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Who has the Best PC at LTT??
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We Got the China-Only Huawei TV!
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I will build you a PC. Seriously.
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10 ways Windows is just BETTER
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Android 10 is here and I like it.
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A Fanboy's Note 10/10+ Review
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Apple iPhone 11 REACTION!!
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World's First 300Hz GAMING Display
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We're Hiring again... AGAIN!?!?
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The All-ROG Gaming PC!
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Block EVERY Online Ad with THIS
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How We Make a Video in ONE Day
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2019 Best Back to School Laptops
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Summer 2019 GPU Buyer’s Guide
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10 Ways Mac OS is just BETTER
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The LMG Lounge is FINALLY Done
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Cheap vs. Expensive Gaming!?
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We Destr… Hydro Dipped a $1200 GPU!
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Challenging Apple's New Mac Pro
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Reassembling our $40,000 Camera
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NOW is the iPad Pro a Computer??
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Does a Case Make Your Phone Slower?
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What on earth is a "Roller Mouse"??
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Make your Mouse Better for CHEAP
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  • User100
    User100 Vor Stunde

    7:46 That Bioshock Infinite cosplay prop!!

  • TendTheEpicGamer
    TendTheEpicGamer Vor Stunde

    I’m gonna say the forbidden word. R Y Z E N

  • Jeffery Bimbopdibbity

    That body pillow was a great touch

  • Christoph Erwerle
    Christoph Erwerle Vor Stunde

    Tyler 100% posts on r/nosleep

  • Electronic guy
    Electronic guy Vor Stunde


  • hello im jerry
    hello im jerry Vor Stunde


  • RighteousBruce
    RighteousBruce Vor Stunde

    This was a great video lol

  • murat çelik
    murat çelik Vor Stunde

    MY FAV : UX781 INTEL İ9 9980 & RTX2080 17' INC 4K AND 144HZ 3MS WAG = WORK AND GAME

  • Semion Nathanielsen

    He's just looking for stolen tech

  • h g
    h g Vor Stunde

    So much to Intel's "real world performance" advantage over AMD.

  • Karthikeyan Vaithilingam


  • RyanCharles
    RyanCharles Vor Stunde

    Hmmm, i think that runner would be me with a i5-760, asus p7h55-m, 8gb of ram, and an biostar rx560 graphics card. What do you guys think?🤣😝🤔🤔🤔

  • Dante Alighieri
    Dante Alighieri Vor Stunde

    Eurgh the Windows Registry is absolutely awful. True, it's great for customization, but it's needlessly complex, utterly baffling, the available types are poorly defined and the naming conventions make little sense, etc.

  • OGT Gaming
    OGT Gaming Vor Stunde

    Tylers really need to learn how to clean, blehhhhh nasty.

  • PhantomG
    PhantomG Vor Stunde

    from more than $1.000 into $200 12:55

  • Alek Jan
    Alek Jan Vor Stunde

    who said Canadians are honest? eh?

  • CaptBooyah
    CaptBooyah Vor Stunde

    Poor Tyler. Plays Trolls. F.

  • Luke Manuel
    Luke Manuel Vor Stunde

    When is linus' revenge for colton's pregnancy prank for CSF

  • Agneesh Saha
    Agneesh Saha Vor Stunde

    ssssssssssssssssssstop it , annoying.

  • honeymak
    honeymak Vor Stunde

    i like miniatures too ^_^

  • jakob findlay
    jakob findlay Vor Stunde


  • Exalaxy X
    Exalaxy X Vor Stunde

    Linus: *checking his employee's setups* Linus: *actually checking if they stole anything from office*

  • Amiel Malay
    Amiel Malay Vor Stunde

    That "Annoying Eagle" bit cracks me up every time! Thanks, Linus. Already ordered a Home Mini. Shiuld be here any day now.

  • Minh Nguyen Nhat
    Minh Nguyen Nhat Vor Stunde

    Still worth buying in 2019? Its for 240$

  • Faraday Sage
    Faraday Sage Vor Stunde

    Does it report to the PLA directly or just stream directly to them?

