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  • jackwhite333
    jackwhite333 Vor year

    Tyler you should do a video about the pyramids found in Antarctica and what Buzz Aldrin said about them.

  • Vito DeBellis Jr

    This is in honor of Glenn. We know what it is like to lose a loved friend.

  • fernster22 jkghjn

    tyler man are you hispanic? cats are the best pets my friend. im still lucky enough to have my buddy next to me but i know it wont be forever. cheers

  • UKR69
    UKR69 Vor year

    Still sending emails and also in boxing you on FB but response yet you say you reply to all mail and messages. I'm seriously begining to doubt the validity of your so called promise. C'mon man...honor that statement please or people will leave.

    • UKR69
      UKR69 Vor year

      D-I-L-L-I-G-A-F ?

    • fernster22 jkghjn
      fernster22 jkghjn Vor year

      this seems like an attempt to make this channel look bad. im on to you "roy"

  • Joe Vacca
    Joe Vacca Vor year

    Joe Vacca1 second agoCan any body tell me why all I get is blurry when I go to this place?

  • neeraj
    neeraj Vor year

    ok bro I just saw something very very unusual in the sky I live in india and while I was walking my dog I saw a flashing light which was moving like a aeroplane but then suddenly it stopped in mid air and then went back the same way it came from. if u want proof I have videos

  • nightcore music
    nightcore music Vor year

    i miss my friend too, some speeding driver took him from me not long ago i know how you feel keep it real man

  • pork friedrice
    pork friedrice Vor year

    sorry to hear about your friend passing.

  • matt robb
    matt robb Vor year

    Anybody ever listen to the videos from "answer's from Andromeda" sometimes Tyler touches on the same subject. Thoughts?

  • Will-Rock You
    Will-Rock You Vor year

    no video tonight, has tyler been abducted?

  • Dark Skies Smile

    Hey Tyler, I just ran into a site that said it was secureteam, but with a space before the 10. All of the logos were flipped around backwards and the video was an old one with a recent date on it. Is this you? I don't know why you'd have two sites with the same name and so on, but just in case it's not I thought you should know.

  • steve mycroft
    steve mycroft Vor year

    Hi there guys just to say that secure team are doing great job .. Live all the vids. Keep it up. You got friends in UK. #truthisoutthere

  • Nelson 619
    Nelson 619 Vor year

    why would NASA hide things from there on kind

  • JHandZG backup
    JHandZG backup Vor year

    "off topic, is pizza gate hype. Referencing the simple (3.51111111111111111111111) rigging of the democratic voting system. Food 4 thought.May b with some toppings. Dam i gota shut up ,keep getting hacked.|><\|>@#???

  • Undertow 82
    Undertow 82 Vor year

    Hey there Tyler! Love the channel, love the daily content, love the enthusiasm about this subject that you bring. The video you put out the other day defending yourself against the haters from the Turkey UFO flap that just occurred... Look, you don't need to defend yourself for what you do. When shit like this comes along, flip up the rear view mirror and keep trucking. I think these guys are trying to get to you, trying to undermine what you do. And when you spend 20 minutes in a video defending yourself, they've accomplished what they are trying to do, making you turn to defend your work rather than moving ahead with the work you do so well. If it were me, I wouldn't waste a second on the haters out there trying to call your credibility into question. It's what they want you to do. Keep up the great work, never stop until the truth is out! (Which will probably be never, haha!)

    • Thitzy Thitz
      Thitzy Thitz Vor year

      UFOs are from fantasy movies then false conspiricies. Don't fall for this guy's lies. Extraterrestrial life exists, probably, though. but now how people think.

  • Paden Gregory
    Paden Gregory Vor year

    Ars Notoria, and Religion as a whole. Flawed means meant to show nature of universe. all connected. What is called Alien or unidentified is part of our universe, otherwise it would not be life as it is perceived. I respect this channel for the content.

    SUPMANWIN5 Vor year

    on 12\3\16


    I love watching this channel to see the coming false flag events and also to witness how brainwashed into believing in Aliens these people are.

