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Building A Widebody Ferrari 458!!!
Aufrufe 971 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
Selling Our Rebuilt Nissan GTR!?
Aufrufe 926 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
We Wrecked Our Rebuilt Nissan GTR!!!
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Building The New Goonzquad Garage!!!
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Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 GMC Duramax
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Rebuilding A Super Cheap Wrecked Boat
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Auction Drift Car First Test Drive!!!
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Building A Custom Supercar Part 5
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Building A Custom Supercar Part 4
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Building A Custom Supercar Part 3
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Building A Custom Supercar Part 2
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Building A Custom Supercar!!!
Aufrufe 1,2 Mio.Vor 5 Monate
Auction Drift Car Is Back!!!
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Rebuilding A Wrecked Honda S2000
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  • Joshua Gadsden
    Joshua Gadsden Vor 11 Minuten

    I wanna buy it ha

  • Gregory Guthrie
    Gregory Guthrie Vor 30 Minuten

    That steel would have cut better with a cutting tip on there. That tip was just for heating or welding.

  • D&A
    D&A Vor Stunde

    Paint the car red

  • old man river rimington

    Come on boys I built my shop stove from a 50 gallon drum.

  • Lecki Sutton
    Lecki Sutton Vor 2 Stunden

    It's cool to see pops wearing the swag🤙

    SKULLKRUSHER 59 Vor 2 Stunden

    My diesel price is 3.89 a gallon

  • ali hosseini
    ali hosseini Vor 3 Stunden

    And another thing i wish see my dream car in ur shop r34 gtr that will be another legit video

  • ali hosseini
    ali hosseini Vor 3 Stunden

    Plz can u say salam AFG for ur Afghan fun’s out there I hope hope you read this and again dude that’s legit say hi to Thomas

  • ali hosseini
    ali hosseini Vor 3 Stunden

    @goonzquad first dude that’s legit 🤣 big fun from Sweden (AFGHANISTAN) hope u guys read this love you guys i watch the lambo project in one day wish you guys the best thing ever dude

  • Brian X
    Brian X Vor 4 Stunden

    ...the key....and maybe..we can do some..clickin'

  • Jeremy The Zombie
    Jeremy The Zombie Vor 4 Stunden

    You guys should do some custom carbon fiber skirts too, them stock skirts look a little too mellow

  • Prajwal Bharath
    Prajwal Bharath Vor 4 Stunden

    Garage update

  • Kiren Junior
    Kiren Junior Vor 4 Stunden

    Its RM2.28 for Diesel Euro5 here in Malaysia, while the cheper one is RM2.18. You guys shud go with glossy black on that wheels imo. Anyway, this is awesome 🤙

  • Derpy Parrot
    Derpy Parrot Vor 6 Stunden

    I feel like this thing costed more to fix than it did for you to buy it.

  • Gio Advincula
    Gio Advincula Vor 6 Stunden

    Could be cooler if you bought a 458 speciale bumper instead of a vorsteiner but since you guys are unique i like the vorsteiner

  • Ouzo Lou Garage
    Ouzo Lou Garage Vor 6 Stunden

    Lmao rattle can primer on the hood you have to be joking

  • Travis Tharp
    Travis Tharp Vor 7 Stunden

    I’d have fun scaring people with that horn lol

  • rafe hos
    rafe hos Vor 7 Stunden

    Palestine flag ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  • Travis Tharp
    Travis Tharp Vor 7 Stunden

    Right now diesel in my town is 2.45

  • ziyaad Esau
    ziyaad Esau Vor 7 Stunden

    The inside part of the front bamper where the horse goes should also be painted white

  • Benjamin Baird
    Benjamin Baird Vor 8 Stunden

    Anybody else notice he broke the ferrai badge when he pulled it off the fender

  • Travis Tharp
    Travis Tharp Vor 8 Stunden

    That’s a cv axle make sure you clean your wheels good after mudding cause they go out easy

  • Hollywood Studios
    Hollywood Studios Vor 8 Stunden

    Best thing ever

  • 沈世杰
    沈世杰 Vor 9 Stunden

    who knows the website which i can get the broke car

  • Mattdness D
    Mattdness D Vor 9 Stunden

    why is everything crazy or insane?

