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    Hi I have videos also with the moon risen, must have to upload to your channel if you want

  • *N13 *
    *N13 * Vor year

    James, the reason why I cannot get the Southern Hemisphere is because the Earth is spherical. All of those other districts are on the inside.

  • sue khiss
    sue khiss Vor year

    oi James tudo bem? Meu marido Gabriel e eu Suzanne estamos vivendo no Brazil agora e se voce estiver na regiao de Jundiai - SP vem nos ver para a gente conversar vai ser muito interesante. Meu numero do whats 11-9-8507-4184. um abraço.

  • Dany Leclerc
    Dany Leclerc Vor year

    do you ever watch the comments are you are just having fun try to scare poeple

  • Dany Leclerc
    Dany Leclerc Vor year

    thank you by the way to show me the news around the world it help me with my research.and im good friends with the 1 above i got orion in my face and on the side of my stomach all natural no tattoo

  • Dany Leclerc
    Dany Leclerc Vor year

    its 360 days 5 weeks for 5 minutes 6 days for 6 degrees month are all 30 days for 30 degrees 30 x 12 360 degrees. saturday was put after the first 1000 years. what happening it happen every 2000 years welcome in 1999

  • Dany Leclerc
    Dany Leclerc Vor year

    season are because the universal time is like clock how can we do 365.246 days when do we do that 2.46 day well to fix it they put 1 more day after 4 years.

  • Dany Leclerc
    Dany Leclerc Vor year

    type youtube 0007

  • Dany Leclerc
    Dany Leclerc Vor year

    we are all conect together the more people cry the more it rains

  • Dany Leclerc
    Dany Leclerc Vor year

    john paul john wrote the song stairway in 2 hour no time to plan the backward parts and even the solo works

  • Dany Leclerc
    Dany Leclerc Vor year

    in the north you can see to planet behind the sun at sunset and this was in the news

  • Dany Leclerc
    Dany Leclerc Vor year

    it will crash in the dome and water will come in

  • Dany Leclerc
    Dany Leclerc Vor year

    well there is right for some stuff and if you think that the world can continue like that i can send you the picture off a big planete that turns over are head

  • susan hamann
    susan hamann Vor year

    I'm looking for your video where you were traveling and lost every thing but the car. I watched it just today, then can't find it anywhere.

  • High Desert Exile

    Wheres that video that shows the stars?

  • AyyeItsEm X
    AyyeItsEm X Vor year

    I've been debunking all your "proof" Try again.

  • Holocene Event
    Holocene Event Vor year

    Where are you getting the recent map for weather patterns you have shown, the color coordinated one.

  • shomva
    shomva Vor year

    New to your channel, but really love it! Great videos & so much info ... Thank You! Haarped eggs gotta be my fav, too funny! Plus the reggae 8) Take Care & be Safe James !!!

  • TheBexi
    TheBexi Vor year

    James, have you looked into the Hypogeum? If not, look it up! I wonder if it could be a gate to another district.

  • am c
    am c Vor year

    I saw something very weird last night : the moon reversing its course coming from east to south, and also twice what seemed like the moon but too big in the sky wobbling like a ball. Does anyone have an idea what is going on? Thank you, it is creepy...

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas Vor year

    Those censors hey. play word reversal such a BEAUTIFUL sky coulours are LOVELY

  • Mark Sigler
    Mark Sigler Vor year

    James, have you looked into who these so called aliens are. From a christian standpoint they have been here since the fall of their fathers. Also the book of Enoch is a good study. Also you should see if L.A. Marzulli would do an interview

  • Linda Tucker
    Linda Tucker Vor year

    Yesterday in Newton Abbot Devon England i noticed that the trees were blowing to Left and the leaves on the ground were blowing to the right you could smell the warm heat and the sky was weird

  • Chris Holland /Djcdwizz

    Red sun in uk caused by hurricane ya right and iv got three heads.