  • fatpatMC
    fatpatMC Vor year

    the 40yr old little boys that run this channel will "save as" your profile pic to masterbate to later on THAT IS literally as good as it gets for these pussys

  • Ben Glenn
    Ben Glenn Vor year

    A few hours ago I noticed a handful of videos that are OLD ST10 videos in my suggestions/feeds. They are marked as "New." Just a friendly heads up.

  • Robert Knight
    Robert Knight Vor year

    I found an anomalous formation on Mars. How do I send it to Tyler?

    • Robert Knight
      Robert Knight Vor year

      +Plasma Blitz Thanks. Appreciate the help!

    • Plasma Blitz
      Plasma Blitz Vor year

      /\ I I I can someone help him out, fairly sure its through email but not too sure?

  • Chino Meehan
    Chino Meehan Vor year

    Best channel ever :) here in Australia I watch every night. Pls do a video on th Mar landing in the 40s and 60s

  • Pops Green Thumb

    Whats happening in Turkey???

  • loveisnow2
    loveisnow2 Vor year

    Hi! I found a few turkey sightings you don`t have posted you might be interesting in viewing if you see this. title- UFO IN TURKEY JUST CAME IN FOOTAGE FLYING SUPER EVIDENCE WE ARE NOT ALONE ! 11/28/16 SHARE PLZ! by user- also here- Ufo Attack to Turkey ! Sonic Boom 👽 by user- 卍 TURK卍 also here- BREAKING ITS HAPPENING UFOS ATTACKING TURKEY AND EUROPE NOVEMBER 27 2016 by user- Blast AI would post links but youtube doesn`t allow it most times. Thanks, love your channel.

  • Devin Devine
    Devin Devine Vor year


  • KatFromMars
    KatFromMars Vor year

    -76.234879, 168.364908 -73.131880, 162.866873 -73.114276, 162.876764 -73.101266, 162.853611 -73.734254, -80.421422 -27.030412, -38.206491

    • miroporvos
      miroporvos Vor year

      +KatFromMars Right. Thank you.

    • KatFromMars
      KatFromMars Vor year

      I thought there were some strange looking things there..

    • miroporvos
      miroporvos Vor year

      please.. could you tell me what is the significance of these coordinates? Thanks in advance.

  • Dave Roberson
    Dave Roberson Vor 2 years

    I think these glowing formations that are appearing are part of a signal or message. Their appearance makes me think there's something more than just a random pattern here and on this channel I've seen the spheres come and go in sequences. If someone can get a good look at those patterns from start to finish perhaps there's a code here?

  • lechusss
    lechusss Vor 2 years

  • Don Heath
    Don Heath Vor 2 years

    26°21'53.77"N 12° 6'38.36"E What the hell is this on the moon

    • Robert Ogden
      Robert Ogden Vor year

      Looks like an underground parking garage entrance...

  • Phil van Bussel
    Phil van Bussel Vor 2 years

    Keep up the good work Tyler, most of the other UFO channels are complete trash. Your channel has some really amazing content and I've kept watching for a couple of months. I don't really bother with any other sources of information, your channel has everything presented in such an unbiased way. Thanks!

  • Pamela Lee
    Pamela Lee Vor 2 years

    I have been watchin and now subscribed to Secureteam 10 for some months now and it is my go to channel for the latest reliable news of the UFO phenomena. After shedding my fear of ridicule I found that the undeniable truth is that "We are not alone" and BOY ARE WE NOT ALONE!! This has caused not fear but fascination in the greater Universe that we live in. Thanks to Tyler for his work and commitment to truth it is truly "mine boggeling" Pam I.

  • Renn Schaffer
    Renn Schaffer Vor 2 years

    I recorded some ufo activity today. watch my video, Kelowna UFO'S? by schaffer95

  • Colie Dyke
    Colie Dyke Vor 2 years

    tyler....what happened to the part2 of the 10 classified nasa programs that we never heard about. did i miss part 2?

  • ‘;’
    ‘;’ Vor 2 years

    You have half million subs, so why dont you send them to the BNPTV on DEclips

  • nic richter
    nic richter Vor 2 years

    be the first to post this to youtube

  • nic richter
    nic richter Vor 2 years

    i Found animal carvings of a cow and dinosaur like creatures in the google earth mars. 31°50'38.72" N 21°37'48.78" E inside Cerulla crater on mars.

