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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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  • Bren Maris
    Bren Maris Vor 5 Minuten

    I was an rov pilot for 12 years, there is practically nothing at the bottom of the ocean past 10k ft. Shrimp, crab and a few sharks...thats about it.

  • Khoa Pham
    Khoa Pham Vor 6 Minuten

    One of the greatest trip ever !!! So great !

  • Elsa Debroglie
    Elsa Debroglie Vor 6 Minuten

    Your mom, GOTTEM

  • Mr 2nd
    Mr 2nd Vor 7 Minuten

    Wow almost 10m subs. Really deserve it

  • Durell Nelson
    Durell Nelson Vor 7 Minuten

    My dude with the puns at the end

  • Sarath Kumar Mulugurthi

    Kurzgesagt discovered pokemons under see :)

  • Anish Sah
    Anish Sah Vor 9 Minuten

    Teacher : what is the most crucial thing for human progress? Me : a few birds

  • Matthew Moua
    Matthew Moua Vor 10 Minuten

    1:30 Pokemon!

  • Someone
    Someone Vor 10 Minuten

    Extremely well made and put together. Bravo

  • Abhis Chucky
    Abhis Chucky Vor 11 Minuten

    Very creative graphics and hats off to the graphic designers who made thia beautiful video😍

  • Justin Yeh
    Justin Yeh Vor 11 Minuten

    Wait.... That means were all trump OMG WTF AAAAAAH

  • Taylor Winter
    Taylor Winter Vor 12 Minuten

    I really appreciate the work put into the video... but I DON'T appreciate the total existential crises I've been put into. Thank you Kurzgesagt, for all your work, on all your videos.

  • 50złマン
    50złマン Vor 12 Minuten

    Interstellar BGM?

  • Sheeple Slayer
    Sheeple Slayer Vor 12 Minuten

    Hope they didn't mean, 'all islands'.. because we have not explored them all. Nowhere near.

  • dallas win
    dallas win Vor 13 Minuten

    i though they would show spongebob....... :/

  • Whitefox - Space, Tech, and Gaming

    If Subnautica was 2D :)

  • corey Wellman
    corey Wellman Vor 14 Minuten

    Why is nobody talking about the Pokemon is this video?

  • aNimE LoVer
    aNimE LoVer Vor 14 Minuten

    Imagine how many times God explains the same thing...

  • Eddie Spagetti
    Eddie Spagetti Vor 15 Minuten

    Does the queen shit ... yes ... do we see it ... no ... WOTS YOUR POINT

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover Vor 15 Minuten

    What hiding in most solitary place on earth? -PSYDUCK

  • Leon Hill
    Leon Hill Vor 15 Minuten

    This video seems to tie in with a few others I have seen from Kurzgesagt and I like how your team doesn't detach from reality (puts information forward in a matter of fact way) but hits me right in the feels at the same time. Idea, fabric/illusion of reality playlist, this, Fermi paradox, the egg, the origin of consciousness, great filters, etc. and string theory to tie them all together.

  • Carson Capo
    Carson Capo Vor 16 Minuten

    1:31 they got corosola, lileep, finneon, qwilfish, goldeen, horsea and a school of luvdisc, shiny included, they went all in for the pokefans on blaire

    • Puppet lover
      Puppet lover Vor 14 Minuten

      This remind me the music video of mac miller, come back to earth with the diver

  • Sarah
    Sarah Vor 16 Minuten

    Did anyone notice the goldeen swimming through at 1:31? 🙊♥️ You guys are awesome, I love your work.

  • Cristian Alèjandro
    Cristian Alèjandro Vor 16 Minuten

    At 1:35 there's a Goldeen!

  • Grod Co
    Grod Co Vor 16 Minuten

    I was hoping for greater coverage of mysteries of the deep and potential implications and discoveries yet to be uncovered...

  • ProXxGeo105
    ProXxGeo105 Vor 17 Minuten

    Feels like the same narrator but he’s talking a bit differently

    CHANG THENG YUE - Vor 17 Minuten

    I don't know why my antibodies are killing my hair :/

  • kidstl me
    kidstl me Vor 18 Minuten

    This was ten minutes wasted...