  • Personalfire1
    Personalfire1 Vor year

    James, please cover the Wine Country Fires in California, especially potential causes.

  • NvrMissBravo
    NvrMissBravo Vor year

    I'm so mad that I didn't get to see the last video before it was deleted. I only saw half of it ! 😬

  • Rodrigo Rivera
    Rodrigo Rivera Vor year

    the redneck X files

  • Lara Chaney
    Lara Chaney Vor year

    has anyone noticed Googles flat earth logo today TUESDAY **October 10, 2017 ---- IT IS A DOMED FLAT EARTH with the sun and the moon rotating within... hidden in plain sight people

  • tim heaven
    tim heaven Vor year

    Is Antarctica a distraction? We hear a lot about it .What about the North pole? Some of the same maps that show detailed coastline of Antarctica show land masses at the north pole. There are even stories about Mt. Meru, a magnetite mountain that witnesses claimed could pull the nails out of boats.Seems odd to me. REPLY

  • love and peace
    love and peace Vor year

    Hello James, I like your Channel very much. Thanks for all your good Information.I ve sent you 2 emails Today with Pictures from the Northpol, before they turned of the Cams in 2013. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. You can see Strange Things (Sun, planets, Simulator, Ufos?) on this Pictures. I tookScreenshoots. THE WHOLE WORLD should see this,- whats going on there? (I am from Germany, my english is not so good,- sorry - Please watch this Pictures)Pictures from North pole environmental Observatory, Polar Science Center, cam2

  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams Vor year

    What happened to the Las Vegas shooting video? I watched it to the end, refreshed the page due to comments no showing up, and it was removed... already?

  • Deon & Deon’s
    Deon & Deon’s Vor year

    james where you at man you alright ?

  • Eleonora tyr
    Eleonora tyr Vor year

    where are you James....we miss you already...?????

  • Tiffany Higgins
    Tiffany Higgins Vor year

    I just subscribed because I like your channel. I believe in what you are trying to teach us. Thank you for hanging in there.

    FREEDOM33 Vor year


  • cynthia bennett-rogers

    Hello: I just wanted to let you know that I love your channel. You are my new favorite dude. I really like the way you go outside of the obvious on many issues, and show no fear! America needs more people to storm the media with the truth, no matter how unbelievable it may appear to be!

  • valentinbeholder

    yo im sorry i spam under newest video... but i think you should know everything what i have on hearth and mind... great channel peace and stay safe :) Hi from Czech Republic

  • Tom Sender
    Tom Sender Vor year

    James, awesome work! This world is a crazy place. It has all ways been a crazy place. To paraphrase King Crimson: I hope someday we can look back and laugh, but tomorrow I fear I'll be crying...

  • Armani Aguilera
    Armani Aguilera Vor year

    Hey I recorded a vid how can I sent it to you it's about the 923

  • Jack Univers
    Jack Univers Vor year

    Hello, can someone tell me why messenger of the apocalypse (angel of Apocalypse) is deleted. Understand me... I´m a fan from THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE but i also watch all the Vid´s from the Messenger of the apocalypse. Since some days the channel is deleted. Why? With regards Jack PS.: Sorry for my english ^^

  • M Kales
    M Kales Vor year

    Karen Hudes stated a nuclear device was set off in Oct 2013 .600 miles off coast of South Carolina can anyone find the seismic reports???

  • Ava Anderson-Kemper

    Can you tell me why there is an obviously blocked out portion in Stellarium just below the start Cursa which you will have to zero in on Rigel to see, then move the curser down to the star marked with the trident? I would give you a screen shot, but it apparently didn't come up on the screen shot. I know you have Stellarium or something similar. Go look.