  • Garbled User
    Garbled User Vor 2 years

    WEareNOTalone is using your logo.

  • inuaineko 15
    inuaineko 15 Vor 2 years


  • (o:
    (o: Vor 2 years

    Do you believe in god?

  • Tony C
    Tony C Vor 2 years

    Enjoying thanksgiving I see, since there is no video today. I demand fresh content daily! Earn that sub! Jk just trollin! Love your work!

    • Andy M
      Andy M Vor year

      FOOL... you will bow before JESUS

    • rich lowley
      rich lowley Vor year

      islam is the epitome of evil and should be removed from the earth........

  • 3jaz
    3jaz Vor 2 years

    Love your work. I have watched your videos and get more entertained then some movies I have paid for. Its only fitting to support you. Thank you. -Ejaz (from Australia)

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas Vor 2 years

    What if those lights in the sky are angels? No, I'm not a religious nut, just open minded.

    • Fulminitro
      Fulminitro Vor 2 years

      I started to write you a third answer, but it has been so long, I've decided I won't hide it in answer-comment, so if u still interested, please look my comment, been posted right after this one ;)

    • Fulminitro
      Fulminitro Vor 2 years

      I believe, every theory contains some truths, even those ones that seems lunatic as hell, but science and andvaced perspectives can help us to find the patterns and links between the hidden truths of these theories, to paint the pure picture of true reality. For example, according to my own researches, I believe, that there are several species are in contact with us already, a long time ago. One of them keeping us in low frequencies, you can call them demons, reptilians, illuminati, cionists - the truth is; it doesn't matter how do you call them, if the effects that these theoretical beings causing - are the same. It can be told on the other hand also, if angels, pleiadians, greys etc, want to help us in advancement, but they can have huge amount of reasons, to why are they doing it in so deep in background. Of course, I don't sayin that demons are obviously reptilians, and angels are obviously pleiadians, and I don't even want to hint any statement like this, I just sayin that we know so little part of the truth, simply we just shouldn't be so sure in perspectives, that declares differences between extraterrestrial and religious beings.

    • Fulminitro
      Fulminitro Vor 2 years

      If angels, demons or any other religious creatures are exists, they're also can be considered as extraterrestrial beings. The only differences between religious and extraterrestrial beings, are our habits and thoughts about them, how religions yarning about these creatures, like angels has wings that makes them able to fly, based on humans thoughts according to age-appropriate imaginations about flying, so they integrated these imaginations to the story, perhaps these findings has been just built in into religious stories by time, since aliens decision to marching to the background. But I know one thing for sure; if we going to keep differences among them based on their role in our religions, that won't cause any good for us, or them. Just think about it; what would arabians do, if it would be revealed, that Allah and christians God are exactly the same, moreover it isn't even a being as they thought, but an alien being... However, It can be easily possible, that each religion can be linked to several extraterrestrial beings. Just think about it again. You coming to Earth - a few thousand years ago - there are intelligent lifeforms, but in primitive phase yet. You need material/fuel sources, and you just keep walking among them, shortly after they will expect you to find solutions of their problems, they want to reach goals without understanding the path of success, and suddenly you gonna realise: Your presence just pulling back them in natural physical and mental advancement, Evolution. Perhaps that's the reason, why they marched to the background for a while, if we have some lucky, they gonna consider us to worthy for their wisdom soon, but first, we have to ensure them, that our pretensions for truth are more significant, then their, or our own fear of truth about being ready for it ot not. You know, I respect Tyler's work very much, however he have a lot of untapped area in this kind of research. I don't know which kind of facts can be considerable as truth for ex. in Pleiadian theories, and in theories that can be attached to areas like these, but I'm very curious about it, and I would like to see Tyler's work on it, as he try to proove these theories scientifically, or parts of them, that can be proven scientifically.

  • josephboot1
    josephboot1 Vor 2 years

    This doesn't look like a meteorite to me, it's moving too slow and doesn't burn up, interesting as it happened right after a big earth quake today:

  • Chandler Jordan
    Chandler Jordan Vor 2 years

    You should do Top 10 or 5 UFOs for each month and Top 20 for each year!!! Love the diligent and good work stay safe good sir!!