  • Daan skuh
    Daan skuh Vor 9 Stunden

    Buld e car shoroom

  • Shannon Muse
    Shannon Muse Vor 10 Stunden

    Hold traction button down for 5 seconds and it turns off all traction control

  • Jonatas Quintiliano
    Jonatas Quintiliano Vor 10 Stunden

    Parabéns pelos seus vídeos

  • Josh m
    Josh m Vor 10 Stunden

    What happened to the custom supercar build.???

  • .
    . Vor 11 Stunden

    Wrap it hot pink

  • Ma Wa
    Ma Wa Vor 11 Stunden

    Hello, you two! I don't understand why you always reassemble the cars, although you do know that you want to do more with the vehicle. After all, you have your imagination when you buy the car. Okay...this seems to be due to your canal. I think it's imbecilic anyway. My personal opinion about it. Nevertheless, I like to watch you build the accident vehicles again with simple means. A big praise from me for that, keep up the good work. Greetings from Germany

    • Ma Wa
      Ma Wa Vor 5 Stunden

      @Gary Packwood Oh.... It was far from me to want to insult someone, especially not with the term imbecilic. Perhaps I should have written here that I feel it rather as stupid to handle this in such a way. But which should not deny the Goonzquad boys intelligence. They already do their thing very well. I can understand very well that the material procurement takes a large part of their time and it can come thereby to a project stop. So do you have to do double or triple work and reassemble the vehicles every time? Okay, they have a small workshop and not exactly the largest storage area, which speaks for this approach. I hope they'll have the new larger workshop ready soon and then be able to organize themselves a little differently. Yes, every start in a young business brings with it challenges that need to be overcome - whether in America or elsewhere. I grant them their success and wish them good luck and no problems on their way to expanding their company. There are few young people today who are so committed and dare to build something like this. I already have respect for that. Greetings from Germany

    • Gary Packwood
      Gary Packwood Vor 6 Stunden

      @Ma Wa -> I see now. You are suggesting The Goonzquad Team should spend the time necessary to keep their content fresh and not needlessly repetitive. I missed that because you used the term imbecilic which in English is a profoundly degrading term to use to describe people. Your suggestion is a good one I believe and The Goonzquad Team should plan their content verbally in a meeting even when it seems silly to do so. Content planning for young businesses in America is always a challenge.

    • Ma Wa
      Ma Wa Vor 7 Stunden

      @Gary Packwood Definition channel (Canal) = Goonzquad. The DEclips channel Goonzquad must generate revenues. It (the Goonzquad boys) can only do this by splitting the construction videos as much as possible. Thus they are also able to work off higher quality autothemes (nothing wrong with it). However, you slowly get the feeling that the videos are stretched unnecessarily. The Goonzquad boys already know what they want to do with a vehicle when they buy it. That's why I don't understand why they screw the vehicles together again and again, although they know exactly that they still have to do this and that there. That's what we call Clickbait here in Germany. The worthy spectator/subscriber will be baited in the long run and thus recurring income generated. Which is not wrong somewhere, because they like to watch you doing it. Therefore my statement, it is owed to the channel. You have to do it this way to keep the channel Goonzquad alive and to earn money with it. But this is only my personal opinion. Greetings from Germany

    • Gary Packwood
      Gary Packwood Vor 8 Stunden

      Define CANAL please.

  • rich kemp
    rich kemp Vor 11 Stunden

    Did you guys not see the differences between those parts???

  • Leo & Dan Ryan
    Leo & Dan Ryan Vor 12 Stunden

    It's called "piping". Paint the dash light grey.

  • jjacek74
    jjacek74 Vor 12 Stunden

    nie robić sprzedać na części!

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez Vor 12 Stunden

    You guys can try diferent color combinations whit plastic dip,and decide the best way look and then paint whit real paint

  • DarkkLightt x
    DarkkLightt x Vor 12 Stunden

    Gotta keep the bumpers raw carbon if you paint them you mind as well get stock ones and send those back

  • LitBurn 487
    LitBurn 487 Vor 13 Stunden

    just imagine how cold that wet sanding water feels

  • trollinU
    trollinU Vor 13 Stunden

    from mustang at 500k subs to ferraris at 1.66m

  • That one guy *
    That one guy * Vor 13 Stunden

    like a hotspot

  • That one guy *
    That one guy * Vor 13 Stunden

    Wifi you can use it to connect your phone to the cars wifi

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton Vor 13 Stunden

    To put it in neutral you hold both shifters


    Hey brother can you sell me that laptop mount ball? I am a military law enforcement officer and my pov is a Ford police interceptor utility vehicle. I am trying to put a laptop in my vehicle and i dont want to pay 400+ dollars for one

  • Trevor Ockwell
    Trevor Ockwell Vor 14 Stunden

    “..them are wide”, “do got some coilovers...”. Is English not your first language?