  • T•S•M TrippyStateOfMind

    Okay, Im not a expert, but i have more sense than half of these fucking Americans who blindly follow the fake news and government instead of thinking for themselves. Now first the constitution of the United States of America states In political philosophy, states the right of revolution is the right or duty of the people of a nation to overthrow a government that acts against their common interests and/or threatens the safety of the people without probable cause. Stated throughout history in one form or another, the belief in this right has been used to justify various revolutions, including the English Civil War, the American Revolution and the French Revolution. Now even if the Chem trails is bullshit they are dumping pollution and waste on populated areas, endangering civilians and wildlife. That's just one reason right there. Not to mention the hundreds of other reasons we have. Now why don't we? well cause everyone is just saying we should (easier said than done) and they aren't really acting. Also because if we even tried they would send in the national guard to detain and kill off any revolvers so they can stay in power. This is Tyranny, Every Military personal fights for liberty not Tyranny. And the second we see 1 civilian murdered because or by the government... Well its game on. Government officials in your best interest to step up an be the bigger man and tell the truth and be safe. Or, well haha see you in hell scum bags. Share this if you are True American and believe we need a new government.

  • MM DC
    MM DC Vor year

    I was just watching the conference of the breakthrough energy movement about the twin towers, when it got deleted...

  • Paul O'Riordan
    Paul O'Riordan Vor year

    Wow James that was a great 2hrs 35mins about cold fusion. Really good and glad I got to see it before you pulled it

    • Alan Rintalan
      Alan Rintalan Vor year

      ..........a " dam consultant LEAKER was murdered............Tiffany jenkS

  • tony red
    tony red Vor year

    And Nibiru is coming ...........that is a planet FULL of pure blooded white race reptilians !!!! They are killing non-whites and BLACK people and eating them getting ready for the family on Nibiru to come to earth ....... They will join the PURE blood full blooded reptilian whites on the earth !!!!..... the plan is to KILL and EAT the non-whites and black people !!!!!!!!! That's the plan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tony red
    tony red Vor year

    Why don't you tell the people the TRUTH !!!!! That ALL white people are together in on these plans !!!!! ALL white people are reptilian vampire aliens that EAT non-white people !!!!! And you know this !!!!!! PURE blooded white people will be spared and saved in this NWO .... hell they can't die anyways because they are immortal !!! NON-WHITES are the target ALL non-whites will die !!!!! Most of these people dying in these storms and disasters are non-white and they are being eaten by PURE blood white people , which are reptilian aliens same as vampires ........ The NWO is here !!!!! and it is a WHITE world order .... or Aryan world order !!!! all Pure blooded white people are in on it they are all the royals ... all the same !!!!! THAT'S THE TRUTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Theempero
    Theempero Vor year

    you need to go look at your email. mail send

  • Thomas Schaumann

    Hello James I was wondering if you have done a video yet on the map you use with the extra areas on it. If you haven't could you please do one to explain how it works. If you already have done one could you point me to it. The map you use is the Earthnullschool map Thanks Thomas

  • Furr Burger
    Furr Burger Vor year

    You might...'WANT TO WATCH'....!! Slang is MIGHTY bad for kids reading this...BAD example!!

  • elaine klym
    elaine klym Vor year

    how do i share a pic

  • Susan Perez
    Susan Perez Vor year

    james i like that piano at the end of many videos soothing

  • Pacific Vape
    Pacific Vape Vor year

    wow! I keep getting unsubscribed!

  • Natural State Native

    How can I send private message?

    • Nest1089
      Nest1089 Vor year

      That's what I've been trying to figure out for years! Lol

  • Fajrant1000
    Fajrant1000 Vor year

    "What are chemtrails. This poison that is being sprayed into the atmosphere." This is what cleverbot got to say

  • mi buy
    mi buy Vor year

    Loud rumbles and shaking windows woke hundreds of residents across Adelaide in the early hours of Saturday 2nd September 2017 South Australians awoken by a mysterious tremor - but Geoscience Australia says it wasn’t an earthquake. David Love, Seismologist with the Seismological Association of Australia, said he was reluctant to speculate about what might have caused the tremors, except to say it was possibly “something occuring in the atmosphere”.

  • Timothy O'Connor

    James, I used to work at the Bohemian Grove. I know alot. Alot more than I can say here.