  • Th3Runner
    Th3Runner Vor 18 Minuten

    Please translate it in german :)

  • Kyle
    Kyle Vor 19 Minuten

    Please consider making a documentary similar to that of planet earth! No matter how long it takes, I'm willing to wait. Please consider the possibility...?.?.

  • Exterior Shock
    Exterior Shock Vor 19 Minuten

    Nice DIY project

  • HardTECHMedia
    HardTECHMedia Vor 19 Minuten

    WOW... why did I just discover this channel? The voice and animations are outstanding!

  • Dallas Schweitzer
    Dallas Schweitzer Vor 22 Minuten

    the pokemon at the beginning were a nice touch

  • Antou 57
    Antou 57 Vor 22 Minuten

    Brilliant exist in french ??

  • Jasraj Suri
    Jasraj Suri Vor 22 Minuten

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that Kurzgesagt called the deep sea *wet* in the intro

  • BlapDuck
    BlapDuck Vor 22 Minuten

    yeah nah, i've played enough Subnautica to know where not to go

  • Megumin Takahashi
    Megumin Takahashi Vor 22 Minuten

    2:12 Why is there a door?

  • lexalot
    lexalot Vor 23 Minuten

    "It's a wet desert" Excuse me what

  • Jory Jones
    Jory Jones Vor 24 Minuten

    4:57 wait did the bird in the sub just let the other bird die: this is bird on bird violence!

  • Willne Is a good guy
    Willne Is a good guy Vor 24 Minuten

    And weed isn't a drug it's a NARCOTIC

  • Michalis Fotiadis
    Michalis Fotiadis Vor 24 Minuten

    I don't care about the deep sea I want more ant episodes.

  • HugoElcabezas
    HugoElcabezas Vor 25 Minuten

    This remind me the music video of mac miller, come back to earth with the diver

  • 한도윤
    한도윤 Vor 25 Minuten

    아 왜 한국어 없냐 영어 못하는데

  • I like bananas
    I like bananas Vor 26 Minuten

    1:51 ponyo reference

  • Monochrome
    Monochrome Vor 27 Minuten

    So is nobody going to say anything about the pokemon randomly showing up?

  • The Wind And Sky
    The Wind And Sky Vor 28 Minuten

    Around 1:51 I saw Ponyo's mother ❤️

  • David Struve
    David Struve Vor 29 Minuten

    Humans have been modifying the genetics of plants since we invented farming and agriculture.... that's LITERALLY what farming is - it's just at a much slower pace. All you have to do is look at a sample of wheat from a farm and compare it to wheat found naturally to literally see the genetic modifications we have performed visually. Selective breeding ... aka the process of farming literally IS modifying the genetics of a plant to favour those genes that produce more beneficial, practical and profitable crops. Yes, it is possible to do WAY more complex and potentially unusual (and yes, harmful) things when you are altering the genetic code of things directly in a lab as compared to selective breeding .... and yes it's potentially harder to regulate than the "old-fashioned" way of doing the same thing by selective breeding (which is also possible to do within certain limits) because of the speed of genetic change - it's easier to spot and stop negative changes in selective breeding because you have more time to intervene before things become TOO bad whereas in labs the changes can be so rapid that something REALLY bad can potentially be developed and released before anyone has had time to even recognise how bad that change is, let alone react to it in an way that is effective. BUT ... and here's the most important consideration ... those same labs also have some of THE most strictest regulations, quality checks, budget constraints and oversight of their behaviour and direction than any industry we currently have, making it virtually impossible to let something really harmful slip through the net undetected or unchecked - accidentally or (especially) on purpose. Not to mention it would literally take the ENTIRE lab - from it's lowest-tier lab worker ALL the way up to the highest management not to mention politicians, financial backers and government agencies to ALL collude together in order to purposely create something remotely negative or harmful and actually get away with it and release it to the world. Of course, there is a chance food could possibly be "weaponised" in order to somehow deliver it to an enemy and harm them in some kind of Black Operation - but the chances of that being a viable tactic that would work - let alone actually be done - is so remote as to not even be a real concern. So, are GMOs Bad? No. No they're not. We've been doing it for as long as we've been growing our own food and trying to get edible plants to produce bigger, healthier, more productive and hardier more reliable harvests. It's called Farming and it's the past, present and future of food production and the only way we can ever feed the ever-growing number of hungry mouths in the world.