    Hey brother would you sell me that center console? I do private security and i own a ford police interceptor utility. Would you also me tha laptop mount on the side?

  • Mohsin Cheema
    Mohsin Cheema Vor 14 Stunden

    9:45 “my feet are getting a lil ashy mann”

  • David Melich Rallo
    David Melich Rallo Vor 14 Stunden

    dont paint it in carbon fyer is extrem

  • Albert Sylliang
    Albert Sylliang Vor 15 Stunden

    The middle one is for the AC (cooling system inside the car)and those two from the side is the radiator cooling system

  • George Cramer
    George Cramer Vor 15 Stunden

    almost a real life updated version of the Crown Victoria from the first MIB movie just need to make it drive upside down.

  • yodaistheone
    yodaistheone Vor 15 Stunden

    Thumbs up for Thomas

  • Todd Watts
    Todd Watts Vor 15 Stunden

    should of got you a ford cause thats a manly truck

  • Neil Reid
    Neil Reid Vor 15 Stunden

    Fun to see Thomas back on the crew and doing a good job. Your bodywork is top notch. The new front bumper is stunning, can't wait to see it painted with the rest of car. Stay warm and be safe.

  • Dass auto
    Dass auto Vor 15 Stunden

    Hi Thomas 😘😘😘

  • Paul Vivier
    Paul Vivier Vor 15 Stunden

    we the people demand a video!

  • Fee_ Lo
    Fee_ Lo Vor 15 Stunden

    They pulled the cover off and found an LS... 😂😂😂

  • Shacameliaevans 25
    Shacameliaevans 25 Vor 16 Stunden

    next episode ?

  • bridger jokela
    bridger jokela Vor 16 Stunden

    Don’t get how you can spend so much time on a build, but then reuse oil? Spend the $40.00 dude. Shortcuts are for dumb nuts.

  • xXBrandonXx
    xXBrandonXx Vor 16 Stunden

    Did you guys sell the camaro, gtr, and viper?

  • Fidelis
    Fidelis Vor 16 Stunden

    That bumper reminds me of an F430, I love it.

  • David Ellison
    David Ellison Vor 16 Stunden

    That primer in a spray can is for small areas like a rock chip or a repair the size of ur hand! Not the complete hood! U2 Girls will never learn! But whenever ur repainting the hood a year from now u will! If anyone that knows anything about painting is interested in buying this car they’re going to deduct what a paint job will cost! It’s RIDICULOUS!!! Ur working on a SUPERCAR!!! Not a HOOPTIE! & all that money u2 little girls waste on stupid stuff as u beg people to buy ur apparel then BITCHING & CRYING ABOUT $300.00 for a Heater! Something u really need! DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!!

    • David Ellison
      David Ellison Vor 5 Stunden

      Nigel Molesworth Not a chance! Been doing what they’re starting out doing for 50 years! I hate to see someone wasting opportunities! Just like them parking all the cars they’ve fixed out behind they’re shop in the weather if they want to keep them cars rent or buy a building to store them in! They’re in a area that is economically challenged so build a old factory building for cheap wouldn’t be a big deal! But once again they probably want to go first class! I have new buildings but I have a lot of old one too full of cars & trucks u have to crawl before u walk!

    • Nigel Molesworth
      Nigel Molesworth Vor 6 Stunden

      Jealous much?

  • Bill Thomas
    Bill Thomas Vor 17 Stunden

    When is the hood coming?

  • SG_ Cars
    SG_ Cars Vor 17 Stunden


  • SG_ Cars
    SG_ Cars Vor 17 Stunden

    It needs a army trip exhaust too

  • suvodeep
    suvodeep Vor 17 Stunden

    I am a automobile engineer.. if you want i can come and work with you.. for future garage project

  • Dave Pelfrey
    Dave Pelfrey Vor 17 Stunden

    I love these guys and their great can do attitudes.