  • Ruth Cohen Harif

    Shalom from Jerusalem, I know what the sound is in Iran. Well at least have some clue. Right now here in Israel we are preparing for our Jewish New Year in a few weeks time. At that time we blow the rams horn, the shofar in our prayers. Many people walk around blowing shofars in the streets at this time. That sound in Iran sounds like shofar, not the normal one either. However this sound is not the normal sound, it sounds sinister and threatening. To me, it is a heavenly warning to Iran. This time of the year in Israel is the judgement period where you have to make your way straight with God as your future is being deceided by the Heavenly Court. Most people here incuding those not very religious take this very seriously. So from our point of view, considering the time factor, the upcoming Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and the importance of the Shofar, this is a heavenly judgement on Iran. Considering that Iran regularally threatens to wipe us out.. it would be very appropriate. Also they are now coming up to our borders very very very close. Iran Judgement is upon you.

  • The Seer Judah
    The Seer Judah Vor year

    Many people are hearing the trumpets in the sky all over the world since 2013 and there are many videos of it

  • David Smith
    David Smith Vor year

    would you like to know about ALL the suns you are seeing. its elementary in understanding, then i would like to share with you the bigger answer of (WHY AND HOW)

  • TheseEyesHaveSeen

    OH yes..There Is A Monster On The Loose

  • TheseEyesHaveSeen

    I think Steppenwolf knew all this shit was coming down many years ago

  • Cm Kotarski
    Cm Kotarski Vor year

    quick question, new Mandela effect online says Brazil capitol is not Rio it is Brasilia, is this true that it changed in 1960?

  • - Evan's Mad Zoo

    Why did you take out the video ''open you eyes, son'' ? Thank you.

  • Shawn Bluejacket-Roccamo

    Chen trails? Seriously, that isn't even science

  • Flo Gariepy
    Flo Gariepy Vor year

    How do I send a picture ? I have a photo of the sun in front of clouds this morning .

  • Travis Memolo
    Travis Memolo Vor year

    Hope this channel doesn't get hit by the new DEclips censorship they are about to implement on people trying to push the TRUTH out to the world

  • Roll this way
    Roll this way Vor year

    Great info and presented direct and confident.Remember Flat Earth Closed system,. Never worry no outer space.Innerspace is a defined area much smaller than deception lie of reality...globe,planets,solar system to hide the truth of God's glorious creation Flat Mother Earth an enclosed system with the Firmament which causes slot of the visual anolomies in our sky.Moon and Sun same size be driving set but rotate above with the Stars as we sit perfectly still untill Earth Qaukes moves Mother Earth.Key facts that keep it really mellow 6 days no time to do outterspace....Deal with it because it's all really the truth.God bless us all...~PEACE~ 😎✌

  • Neoma Henry
    Neoma Henry Vor year


  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas Vor year

    James surprised you did not cover the lightning storm in the U.K . THOR WAS DEFINITELY OUT . All manner of lightning records were smashed as well as a months fall of rain in a night .

  • Dark Gourmet
    Dark Gourmet Vor year

    Warning: CGI will see the wrath of God. And it's a weaponized psychological disgust! They say fake news wait until they realize the CGI reality, go wear your virtual reality visors they promote.. Here's the future and it's no thanks to the CGI scum, creational exploiting humans living thinking they're smart with their methods of creation by exploiting the mysteries for their own agenda!

  • IMCinders
    IMCinders Vor year

    Have you seen the movie Home 2015? Animated, character Boov helps girl find her mom, she was put in Australia, and when we see it from above, it is a collection of domed cities.

  • ZeTTT3R
    ZeTTT3R Vor year

    About weather, i dont know if its imortant but in Sweden the last 10-15 years or so, its been veeeery windy and stormy. Some of my friends and colleagues has also noticed that. I cant remember it was like that back in the days. Its a kind of weather change.