  • thisisyourboss
    thisisyourboss Vor Stunde

    Lmfao do I really need to say more then and an old 2013 imac 😂😂

  • Sh4d0ws
    Sh4d0ws Vor Stunde

    8:15 Asmongold would be proud!

  • Daniel Lewandowski
    Daniel Lewandowski Vor Stunde

    not true lol ** sales increase ! lol better equipment means that you are willing to spend more lol.. but i know people that play with potato quality and absolutely shred!!!!

  • CyLo
    CyLo Vor Stunde

    Tyler = True g33k :)

  • Ezion
    Ezion Vor Stunde

    Next: Who has the cheapest setup?

  • nk jeetun
    nk jeetun Vor Stunde

    @0.53 did he just crashed in the background or not responding...?

  • LouieStewart
    LouieStewart Vor Stunde

    I play on my rift with an i5 and a gtx 960

  • Lime
    Lime Vor Stunde

    can you make a video on his place afterwards?

  • Lost Cosmos
    Lost Cosmos Vor Stunde

    Over 440 games in my steam library, wish I could sell half of them.

  • Anthony Onyedika Chukwumeziem

    I find this video satisfying..🤗🤗

  • murdoc214
    murdoc214 Vor Stunde

    wouldn't it be great if you do a video of tyler building this new rig on his own and linus or other more experienced in building will only guide tyler, but the guide can't touch any of the stuff but only coach him or teach him thru words, telling him only if he needs help or if he's doing something wrong. it's a win win situation for him to be able to have a great experience and help boost confidence next time he needs to build 1 again in the future

  • dropko
    dropko Vor Stunde

    turtleshoe.wav LOL

  • Mr. Blonde
    Mr. Blonde Vor Stunde

    8:34 i really thought Windows gave me a pop up screen

  • Mitchell Guthmann
    Mitchell Guthmann Vor Stunde

    I see Tyler loves his toasters ;)

  • jamie glover
    jamie glover Vor Stunde

    no rgb cables

  • Ted Lmx
    Ted Lmx Vor Stunde

    I wish my boss gave me computer parts... mine is old and I haven't been able to game in a while XD :,( Love your videos Linus :D

  • TechMentor
    TechMentor Vor Stunde

    this was fun!

  • Liam Conway
    Liam Conway Vor Stunde

    Tylers keyboard, how can you let it get so bad??

  • Joe G
    Joe G Vor Stunde

    Your social credit score has increased 0.01

  • Abu Hasifm
    Abu Hasifm Vor Stunde

    Dear Linus and subscribers..people are raising funds for the owner of UFDTECH channel that might have to stop making videos due to his son a baby having a critical sickness involving seizure genetic disorder..hope u guys can help him because he needs to move from south Africa to US for the treatment of his son..donate guys as part of love of tech community all over the world Link For Fund Raising Video As Evidence

  • Yannik Weber
    Yannik Weber Vor Stunde

    Liero is like worms

  • Ondra V
    Ondra V Vor Stunde

    what is he playing in the end?

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones Vor Stunde

    Haha. I would sell it and buy a 3950x when they come out

  • mokito comp
    mokito comp Vor Stunde

    If you can't "own" and hence use as you choose, a particular game (meaning you have to have a launch client or something similar to verify your "membership" online) you shouldn't have to pay for the game. If you have to pay for a copy of the game for each user playing the game, even in the same household, you should be able to use it how you choose. Ostensibly with Steam, you register your game license (Product Key) on their server, and that gives you the option to use their service to download (and update) the game. But you've paid for the game you're using. If you suddenly don't have access to the web, and or Steam, you essentially have that game, and the investment it entailed, is gone. Same if Steam does something that you do not agree with, ie... some personal or moral objection. It's not only Steam, XBox Live and PSN are the same, as well as things such as VuDu. But with those services, if you validate the device that the content is "downloaded" to, you can use that content offline. Steam games can be played offline after the initial first launch of the game, but you're offline gameplay has a time constraint. You have to reconnect periodically to Steam or the game library becomes invalidated. I have over 150 games across 3 Steam accounts, but some of the above restrictions have resulted in my having some games on XBox or PSN that I'd rather have on PC, but can't justify giving control of to Steam. If the legislation gets approved, although I'm not a fan of giving the government even more control of our personal lives, I think it will be a good thing for gamers. Either by changing the pricing structure or the functionality of gaming convenience. Basically, if you pay $50 for a game, you should be able to use it how you choose. If you can't use it how you choose, you shouldn't have to pay $50.