  • Soza O
    Soza O Vor 2 years

  • Soza O
    Soza O Vor 2 years

    hi secure team, i send you a link to an official nasa mars image:: nasa 008405: Theres an unnatural object seeing in the downleft... Maybe its something of interest. Ive never seen comething geometrical like this on mars fotos... Maybe you have a look on it.... Many greetings.

    • Soza O
      Soza O Vor 2 years

      What are you talking looser. In chat you feel brave? Maybe i should visit you? Keep nice kid.

  • Dave Larsen
    Dave Larsen Vor 2 years

    how do i send secure team a set of photos with a discription

  • gupsnot
    gupsnot Vor 2 years

    Love the fact that you don't make a categorical conclusion about the data that you receive from others. It seems to me that you've got the "common sense" casing well fixed in there. Tyler, don't ever let the crazy get in the road of where you're coming from.

  • Daniel Lichtenberg
    Daniel Lichtenberg Vor 2 years

    what happened to the black sea machine video. wanted to show a friend and now its gone

  • Wisakedjak Archetype

    What happened to the video of the underwater ufo? Deleted by user?

  • Bigman
    Bigman Vor 2 years

    your video last night of the underwater ufo in the black sea. Probably one of the most interesting posts I've seen on this channel. I even came back this morning to watch it again and it's been removed?? how so?

  • wolf black
    wolf black Vor 2 years

    great videos very good to watch. I live only 3 miles from the supposed Irish roswell site but no one will admit or talk about it . Craft crashed in curlew mountains near Boyle co roscommon 1996 Do you know about this?

    • Furr Burger
      Furr Burger Vor year

      Great...only three miles...Roswell site...Curlew....?

  • Tarik Ouhamou
    Tarik Ouhamou Vor 2 years

    what is this 1561 celestial phenomenon over nuremberg is it related to ufo ???

  • Heisenberg's Uncertainty

    My wife was driving in the direction from Northern, IA towards Lacrosse, WI last night and told me she thought she saw a UFO. I asked her about blinking lights and she told me that they were low to the ground and that there were lights blinking but they were not strobe light blinking (like an aircraft would blink). She went on to tell me that they were randomly blinking lights and that they were appearing in random spots in the same area where she saw them. She then asked if I thought she was crazy. Oh course I said no. My initial thoughts are maybe one or more Drones night flying. My question is, has anyone else experienced anything like this or seen anything that may be similar to this? If so, is there an explanation or does it remain unexplained? Unfortunately there are no pics or video as she was by herself and did not feel safe stopping to record anything. Thank you for your time.

  • Tomo
    Tomo Vor 2 years


  • Jared Sweatt
    Jared Sweatt Vor 2 years

    Found this underwater sea drone that might explain the latest video:

    • Furr Burger
      Furr Burger Vor year

      Did you...? That's an...

    • Taylor Spears
      Taylor Spears Vor 2 years

      did you even watch the video? that's an "at sea" drone it doesn't go underwater.

  • Sly Mother Trucker
    Sly Mother Trucker Vor 2 years

    Latest vid isnt there

  • opollo
    opollo Vor 2 years

    Where is the video about the under water ufo in Russia? Can't find it now, just watched it this morning.

  • Marko Jerry
    Marko Jerry Vor 2 years

    hmm bro they delete your last video.

  • diamonddave247
    diamonddave247 Vor 2 years

    On the secureteam twitter account Tyler posted that he has taken down the USO video for reasons he will explain in the next video upload. Stay tuned.

  • Rich Hunt
    Rich Hunt Vor 2 years

    Hey Tyler - awesome channel. Love watching your videos daily and at at night, in my lunchtime at work - and at 3am when I can't sleep. Always searching the internet and youtube everyday and have been for years following your channel and others with the truth of whats really out there on and in our planet and other moons and planets in the universe. Your show is by far the best man - excellent - love it. You mentioned there would be more than one a day that would be great to have a few more shorter releases but I know it takes time. Anyway a lot of supporters there for you and your work - keep it up man!!! Rich

  • Henri Follin
    Henri Follin Vor 2 years

    does anybody have news from tyler !!!!