  • ZeTTT3R
    ZeTTT3R Vor year

    I watched some videos here about the sun being harvest with huges machines or something, sure as hell the ISS looks like a big harvest machine with BIG tubes and containers made of steel to store the energy, riiiight ? sorry my bad English.

  • in zep
    in zep Vor year

    I have a video and couple pictures to share... Where can I send them?

  • Johanna koster
    Johanna koster Vor year

    I have a question you have read the book of Henoch there it is all told that is an original part of the bible Also about the water creatures and the sun and the moon that part is not placed in our bible as well as the 22 other parts they left out read it sometime Because it told the origin of everything

    • M D
      M D Vor year

      book of Enoch is a great detailed reference point


      What is the question , please

  • Bachir ZOUZ
    Bachir ZOUZ Vor year

    I have a picture of french newspaper today with 2 sun !! need your email I send it to you please

  • mogzey36
    mogzey36 Vor year

    Our sky tonight is weird as, Here in the U.K only wish I had a decent camera. It is 11.10pm Wed 28th June 17. Its like a trillion Son t sodium light bulbs the same type of bulb used in street lights, It should be pitch black, but I have noticed it don't seem to get pitch black no more. It seems to stay light in the north east area. And to NNW it is still light enough to drive without headlights. Don't worry about the sheeple That is impossible, You get trolls everywhere, don't let them get to you dude. They will be the ones that will be left behind in the KNOW. Keep up your good work

  • Mike Christer
    Mike Christer Vor year

    I want to know why they want to ship the continents. Do you know?


      thats an awesome question mate. Create an expensive solution ?

  • David Long
    David Long Vor year

    check that out

  • FixItStupid
    FixItStupid Vor year

    Stock Buy back Dead Already 3 NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS, STILL BURNING ...Japan, So Why Its. A Nuclear END. One Way, Or The Other. 1957 The Price Anderson Act. Legalized Nuclear Murder.. In 1970 The Book " Population Control Though Nuclear Pollution " By Dr.Tamplin & Dr Gofman Found That Cancer & 1800 Other Health Problems From Nuclear, Lie's Killing The Earth & The Next Earth Quake. Do You Think They Fixed The Reactors? JAPAN 3 Nuclear Reactor Melt Downs, & All Contents Of Spent Fuel Pools, In The Pacific Ocean In Our Environment. Man-Made Nuclear Isotopes Are Now In The Hydrological Cycle. & Next Nuclear Disaster. Is A Mathematical Certainty ..Due To The Algorithm Of Greed..The Nuclear Lies Have Cost Us Everything...Bad Money = Nuclear WAR

  • Matthew Lautersack

    I just want to say that this channel is hilarious. I think it's awfully clever how well you exploit Poe's Law in your comedy. The sad thing is that some people actually believe the things you are saying and don't realize that your videos are not meant to be taken seriously. Imagine how crazy someone would have to be to think that any of the stuff on this channel was real. Keep up the good work and continue to make us laugh.

    • erico
      erico Vor year

      f*ck you matthew.

    • M D
      M D Vor year

      Relatively infinite flat plane of 1st dimensional sentient life and there is always good and bad in all

    • Alexandre Herkenhoff Gama
      Alexandre Herkenhoff Gama Vor year

      Keep up with the good work only IF people are not dumb.

  • Aimee whitmore
    Aimee whitmore Vor year

    Everyone focuses on the south pole but why not the north? It doesnt even show up at all on google earth? Yet when you scroll in there are a few pictures and one small strip they forgot to cover up where you can zoom in. so why are they hiding that? Would love to see a video about it.

  • adrian wing
    adrian wing Vor year

    Listen to these two songs backwards and make a video about them just to show people please. Boom Boom by John Lee hooked Standing at the crossroads by Elmore james. it's a lifetime experience

  • Juan Thomas
    Juan Thomas Vor year

    I'm gonna mail you something.