  • angry avacado
    angry avacado Vor 29 Minuten

    I'm in the odd class lol I love being alone and hate talking to people to the point I leave mid conversation because I get so agitated I love my job because I dont need to talk to anyone and I'm in a cell by myself 🥰

  • The Unboxing Experience
    The Unboxing Experience Vor 29 Minuten

    low key saying this is all a dream. you and everyone around you, everything that happened, it's all just a dream made up by you (or someone) but one person (or one entity) only.

  • juanme555
    juanme555 Vor 29 Minuten

    This is a great video if we're talking about trying it right now or we assumed that technology stagnated , but in reality we'll probably fuse with technology as humans and go as deep as to having tech livers , tech lungs , tech stomachs , etc. it isn't so crazy to believe that we'd eventually upgrade ourselves to be able to live on other planets , our entire history revolves around efficiency , what we call progress is actually efficiency improvements , and increase of something that already exists making it less efficient is known as a small improvement , judging by the exponential development of our race it seems rather intuitively logical that instead of us changing other planets , we'll change ourselves to better develop ourselves in other planets , it seems like the most efficient path.

  • YepoYepo01
    YepoYepo01 Vor 30 Minuten

    Did no one else notice the Pokemon?

  • Ballislife99
    Ballislife99 Vor 32 Minuten

    This video is on the German channel for some time already.

  • MeisterColin
    MeisterColin Vor 32 Minuten

    lol all the pokemon in the coral reef scene

  • Zamir Pestano
    Zamir Pestano Vor 32 Minuten

    Truck-kun strikes again

  • John Lloyd
    John Lloyd Vor 32 Minuten

    so if everyone is this guy, and he had a wife and a child. does that mean he f'd himself?

  • Bhoduk Buildz
    Bhoduk Buildz Vor 33 Minuten

    There was lileep and goldeen in the vid

  • Stefan
    Stefan Vor 33 Minuten

    You said: Let s dive down? where else to dive except down?

  • Yugandhar Takalikar
    Yugandhar Takalikar Vor 33 Minuten

    When is kurzgesagt uploading the ants2 video?

  • Wan Muaz Hurayth Wan Muhd Hisham

    finally i can learn about the deep sea by kurzgesagt

  • Bill46Lexis
    Bill46Lexis Vor 34 Minuten

    This is deep. One of the best videos I've ever made.

  • j2times2006
    j2times2006 Vor 34 Minuten

    Man I love this channel

  • Taylor Day
    Taylor Day Vor 34 Minuten

    Megalodon is down there we learned this already.

  • Gta Vice city
    Gta Vice city Vor 37 Minuten

    hi sir, love to see ur videos. Can u plzz tell me which app do u use to make ur videos.

  • Axel Tayron
    Axel Tayron Vor 37 Minuten

    You put water pokemons too😂👍

  • • I am a Funny YouTuber lol

    Wait did he just say video games to Finnish lol.

  • Bern Zion
    Bern Zion Vor 37 Minuten

    Is it just me or i just saw a couple of water pokemons

    2GUD4U LAWRENCE Vor 38 Minuten

    Omg that made me so happy to see the Ponyo reference at the start of the video

  • Iliuță Adrian
    Iliuță Adrian Vor 38 Minuten

    I swear the quality of these videos is only getting better

  • Barf Salamandruid
    Barf Salamandruid Vor 38 Minuten

    So fascinating. Beautiful <3 cant wait till we find more.

  • VolTer
    VolTer Vor 38 Minuten

    4:08 Reference to whale falls?

  • M C
    M C Vor 40 Minuten

    Plastic bag: Nothing can kill me! Elon Musk: Are you sure about that?

  • Tommy Gunawan
    Tommy Gunawan Vor 40 Minuten

    Wait whattt??? This is new?? I mean, i think i watched this a long time ago.

  • batuhan yesilbursa
    batuhan yesilbursa Vor 42 Minuten

    I'll be playing a lot of subnautica this week.

  • iodineclip
    iodineclip Vor 42 Minuten

    What exactly can be discovered in the deepest ocean? I mean we have been to the deepest part of it right?