    • Furr Burger
      Furr Burger Vor year


    • diamonddave247
      diamonddave247 Vor 2 years

      On the secureteam twitter account, Tyler posted that he removed the video for reasons he will explain in a new video later today.

    • diamonddave247
      diamonddave247 Vor 2 years

      I'm hoping he removed the video to make some editing changes, and then he will upload the new version later today. Hopefully. Post a reply if you are reading this, Tyler.

  • Henri Follin
    Henri Follin Vor 2 years

    what happend just there guys?? they even deleted the video in my pc history list on my p.c how iz that possible

    • Furr Burger
      Furr Burger Vor year

      What happened...They even...How is that...?

    • David Kirkpatrick
      David Kirkpatrick Vor 2 years

      i had it opened before it was deleted and watched it. diddnt realize it was deleted until i went back to his channel later

    • diamonddave247
      diamonddave247 Vor 2 years

      Yes, this all seems rather strange.

  • diamonddave247
    diamonddave247 Vor 2 years

    Wow. What happened to the USO video posted earlier???

  • Ron Ferlman
    Ron Ferlman Vor 2 years

    where did the new video go? I did not finish watching it yet.

  • Tthrudee
    Tthrudee Vor 2 years


    • Furr Burger
      Furr Burger Vor year


    • Luke Augustine
      Luke Augustine Vor year

      how so? he means smoke and relax while watching it if I'm not wrong and as I always do while I'm looking at these videos I'm no UFO hunter but is it so different than watching the videos while eating or drinking something?

    • Ryan_Marshall_GA
      Ryan_Marshall_GA Vor year

      "load some bowls and watch it"? it's comments like that which damages the reputation of serious truth-seekers.

    THE TOECUTTA Vor 2 years

    did that video about the thing in the black sea just get taken down ?? watched it just before now its gone

  • Nevaeh Villanueva
    Nevaeh Villanueva Vor 2 years

    What's your stance on zero point energy? I'm new to #Secureteam10 channel. Or have you done a video on it, already?

    • diggin pooch
      diggin pooch Vor 2 years

      i do know when researching zero point energy people end up dead

  • Devon Lockwood
    Devon Lockwood Vor 2 years

    Hey Tyler. you are doing some great stuff. Could you please do one on ORBS? I strongly believe that many of the videos we are seeing are orbs as opposed to actual crafts. I have seen orbs up close twice. One of these instances had the tell tale "formation" where one light dims while other light grows stronger as if exchanging energy. The other far more fascinating. I saw an orb early in the morning. There was a very low cloud cover at the top of the hill where I was camping. It's movement looked like a dolphin jumping in and out of the ocean like it was playing in the clouds. It looked to be very much alive. Let me know what you think. Thanks

  • Gary Grubb
    Gary Grubb Vor 2 years

    Here's some news on the mystery plane that was circling Denver yesterday. Apparently it was on a "classified training mission".

  • justin b
    justin b Vor 2 years

  • Michael keating
    Michael keating Vor 2 years

    very insightful about world events

  • Senor Pescador Johnson

    pendejos liars scammers it seems u r

  • That Guy
    That Guy Vor 2 years

    i wish your shit would stay out of my suggestions.

    CHAD RAMSOUR Vor 2 years

    check this out found it on live leaks crazy ufo with shadow over the supermoon on the 14th

  • Jack Ward
    Jack Ward Vor 2 years

    Hey ST! Great work. Always love to see what you have up. Don't know if you caught this. Your NorthofReality guy in Canada.

  • David Ortiz
    David Ortiz Vor 2 years

    Hey dude! can you please tell us the name of the song you use on your videos? :)

  • Stephan Resso
    Stephan Resso Vor 2 years

    11/16/2016 Super Moon & friends taken 5:45 am Tucson Az.

  • Chris Andrade
    Chris Andrade Vor 2 years

    whats your thoughts on ww3

  • Lichtspiele
    Lichtspiele Vor 2 years

    @secureteam10 . Please google earth / MOON : 23°38'25.96"N 8°35'37.77"E / MOON : 23°24'42.81"N 8°45'16.55"E / what the duck is this ?