  • FixItStupid
    FixItStupid Vor year

    Dead Already 3 NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS, STILL BURNING ...Just So You Know, Why Its. A Nuclear END. One Way, Or The Other. 1957 The Price Anderson Act. Legalized Nuclear Murder.. In 1970 The Book " Population Control Though Nuclear Pollution " By Dr.Tamplin & Dr Gofman Found That Cancer & 1800 Other Health Problems From Nuclear, Lie's Killing The Earth & The Next Earth Quake. Do You Think They Fixed The Reactors? JAPAN 3 Nuclear Reactor Melt Downs, & All Contents Of Spent Fuel Pools, In The Pacific Ocean In Our Environment. Man-Made Nuclear Isotopes Are Now In The Hydrological Cycle. & Next Nuclear Disaster. Is A Mathematical Certainty ..Due To The Algorithm Of Greed..The Nuclear Lies Have Cost Us Everything...Bad Money = Nuclear WAR

  • Armed Patriot
    Armed Patriot Vor year

    I need my daily fix James!!!

  • Dynamis
    Dynamis Vor year

    You alive? It has been three days... Nasa didn't abduct you did they?

  • Lexie Landon
    Lexie Landon Vor year

    New subscribers here ❤

  • Lyndon Lucier
    Lyndon Lucier Vor year

    why did you turn off the comments on my post when i asked you why you said brazil is close to antarctica ????

    • Jesse Breen
      Jesse Breen Vor year

      Lyndon, this is happening to all sorts of truthers Dill Martin can't respond to any of his subs, my comments are being put under the wrong above statements You Tube's A.I. is on a rampage & loads of things are not as they should be & do not add up. When posting something it is of use to re post your comment & the later comment together as it appears That Is Impossible can't read what you posted or does not understand.


      Hello Lyndon ! Im sorry i dont understand.

  • valentin valentin

    How can I send you a raw video ?

  • Gerry p
    Gerry p Vor 2 years

    Re: Operation Highjump, looks like the encounter against a superior force was edited out in this Navy Documentary cum Fiction.

  • Tracey Wheeler
    Tracey Wheeler Vor 2 years

    Did you receive my email with photos attached, same as my profile, if that isn't the Red Dragon of old I dont know what it is.... Sit tight everyone, hells not coming, already here, stop waiting for it and believe your own eyes, God bless all.

  • Lich Pham
    Lich Pham Vor 2 years

    it is great works. i have a lot of photos and videos like that. i am a sky lover.

  • John Daniel Hubbard
    John Daniel Hubbard Vor 2 years

    hey where you guys at?

  • Dacone710
    Dacone710 Vor 2 years

    Check out the video I took 2 days ago 2 suns. Wtf? Go to Dacone710

      THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE Vor 2 years

      +Dacone710 wow its something there does not not look like a sun dog

  • Isra Onderzoekt
    Isra Onderzoekt Vor 2 years

    If we want to make a difference, focus on video for the children. If they pick it up it goes wild! Children are truth seekers! Little hints in geography video's!

    GIGGLR Vor 2 years

    Sick vidz! Love your style, keep it up! ^K

  • Jerry Sprigs
    Jerry Sprigs Vor 2 years

    Hey guys, like your work,! I'm new to all this youtube stuff but I have pics to share with you if interested. When I uploaded it didn't come out well but willing to mail the crystal clear ones I have if you like.

  • Tonya Montgomery
    Tonya Montgomery Vor 2 years

    Hello! I just subscribed and I have a perfect picture of nibiru (I think)! How can I upload it to this site?!

  • Tracey Wheeler
    Tracey Wheeler Vor 2 years

    Email address, can't find it, do u wanna send me and I can send u the original photo which the profile pic came from, cheers, trace 😊

  • Tracey Wheeler
    Tracey Wheeler Vor 2 years

    made it clearer.