  • Keshav colonel
    Keshav colonel Vor Stunde

    Can't help it, Intel is losing to AMD. So how do they maintain their relevance in the Market ? By sponsoring Linus's videos.

  • FadeDreamer '
    FadeDreamer ' Vor Stunde

    Turtle Beach RECON 200 is better lol

  • FluphyBunny
    FluphyBunny Vor Stunde

    Let that sink in, Valve is fighting a ruling that states you can sell YOUR OWN GAMES!

  • no middle ground
    no middle ground Vor Stunde

    a thinly veiled inventory theft check... winner gets a free station detailing and sys UP-GRAYDDE

  • the crazy boy
    the crazy boy Vor Stunde

    -How much do you earn at LTT? -Yes -I asked how mu... -Y E S

    • andy panda
      andy panda Vor Stunde

      Minimum wage + Perks that include sitting down all day and beta testing

  • TheBeriney
    TheBeriney Vor Stunde

    I thought Luke would have had the most bangin' setup

  • Sabrina Magnus
    Sabrina Magnus Vor Stunde

    If I won the lotto and got all the equipment to build a super multi-tasking rig, aka dual-socket gen2 EPYCs with max everything, how much do you think it would cost to design a max-cooling but still zero-maintenance cooling system for such a rig? side note, if I do win the lotto, I'll throw a ton of money at you to build this system for me lol.

  • slizgi
    slizgi Vor Stunde

    Hey Jake, what is the stand are you using for that two ultra-wide monitors? It is one stand for both or top one is mounted to wall?

  • HEXiT
    HEXiT Vor Stunde

    well i guess thats 1 way to tell an employee they need to clean up there act. dude we like your work but the armpits... they gotta go.

  • Dmitry Kirsanov
    Dmitry Kirsanov Vor Stunde

    I wonder how many non-Canadians got the joke about "None of it" at 2:48.

  • Promybro Cuber
    Promybro Cuber Vor Stunde

    My athlete is coming tommorow!

  • Karam Dabagh
    Karam Dabagh Vor Stunde

    "and you have to suck it"

  • TheNegronomicon
    TheNegronomicon Vor Stunde

    Linus I don't care what I could get for my computer. I could never let you into my room to look at my computer. I don't want to get fired and arrested.

  • Choco Sun
    Choco Sun Vor Stunde

    Cool i can finally show my reverse sleeper pc

  • AKraider94
    AKraider94 Vor 2 Stunden

    I have not finished breath of the wild. I got Bethesda syndrome.

  • David Uttley
    David Uttley Vor 2 Stunden

    automagicly? :D 28:46

  • Dave0551
    Dave0551 Vor 2 Stunden

    no intake fan?

  • Julian Loaring
    Julian Loaring Vor 2 Stunden

    Forget the hardware, we need an episode about the cat at

  • Skunk Muffin
    Skunk Muffin Vor 2 Stunden

    6:08 explain that poster

  • Q Q
    Q Q Vor 2 Stunden

    What's with the hating on Colton? It makes Linus seem like a huge ass.

  • Akshat Khandelwal
    Akshat Khandelwal Vor 2 Stunden

    *bottle exists* Linus : LTTSTORE.COM !