  • TqLxQuanZ
    TqLxQuanZ Vor 42 Minuten

    2:05 then suddenly a wild reaper leviathan appears and you start screaming

  • Why You Sad
    Why You Sad Vor 43 Minuten

    Oh, I didn't know plastic bags were extremophiles. What a wonderful creature!

  • Ryan Potter
    Ryan Potter Vor 44 Minuten

    Or there's another type 3 civilization keeping a watch over us and making sure we don't find out that we're just their test subjects

  • P1X3L GuN
    P1X3L GuN Vor 44 Minuten


  • P1X3L GuN
    P1X3L GuN Vor 44 Minuten

    ITS WET AND DEADLY 😂😂😂😂😢😢😂😂

  • rondo 11
    rondo 11 Vor 45 Minuten


  • ᗰҽllᎧᏇ
    ᗰҽllᎧᏇ Vor 45 Minuten

    i saw goldeen, horsea and luvdisc

  • A Random Guy
    A Random Guy Vor 46 Minuten

    I'm sad we didn't get to see the creepy bigfin squid ;_; Look them up! They're *REAL* nightmare fuel.

  • Gustavo Moura
    Gustavo Moura Vor 46 Minuten

    And no bird die !

  • xd Flamebriar
    xd Flamebriar Vor 46 Minuten

    I like all the little Pokémon hidden throughout the video. In the first part, I barely even noticed them. Amazingly well done

  • Tejas Jadhav
    Tejas Jadhav Vor 48 Minuten

    Thats a Lot of incest

    • blah blah man
      blah blah man Vor 10 Minuten

      more like masturbating cause you only fucked yourself.

  • Christopher Albovias
    Christopher Albovias Vor 48 Minuten

    lileep, goldeen, quilfish, corsola

  • David Ringelspaugh
    David Ringelspaugh Vor 48 Minuten

    would coating the walls in lead be effective?

  • Shellrockguy
    Shellrockguy Vor 48 Minuten

    1:34 I can see 5 Pokémon here

  • Mark the shark
    Mark the shark Vor 48 Minuten

    “Wet” and “desert” don’t go along with each other but I know what u mean 🙃

  • Al Anton
    Al Anton Vor 49 Minuten

    So the 2 degree climate change is the big problem! How do we solve that since it is caused by sunspot and/or volcanic activity and has nothing to do with our imaginary "carbon footprint"? (But please don't stop throwing money at Chicken Little.)

  • Punished Szturm
    Punished Szturm Vor 51 Minute

    I think many people watched this video but didn’t totally absorb its contents. The point isn’t to just accept that you’re lonely, but to try and change it during your everyday life. Try and reach out to someone who may be experiencing it too at work, or at school, or maybe strike up conversation. You can’t get over that anxiety and that feeling of loneliness if you don’t try. People are scary, and seeing the potential of messing up a social interaction is scary as well, but you won’t get better at it if you don’t practice. It’s like drawing, or playing music, or even online gaming. Sure, you can do the same thing for hours and be content with your progress, but sometimes you have to try new techniques, strategies, even seek help for those parts you just can’t seem to get right. You all can do it, trust me, I do believe in you.

  • Sammy G
    Sammy G Vor 51 Minute

    I like your video, but do you want me to go fucking vegan?

  • Selena
    Selena Vor 51 Minute

    The deep seas is full of mysteries and never bores me with whatever is being discovered.

  • Pixel NIGHT
    Pixel NIGHT Vor 52 Minuten

    Anyone notice the Pokémon?

  • RantsandRambles
    RantsandRambles Vor 52 Minuten

    How do you have a point that is zero dimensions? I'm having trouble with this

  • decrisp1252
    decrisp1252 Vor 52 Minuten

    1:51 Ponyo reference

  • Wahyu Ganteng
    Wahyu Ganteng Vor 53 Minuten

    Ada orang indo nyasar kesini? 😁😀

  • CrazyChris
    CrazyChris Vor 53 Minuten

    Getting heavy Subnautica vibes from this video..... I like it 🐠

  • decrisp1252
    decrisp1252 Vor 53 Minuten

    I’ve been here since 100k and I can’t believe how you have improved over all this time! I love the channel, keep doing what you do!

  • TheFinalWake
    TheFinalWake Vor 53 Minuten

    There’s always a bigger fish