    • diggin pooch
      diggin pooch Vor 2 years

      how do u write lat and long like that coz found plane crash maybe on google earth

  • Chris Bolin
    Chris Bolin Vor 2 years

    Quantum Pollution

  • Chris Bolin
    Chris Bolin Vor 2 years

    When Nikolai Tesla was working on his wireless transmission of electricity in colorado it created an aurora borealis like effect as well; so maybe that is what we are seeing in the sky of New Zealand?

    • Talking Bollox
      Talking Bollox Vor 2 years

      Do you have a link or source for this story please?

  • josephboot1
    josephboot1 Vor 2 years

    This was an interesting news piece:

  • tankrage17
    tankrage17 Vor 2 years

    i wonder what you did with that video from that astronaut who filmed space with he's helmet camera and NASA tried to fix it via radio transmission, he filmed actual footage of alien activity in space when he looks down on earth through a small window, you have put the video up for a short time and took it off directly i wonder why ? ...

  • 55tallon
    55tallon Vor 2 years

    how can i send secureteam a photo for analysis from moon shot

  • aubi faedra
    aubi faedra Vor 2 years

    ok kerry is on the hunt to kidnap santa, just in the wrong place...we all know it..please explain this in your own

  • Jeff Tate
    Jeff Tate Vor 2 years

    Hey Tyler, Great Job love the show!!!!!! Wondering when you are going to start posting the (anomalous) interviews that you promised us

  • Sharon Kan
    Sharon Kan Vor 2 years ufo crash in Tibet on 11/13/16?

  • T H
    T H Vor 2 years

    Can anyone tell me what the date is on the recent Secure Team Video showing the Apache Jct. AZ sighting? My BFF is from there, and I am trying to convince her that there was truly a sighting there so she will start watching the sky too!

  • Jason Rathbone
    Jason Rathbone Vor 2 years

    some one just uploaded planet x coming into our solar system is it crap

  • ToIsleOfView
    ToIsleOfView Vor 2 years

    We need to use what we know about earthquake measurements to prove the "Hollow Earth" theory is flawed. However, vast areas of honeycombed interior caverns is not unreasonable. An advanced civilization exploiting some of these caves is also reasonable. Stargate molecular transportation is also reasonable if the universe is based on electrical fields. This knowledge may be the reason no patents are allowed to exist which contradict this coverup. Don't know... just saying the obvious.

    • ToIsleOfView
      ToIsleOfView Vor year

      +Devon Lockwood A new to me whistle blower has come on the scene with detailed eye witness testimony about inner earth civilizations and secret space programs. His name is Corey Goode I learned this from him.

    • Patrick Bateman
      Patrick Bateman Vor year

      Oh he's real smart and obvious. I was watching Tyler's video and remembered a time my friend, whom I won't name, it was Alf, was inserting a Fibonacci spiral in me. I thought I was gonna duke on his fur but wound up blowing on the spaceship window.

    • Devon Lockwood
      Devon Lockwood Vor 2 years

      Some really good insight. seriously. you seem like a smart person. Also, I like the Fibonacci spiral. I'm right there with you on the honeycomb interior earth concept.

  • Bull Shyte
    Bull Shyte Vor 2 years

    I wonder if homeboy knows that his shit is being used by a .net ?

  • Cat Simson
    Cat Simson Vor 2 years true?

  • concretepete2007
    concretepete2007 Vor 2 years

    they have shut me down

  • bryan strong88
    bryan strong88 Vor 2 years

    Whats really going on in the southern oceans?,... spill it Tyler.

  • Corey Audet
    Corey Audet Vor 2 years

    He bashes you in his video on Skinny Bob

  • Corey Audet
    Corey Audet Vor 2 years

    Why does this guy hate SecureTeam10 so much???================> Jin Ion

  • giveluigiaring
    giveluigiaring Vor 2 years

    Interesting hidden message in Apple's MacBook Pro October presentation: At around 46:30 minutes, they transfer user accounts with a scan of a fingerprint to show for a few seconds the headline "Planet Nine Can't Hide Much Longer" Strange, no?

  • Ed Wood
    Ed Wood Vor 2 years

    November 2017 is the same time the Taurid Meteor shower is to peak. Furthermore, , this was authored by Dr. Tony Phillips of Nasa. Im affraid we might have the real McCoy! Furthermore, this event , the Taurid, is on Wikipedia . If anyone knows more about the events associated with the Taurid Meteor Shower please inform.