  • Ricard Herrerias Pérez
    Ricard Herrerias Pérez Vor 18 Stunden

    this is the best car youtube channel i ever see, really congrats man u are amazing, healthy envy of having the car of my dreams


    Lol I saw ford written in marker🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    A piece of the mustang

  • ツUsman
    ツUsman Vor 18 Stunden

    That Ferrari would look nice if it was painted black and had yellow calipers

  • 도재욱
    도재욱 Vor 18 Stunden

    10만일때 부터 봐왔는데 대박!!

  • ツUsman
    ツUsman Vor 18 Stunden

    I was hoping Thomas fell in the box

  • STK Big-boy-101
    STK Big-boy-101 Vor 18 Stunden

    They start driving at 14:30

  • Shiv Raj
    Shiv Raj Vor 18 Stunden

    nice work

  • MikeyC-ops
    MikeyC-ops Vor 19 Stunden

    yall should put a wing on it

  • Masen Creekmore
    Masen Creekmore Vor 19 Stunden

    My girlfriend broke up with me at the football game last noght😪😪😪

  • Andrew Omeruo
    Andrew Omeruo Vor 19 Stunden

    I don't really like the rear end mods

  • pavana kumar
    pavana kumar Vor 19 Stunden

    Let me know if u r building Rolls Royce ghost

  • MrHawk
    MrHawk Vor 19 Stunden

    Why not getting a carbon hood aswell?

  • Randy Farley
    Randy Farley Vor 19 Stunden

    you want to clean that windsheild with soap and water only. Glass cleaner will cause it to fog up over time.

  • MEP101769
    MEP101769 Vor 19 Stunden


  • Wolfguard 1
    Wolfguard 1 Vor 21 Stunde

    Should've taped those open mirror holes closed before you washed it.

  • ajinkya kamble
    ajinkya kamble Vor 21 Stunde

    I want Reang Rover

  • ajinkya kamble
    ajinkya kamble Vor 21 Stunde

    Hey broo

  • Bro j ma ka kh st
    Bro j ma ka kh st Vor 22 Stunden


  • David Williams
    David Williams Vor 23 Stunden

    She gonna be sucking hot air in but I guess the intercooler sorts that

  • Paul
    Paul Vor 23 Stunden

    Lmao......I haven't heard "Doll-Hairs" in a minute!!! F'n A Man!!! Awesome!🤣😂🤣😂

  • Paul
    Paul Vor 23 Stunden

    Kerosene/Gas heaters can contaminate paints in my experience....just an fyi!!

  • Paul
    Paul Vor 23 Stunden

    I think doing the paint scheme just like the white Vorsteiner 458 would be wheels and all!! Personally, I'm a fan of yellow headlights tho!

  • RedDragon 87
    RedDragon 87 Vor 23 Stunden

    Taking a drink every time they say DUDE!!

  • Michael COLBEY
    Michael COLBEY Vor 23 Stunden

    Absolutely love you guys! keep doin what your're doin!

  • Avto Tundra
    Avto Tundra Vor 23 Stunden

    Smotriti wse Kanal KAHOWKA GARAGE krutoi vlogger Porsche delaet infinity delaet skoro Maybach delat budit on the best of the best Master of the world's greatest master

  • Tim Perilloux
    Tim Perilloux Vor Tag

    kerosene supposed to be in a blue container......

  • Justin Crim
    Justin Crim Vor Tag

    You guys are gonna run out of places to park all these nice rides lol

  • Aakash
    Aakash Vor Tag

    The damage is at the rear side of the right side of the car

  • Aakash
    Aakash Vor Tag

    There is a Rolls Royce Wraith on the auction at copart and somebody placed a bid at 89000 dollars

  • Aakash
    Aakash Vor Tag

    Why don't you guys see a Rolls Royce on the auction

  • SickBabySeals
    SickBabySeals Vor Tag

    Those wheels are going to fall off. Y'all did not install those studs properly AT ALL. They need loctite, and need to be torqued to spec.

  • Matt Hanford
    Matt Hanford Vor Tag

    THOMAS!!!! Your alive 🙏

  • Jeremy Ferguson

    I hope they put Lamborghini doors or doors like the Rolls Royce

  • Ion Racer
    Ion Racer Vor Tag


  • David Moreno
    David Moreno Vor Tag

    What about the s2k?