  • Tracey Wheeler
    Tracey Wheeler Vor 2 years

    No it wasn't the moon, I took a photo of the moon and there was a dull red patch in the photo also, so I enlarged and m

  • Tracey Wheeler
    Tracey Wheeler Vor 2 years

    Think the bright red orb u r getting is a projection, not real, look for the dull red patch and enhance. They're givin us something else to look at ie: projection as its nearer on our doorstep. Tracey 😊

      THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE Vor 2 years

      +Tracey Wheeler yes i believe so its local not everyone is seeing it but for instance check description for location

  • Tracey Wheeler
    Tracey Wheeler Vor 2 years

    Hi just wanted u to have a look at my profile photo. I took a photo of the moon one evening as it was looking odd, I noticed a faint blurry object in the photo, I enlarged it and sharpened up the photo and this is what I got. I believe its nibiru, if u take a look u can see a round object in the centre with all the dust around it. I notice in your video u have the moon then a bright red planet but if u look after that u will see a dull red object which isn't a lens flare as it moves with the moon when u move the camera, check it out, enlarge and sharpen photo, thanks Tracey, let me know how u get on.

  • 281tanker
    281tanker Vor 2 years

    Dude! Where did you hear that we took ALL THE SAND from the bottom of our oceans!? Are you kidding me? Do you realize what a MASSIVE effort that would be? You need to do some FACT CHECKING.

  • Saul AnHeart
    Saul AnHeart Vor 2 years

    Hey just looking at your impossible speed video of bruce lee and I have to implore you to look at me doing one of his kicks, I'm not joking and I would love love love a second opinion. My whole body disappears, look at my video and pause it roughly on 5 or 6 seconds. If you watch this, it may make your day - at the very least.

    • Saul AnHeart
      Saul AnHeart Vor 2 years

      Yeh man, I oversold it, fair enough the frame rate is terrible but if you still do the math how can it have my whole body invisible whilst still videoing behind whatevers behind me. It's cool, write it off, but thank you none the less.

      THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE Vor 2 years

      Hi Saul! Thank you very much ! I will check it right away! Get back to you in a gip!

  • TheBros2theend
    TheBros2theend Vor 2 years

    um....hi, new here, nice to see yall....just thought i should point out the about part of this says tunes not times.....kthxbie

    • TheBros2theend
      TheBros2theend Vor 2 years

      +THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE oh ok thanks :)

      THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE Vor 2 years

      Hello Mate. We changed that like a thousand times, and it keeps getting edited back to tunes....Now...that is a myth we will surely never bust. Thanks for the heads up though

  • Gray Lind
    Gray Lind Vor 2 years


  • Cindy Kline
    Cindy Kline Vor 2 years

    FB doesn't allow much. I'd save the more controversial stuff for here. We don't want to lose you!

  • Leah Cooper
    Leah Cooper Vor 2 years

    RE: ISS hovering over unknown territory" video....."Of course we can't see the earth because it's DARK???????? WTF???? What kind of an idiotic comment is THAT??

      THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE Vor 2 years

      Hi Leah I have matched the moment from this FEED with the HD feed and they both differ its supposed to be day....on this feed you are watching and what confirms that is the Sun flickering constantly....Just pay attention to the recording watch is as many times as you want....its not a normal one ...came from a trustworthy source...Im telling you....Sometimes its on our faces and we aren't able to see it. Thank you for your time Leah

  • Cindy Kline
    Cindy Kline Vor 2 years

    James, Michelle really wants to reach you. She gave me her contact info but I don't want to post it here.

    • Cindy Kline
      Cindy Kline Vor 2 years

      Me? Yes I'm fine, thank you. Just tough to talk on this channel ...

      THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE Vor 2 years

      I think i managed to talk to her....right? are you ok?

  • Cindy Kline
    Cindy Kline Vor 2 years

    Crap, that's lame. If people don't like stuff they should just change the channel. You're missed James ...

  • Cindy Kline
    Cindy Kline Vor 2 years

    You're gone again James. What happened?

  • Cindy Kline
    Cindy Kline Vor 2 years

    What happened to James LeFleur?