  • LeadStarDude
    LeadStarDude Vor 2 years

    Have you seen this Podesta email concerning Nibiru?

    LIL LOUI Vor 2 years

    hey tyler was in my regional news here in the u.k...this guy is doing a awesome job

  • baronobo
    baronobo Vor 2 years

    I'm a fan of this channel. You seem to approach the stories and sources that you show with a fairly reasonable level of skepticism and don't automatically jump to conclusions, I respect that. I have one fairly major gripe though... A short while ago I watched a video that referenced Bill Nye's opinion that a government coverup going on for over half a century and involving likely thousands of individuals would by now have surely leaked. You dismissed his position with no counter-argument at all. If anyone could provide a convincing case of how a coverup of this scale could be possible I'm all ears.

    STEVEN PHOENIX Vor 2 years

    Im always checking for a new video... Lets Hope Hillary wins and releases the truth about our friends in the skies...Both she and her campaign mgr have wanted to for years

  • Han Fastolfe
    Han Fastolfe Vor 2 years

    #PodestaEmails31 Vatican Observatory...God’s creation includes OTHER intelligent life...our “brothers”

  • Han Fastolfe
    Han Fastolfe Vor 2 years

  • Han Fastolfe
    Han Fastolfe Vor 2 years

  • Han Fastolfe
    Han Fastolfe Vor 2 years

    Im currently searching and posting all the wikileak/Podesta emails ETI/Alien disclosure stuff I find on my twitter feed...

  • Han Fastolfe
    Han Fastolfe Vor 2 years Today's Podesta email dump #31 talks about the Phoenix lights and they were Friendly ETI's Our Quantrek science intuitive has provided us with a few facts about our nonviolent contiguous universe ETI who promote PACIFISM among humans and with whom we work: 1. All true ETI do not inhabit this universe. 2. So-called ETIs inhabit this universe and are in fact just celestials. They are higher in rank then discarnate spirits, even those who are evolved, HOWEVER, THEY JUST MIRROR VIOLENCE ON EARTH, FEELING THREATENED BY CONTAMINATION OF THEIR ABODE. 3. Extrauinversal ETIs on the other hand have long ago evolved past violence, relying on spiritual intelligence to avert destruction. 4. The Phoenix Lights and other sightings have provided ample evidence that Earth has been visited by beings whose intention is purely peace and who have nonviolently hovered over Phoenix and other sites, waiting to be asked to help, when they could most easily have destroyed the city with their uses of consciousness. These sightings have been witnessed by thousands of people in Phoenix alone, including my colleague Terri Mansfield, who will accompany me on our meeting with you.

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    Tyler, I am glad to hear you are sounding better, sorry to hear you were sick. I really dig the videos and watch them regularly, please keep up the good work. The truth is out there, stay safe...

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    hi tyler i sent a question about the sightings of UFOs and why so many are being seen,allso a question about whats on about UFOs behind moon/a alien force thats somewhat heading to earth from where i dont no and it seems its been deleted why.???

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    Hi guys. This morning a watched a recent video of an additional leak that was a document from the CF about how Trump was winning and listing the desperate last resort programs to save their candidate HC. It was Very Interesting and I was going to share it on FB but it disappeared from your videos and even disappeared from my History. Great work guys. You must be getting right on top of the truth! I hope you can reload it because thought I have seen others exposing the document yours was by far the best. Hugs.

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    tyler can you tell me what is in the original dogs playing poker painting? is this another mandela affect. i seem to remmeber all the dogs being different and the bull dog was smoking a cigar and wearing a derby hat. am i wrong???

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    Planet X is now visible in the sky here in Northern Ireland. I was waiting until November to take a picture, i took mine this morning as the sun came up. ill post it next

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    First off... Tyler, thank you for your efforts in awakening people to the ufo phenomenon. Second, I'm not a flat earther but being a loyal follower of secureteam10 I've come to value your opinion and would appreciate hearing your take on it

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    Hey Tyler im a big fan of your channel and i wanna send u a video in pm witch is from another channel and ive seen something that is very strange but i dont know should i share it here and ask u about it or how to pm u.(You maight seen it aswell) Its about planet Nibiru witch i didnt belive in that mutch but this video showed some new evedences and footage witch is crazy :D . If u can check for more new stuff about this subject . Thanks ;)

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      Hi, John Molloy, I have asked the same question four times . I think this guy is a little suspicious.. If your comment was removed then someone is reading and even censoring .Hmm.. What do you think John?

