's who plays for Real Madrid's youth team and Cristiano ...
What the hell is happening to Malcom? | Oh My Goal
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Malcom was an excellent player in Ligue 1; he even scored against Neymar's PSG! The Brazilian was so good that he was signed ...
Who is the man who attacked Dortmund’s team bus? | Oh My Goal
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In April 2017, Borussia Dortmund were traveling to their stadium to play Monaco in the Champions League quarter-finals when ...
The amazing friendship between Cristiano Ronaldo and Odell Beckham Jr. | Oh My Goal
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Cristiano Ronaldo and Odell Beckham Jr are beasts in their respective disciplines. Cristiano Ronaldo is an exceptional athlete ...