  • Derby Mods
    Derby Mods Vor 2 Stunden

    Gets CPU that can overclock Gets motherboard that can overclock Doesn’t get a cooler to allow overclocking

  • Bilal Keskin
    Bilal Keskin Vor 2 Stunden

    Wow dude you really need testestorone.

  • artur
    artur Vor 2 Stunden

    I had to take a shower after watching this

  • Calamity
    Calamity Vor 2 Stunden

    Can i turbocharge my 970 Evo?

  • artur
    artur Vor 2 Stunden

    Man why the fuck would Linus touch Tyler's disgusting cum covered mouse smfh

  • Johary King
    Johary King Vor 2 Stunden

    "Hardware-Pr0n!" ? Instal Like !

  • chocograph
    chocograph Vor 2 Stunden

    What the HELL did I just watch?

  • Time Reaper
    Time Reaper Vor 2 Stunden

    Make a video with Tyler to build his first pc

  • username1445
    username1445 Vor 2 Stunden

    9:49 kitty

  • GamerBits
    GamerBits Vor 2 Stunden

    Awesome video Linus, this is content i love not sure why but loved it, awesome to get to know some of your staff and see their rigs.

  • Kuro Thing
    Kuro Thing Vor 2 Stunden

    Need more footage of that adorable puppy.

  • Factions Hyper
    Factions Hyper Vor 2 Stunden Go watch my #rogrigreboot19 video linus Love your videos

  • Wacky Wicket
    Wacky Wicket Vor 2 Stunden

    These home invasion vids are awesome! Tyler definitely seems like someone who belonged to the Hawkins Middle AV Club as a kid and you'd probably expect him at events like PAX East. Cool guy!

  • andy panda
    andy panda Vor 2 Stunden

    I quit playing BOTW after it stopped giving me giant ancient cores (believe me I tried). I needed them to get my ancient shield so I could get past calamity ganon when he shoots the lasers at you crawling on the wall. I even tried improvising by using my Hylian shield but to no avail...suck

  • Jibin Joseph
    Jibin Joseph Vor 2 Stunden

    I know why you unplug your webcam! XD

  • MoDa87
    MoDa87 Vor 2 Stunden

    Would this not just work with a pair of Air pods and the google translate app? It has a conversation function

  • Serious Cereal
    Serious Cereal Vor 2 Stunden

    MY GOD HOW DID I MISS THIS?? I get that it's an advertisement, but it's SO WHOLESOME!!

  • impactorzz
    impactorzz Vor 2 Stunden

    I just want asus rog maximus XI hero and 2080 ti

  • zen strata
    zen strata Vor 2 Stunden

    I believe Linus underestimates an individuals desire to keep games they like in their libraries. There are plenty of games I would never sell because I like them. So good games will survive just fine. Bad games will not. I have no problem with this.

  • AmpEdition
    AmpEdition Vor 2 Stunden

    3200mhz looked like the sweet spot price-performance

  • Ben McCarthy
    Ben McCarthy Vor 2 Stunden

    The winner should have had to use a shit computer for awhile

  • Sabbir Ahmed
    Sabbir Ahmed Vor 2 Stunden

    19:15 Every Bangladeshi viewer will feel happy about the poster "মুক্তিযুদ্ধ"!

  • KoTu
    KoTu Vor 2 Stunden


  • zen strata
    zen strata Vor 2 Stunden

    DLC is not the same as an Expansion Pack. Linus is silly.

  • Utkarsh Singh
    Utkarsh Singh Vor 2 Stunden

    Does anyone know where the PC wallpaper at 12:04 is from? Looks really cool.

  • Ivan Katenta Okena
    Ivan Katenta Okena Vor 2 Stunden

    The ending was epic!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tom Hubbard
    Tom Hubbard Vor 2 Stunden

    My gaming rig is officially worse than the worst at linus media group... I have over 80 games on steam. Running an AMD duel core processor with integrated graphics, 8GB of Ram, standard cooling... who tf knows what the motherboard is.

  • Toobielove
    Toobielove Vor 2 Stunden

    Tyler have cat. He win.