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      hi bensonbright, ive asked question with no reply and a question i asked resent as been moved dont know why but its not here...?

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    Hi all .Does anyone at Secure team or the public have any info whatsoever on the picture of a wolf at the Skinwalker ranch which can be seen at around 8.40 in your video titled - 3 most shocking alien sightings youv'e never heard of.?Where did the patterns come from?. If this is not a prank but a real picture of the actual wolf, then i cannot believe that no one has noticed , as the artwork is incredible . Please reply if poss. Thank you

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  • The Rick Harrison Channel


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    Hi Tyler Just an update about UFO sighting of Geneva. I live in France, next to the Frontier of swiss. I've read this morning a new about this sighting : apparently it was a publicity stunt for a new recreation center... here is the links... I love your channel ! i hope my english is understandable ! Thank for your good work !

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    I sure wish i had a way to record video...right now, there are two really wierd objects in the sky, flashing...just to the east of marion ohio....went to take my dogs out before i go to bed...wonder if there is anyone else in this area that sees this....

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    Hi Tyler -- a note on your video today -- in re the 'first space station city-state' (can't remember title). Check out an earlier, previous attempt to establish a similar colony. It was called "The L5 Society," The name comes from the L4 and L5 Lagrangian points in the Earth-Moon system proposed as locations for the huge rotating space habitats that were originally planned to house 10,000 inhabitants each (a fact Wikipedia seems to have missed, the number of proposed inhabitants - among other factors). L4 and L5 are points of stable gravitational equilibrium located along the path of the moon's orbit, 60 degrees ahead or behind it. The L5 society was openly releasing press notes regarding the eventual search for the "space pioneers" in the 1970's, especially after the unprecedented popularity and success that came with the release of the first "Star Wars" movie. During 1977 -- 1978 their motto was "L5 in '95!" Or "L5 in 1995," (referring to the proposed year of completion a vision that would not come to be realized; more data not covered by Wikipedia). Anyway, just wanted to let you know; granted, L5 was probably 'before your time', but I thought you might find it interesting. While the Wiki page is not lengthy and a bit lacking on data, it does feature an artist's perception of one of the park section. Googling others should show you fascinating plans/paintings of the crop areas that would allow the station to be self-sustaining, and plenty of the areas that were state-of-the-art for their age. Hope you find it of interest! Regards :D

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  • Sliders So Many Worlds JUST IMPORTANT NEWS

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    awesome channel, just wanted to say. very awesome videos, I watch your stuff all the time!

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    UFOs are an incursion into US air space. Some of the saucers sit motionless above cities for hours. If it were a Russian vehicle the USAF would be taking care of business. Why are we not firing a couple of hot missles up the ass of UFOs that dare to hover over our cities. The presence of these UFOs violates the airspace and integrity as a nation. Since their intentions are unknown they should be treated as an enemy.

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    Hey Tyler the first time Nibiru was going to destroy Earth was in 1996!

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    Three of those four fighters at approximately 9:16 are American fighters painted in certain color schemes for "Dissimilar Combat" such as Red Flag and Top Gun Fighter Weapons School. Any other explanation is simply asinine. This is a very common practice in order to make the dogfighting simulation as realistic as possible. In actual aerial combat, the pilots don't ever get close enough to see the paint job on any particular aircraft. They use IFF and radar signatures to determine who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. Tyler has NO knowledge of any of this. These aircraft are also frequently displayed at airshows and I've seen them many times during my own time flying in the Air Force. This is a non-issue. More and more I'm convinced that Tyler is an agent of disinformation or just doesn't do any research prior to posting his inflammatory videos. Do your own research before jumping on his bandwagon.

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    Hi All, Has anyone had any results with ufo's flashing after shining them with green laser light? we had some good results doing this in the UK. We have seen similar things from other people online. Is this a new thing?

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